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Pawlett, Somerset, Marriages 1668-1837




                4 Apr                      HURMAN, Gabriel, otp

                                                HOLEBROOK, Mary, of the same


                17 Aug                   SALTER, William, of Purington

                                                MATTHEWS, Joane, of Huntspil


                3 Nov                     CRANDON, John, otp

                                                LANE, Mary, of the same


                26 Dec                    CADWELL, Robert, of Huntspil

                                                YOUNG, Jennet, of the same, (having a Lysence)


                9 Feb                      RAYNOLDS, Thomas

                                                GREGORY, als PINN, Mary, botp




                15 Jun                     DAVIE, William

                                                BOEN, Sarah, botp


                5 Jul                        THORNE, John, of Barrow

                                                WARMAN, Ann, of Huntspill, having a Lycence


                24 Aug                   HOOPER, Zorobable, wid, of Huntspill

                                                WRENTMORE, Christian, of Spaxton, haveing a Lycence


                15 Sep                    JORDON, Thomas, wid, of Canington

                                                BOWLES, Charity, of Pawlet, haveing a Lycence


                9 Oct                       COLLOCK...?, John, of Charlingh

                                                GOVIOR, Jeane, of the same, haveing a Certificate


                22 Jan                     POWILL, John, otp

                                                BONE, Joane, wid, of Burnham


                11 Feb                    CALLOWAY, Nicholas, of Bridgwater

                                                HARBOR, Sarah, wid, of ye same, haveing a lycence




                8 Apr                      CELLAR, als GROVE, John, otp

                                                RAYNOLDS, Joane, of the same



                21 May                   CAME, Robert, of Huntspil

                                                DAVIS, Ann, of the same


                14 Aug                   MARTINE, William, otp

                                                ffOURACRES, Joane, widd, of the same






                3 May                     KING, Nicholas, otp

                                                LANSDON, Alice, of the same


                20 May                   PORTER, William, of Huntspill

                                                PETTY, Ann, of the same


                19 Jun                     THARNE, William, otp

                                                ffRANKLYN, Mary, of the same


                16 Oct                     MARSHALL, Edward, otp

                                                WINNE, Dennise, of the same


                28 Oct                     BOWLES, John, otp

                                                PETTY, Mary, of the same


                7 Nov                     JOANES, William, otp, wid

                                                CAME, Elizabeth, wid, of the same




                15 Jun                     SMITH, James, otp

                                                BARKER, Elizabeth, widd., of the same


                5 Jul                        GREENFIELD, Andrew, of Bridgwater

                                                BULPAN, Dorothy, of Weston in Zoyland, having a Lycence


                22 Aug                   SALWAY, Thomas, of Huntspil

                                                WINTER, Mary, of the same


                28 Sep                    LOYD, William, of Huntspil

                                                PHIPPEN, Mary, of the same


                14 Oct                     CLEMANT, Drew, otp

                                                ESTON?, Ann, of the same


                5 Dec                      GILLING, Robert, of South Brent

                                                STOART?, Mary, of Burnham




                8 May                     MITTY, Charles, of Bridgwater

                                                GLASBROOK, Elizabeth, of Chedzoy


                25 May                   HURMAN, Thomas, of Huntspil

                                                PONTEN, Elizabeth, of the same


                24 Jun                     WOODLAND, Richard, of Durleigh

                                                POPHAM, Margaret, of Ashcott


                30 Jun                     TINERTON, William, otp

                                                MELLIER, Jone, of the same


                29 Sep                    HALLOWAY, John, otp

                                                JEANES, ffrances, of the same




                2 Apr                      LOVEL?, Edward, Rector of Bawdripp

                                                BARKER, Margaret, of Bridgwater


                2 May                     BARKER, John, of Pawlett

                                                ALYEATS?, Ann, of the same








                3 Apr                      PALMER, William, of Pawlett

                                                CAKE, Joane, of the same


                30 Jul                      HARDING, Ralph, of Bridgwater

                                                JENKINGS, Hester, of the same


                3 Aug                     COUNSIL, Richard, of Wedmore

                                                CARRER, Mary, of Murlinch


                1 Nov                     RAYNOLS, Thomas, of Horsey in the pish of Bridgwater

                                                THOMAS, als HYAT, Joane, of Pawlett


                1 Dec                      RICHMAN, Thomas

                                                CAME, Sarah, widd, botp




                6 Jul                        MARTIN, William, of Pawlett

                                                PITT, Susanna, of Purington


                18 Sep                    HILL, John, of Bridgwater

                                                CROCKMAN, Grizell, of the same


                28 Oct                     MASTERS, Robert, of Pawlett

                                                BUCHER, Mary, of Huntspill




                9 Jun                       SQUIRE, James, otp

                                                ESTON, Mary, of Charlinge


                23 Jul                      BURROUGH, Gregory, of Chedzoy

                                                GIBBS, Anne, of the same


                20 Oct                     GATCOMBE, William

                                                LYDE, Mary, botp


                31 Oct                     MILLER, Richard, of Wollavington

                                                TAPPER, Alice, of the same


                2 Nov                     WARREN, Henry, otp

                                                PALMER, Elizabeth, of the same


                25 Feb                    HALLOWAY, John, otp

                                                PALMER, Christian, of the same




                30 Jun                     HARRIS, John, of Huntspill

                                                HARRIS, Grace, of the same


                18 Jul                      WHITE, Walter, of Huntspill

                                                DAVIDGE?, Elizabeth, of the same




                9 Jun                       CLARKE, John, of Pawlett

                                                CLARKE, Elizabeth, of the same


                5 Jul                        WILLS, Edward, of Huntspill

                                                ffLATCHER, Joan, of Puriton


23 Oct                     SYMONS, William

                                                CHURLEY, Anne, both of Bridgwater


                1 Nov                     RICHMAN, Thomas

                                                CORPE, Mary, both of Pawlett




                19 Apr                    HOLT, Thomas, Rector of Bawdripp

                                                ROBERTS, Elanor, widd., of the same


                23 Apr                    ffRANKLIN, Joseph, of Bawdripp

                                                GATCOMBE, Edith, of Chedzoy


                28 Oct                     MARSHALL, John

                                                DAY, Elizabeth, both of Pawlett


                29 Oct                     CORP, Josias

                                                SPARK, Dorothy, both of Pawlett




                18 Apr                    SMYTH, James, of Pawlett

                                                GATCOMB, Sarah, of Huntspill


                22 Apr                    BULLPEN, Robert

                                                JEANES, Katherine, both of Bridgwater



4 Sep                      WARMAN, Robert

                                STONE, Mary


15 Nov                   POPLE, John, of Burnham

                                                HILBERT?, Alice, of the same


                15 Nov                   ffISHER, John, of Chedsey

                                                BURGE, Joane, of the same


                25 Nov                   CRANE, John

                                                MARTINE, Joane




                29 Oct                     ARTHUR, ffrancis

                                                BURROWS, Edith




                22 May                   STODDEN?, Matthew

                                                BLINMAN?, Elizabeth


                19 Jul                      HARVARD, Edward, of Wedmore

                                                ffLETCHER, Elizabeth, of Pawlett


                10 Jan                     GILL, Richard, of Berrow

                                                PUDDEY, Ann, of Pawlett




                28 Dec                    ARTHUR, William

                                                PALMER, Sarah


                15 Feb                    HEX, Thomas

                                                THATCHER, Prudence




                17 Apr                    PALMER, Henry

                                                EDWARDS, Sarah


                7 Aug                     WHITEHEAD, als KING, William

                                                ARTHUR, Frances


                4 Sep                      PALMER, Thomas

                                                BARNS?, Mary, both of Puriton


                11 Sep                    HEX, George

                                                PALMER, Mary, both of Puriton


                21 Dec                    SIMONS, Henry

                                                F...?, Mary, both of Bridgwater



                27 Dec                    ANSTICE, Thomas

                                                GOODRIGGE, Barbara, both of Bridgwater




                6 Jul                        GALHAMPTON, John

                                                GOODWYN, Bridget




                15 May                   THORN, William

                                                HURMAN, Mary


                2 Dec                      MARTIN, William

                                                CLARK, Elizabeth




                1 Oct                       GALHAMPTON, John

                                                PALMER, Joan












                27 Sep                    GROVE, als SELLAR, James

                                                GILL, Sarah




                24 Apr                    HOLLOWAY, John

                                                ARTHUR, Edith


                10 Feb                    CLEMENT, Drugo

                                                BAKER, Anne








                13 Apr                    RADFORD, Jonathan

                                                KEYSAR, Mary


                29 Oct                     fRANCIS?, Edward

                                                BLAKE, Elizabeth


18 Nov                   GROVE, als SELLAR, James

                                                MARTIN, Susanna




                13 Apr                    ARTHUR, James

                                                HOLLOWAY, ffrances


                14 Apr                    ARTHUR, Henry

                                                WINTER, Elizabeth


                14 Apr                    RICE, Philip

                                                PALMER, Hannah, of Purito (sic)


                28 Apr                    GATCOMB, Thomas

                                                KING, Frances


                18 Jun                     LANG, Thomas

                                                WALL, Anne, of East Brent


                18 Aug                   CAKE, Richardus

                                                PINNICK, Elizabeth


                1 Sep                      DARE, Thomas, of Clossington (sic)

                                                MELLIAR, Joane, of Pawlet




                21 Sep                    HERTNOL, William, of Westmuncton

                                                JANES, Onnor, of Kingston




                23 May                   RADFORD, John

                                                TIVERTON, Sarah


                20 Jun                     PORTER, Robert

                                                ARTHUR, Elizabeth




                24 Sep                    DEANE, John

                                                GODFREY, Anne, of W.........?


                25 Nov                   CHAPMAN, Robert, of Weddmore

                                                PINE, Margaret, of Pawlett




                10 Nov                   WRATH, Philip

                                                CLARK, Elizabeth


                26 Dec                    CLARK, Robert

                                                TYLER, Jane, both of Huntspill


                ? Mar                      BLANCHARD, Joseph

                                                PETTY, Anne, of High Ham




                28 Apr                    ARTHUR, William

                                                MINTERN, Mary


                16 Jun                     SHERING, Robert

                                                PALMER, Allice


                3 Oct                       COX?, Richard, of South Brent

                                                BUROW?, Mary, of ye same




                9 Jul                        WOODROFF, Thomas, of Stoil

                                                PAWGOOSE, Joane, of Chedzay


                16 Nov                   YOUNGE, William, of Woolavington

                                                MILLAR, Elizabeth, of Bawdrip


                2 Jan                       HOBBS, John, of Weston

                                                SHEERSTONE, Elizabeth, of Puriton


                8 Feb                      BURROUGH, Gregery

                                                BOND, Mary, botp




                21 Aug                   DODD, Robert, of Eastbrent

                                                THAIR, Sarah, of Burnham, having a Licence


                2 Dec                      GATCOMB, Richard

                                                PHIPPEN, Christian, botp




                19 Apr                    YEO, William

                                                BOONE, Mary, botp


                20 Jul                      HAM, Peter

                                                ELLIS, Jane, both of Wedmore, by a License


                2 Oct                       CAKE, Richard

                                                MILLAR, Elizabeth, of Woollavington


                19 Feb                    DURSTON, George

                                                EAMES, Mary, both of Bridgwater







                13 May                   BURROUGH, Valentine

                                                MASEY, Joan


                27 Apr                    LEAMAN?, Richard

                                                ..........?, Joan


                6 Oct                       TROOD, Joseph, of Huntspil

                                                ARTHUR, Ann, of Bridgwater


                4 Feb                      GATCOMB, Thomas

                                                SCOTT, Hannah




                18 May                   PAGE, Wm

                                                PINN, Elizabeth


                12 Jun                     BURROUGH, Wm

                                                HIX, Sarah


                26 Dec                    GORMAN, John

                                                HORHED?, Sarah


                28 Dec                    PITT, Thomas

                                                ANDREWS, Elizabeth


                16 Feb                    COOK, John

                                                THATCHER, Sarah




                13 Apr                    BODY, Martain

                                                AURTHER, Joan


                13 Apr                    BOONE, Jonathan

                                                BASLEY?, Elizabeth




                3 Jan                       DAY, Johannes

                                                HEST, Mary


                10 Jan                     CRANE, John

                                                CLYMENT, Ann
















                2 Apr                      LONG, Thomas

                                                WALL, Susanna


                10 ?                         WARREN, Henricus

                                                PERRY, Alniam?


                4 May                     BALL, Henricus

                                                HOW, Saram


                31 Mar                    COLES, Guliel.

                                                APPLEBY, Saram




                13 Sep                    WARR, John

                                                ALFORD, Mary, of Congresbury




                28 Mar                    CAUSBRUK, Tomas

                                                HAN, Mary


                10 Apr                    PINE, John

                                                LYDE, Mary, botp


                10 Oct                     LEAKER, John

                                                SQUIRE, Mary


                25 Oct                     ROWSELL, John, of Huntspill

                                                SMITH, Mary, otp




                16 Jan                     BLOWER, Gualterus

                                                KITE, Janam, de Puriton




                6 Oct                       JENKINS, David

                                                HEAM, Rebecah


                3 Nov                     NYE, John, of South Brent

                                                RICHMOND, Philippa, of S...? Wales







                26 Aug                   GILES, Estcourt, Clerk

                                                ION, Mary, Wid., by License at Westport in the Corporation of Malmesbury in Wiltshire








                30 Mar                    HAYWARD, Phili?

                                                ARTHER, Mary


                23 May                   GATCOMB, Richard

                                                ODY, Sarah








                30 Mar                    PRATT, John, Gent

                                                SEAPE....STER?, Sarah


                31 Jul                      LIPPINCOT, Thomas

                                                STONE, Eliz:, both of Taunton


                24 Oct                     VARIOR, Thomas, of the parish of Ling

                                                STEARE, Joan, otp


                5 Nov                     BURDGE, John

                                                LOCKIER, Joan, botp




                25 Feb                    HOLOWAY, William

                                                TAYLOR, Mary, both of Bridgwater




                6 Jul                        CAME, Edward

                                                COLLARD, Mary, botp


                26 Nov                   MARTIN, Charles, of Bridgwater

                                                BUNTER, Mary, of Weston-zoyland


                3 Feb                      VILLIS, Thomas, of Stokegursey

                                                TUCKER, Sarah, otp


                8 Feb                      HARDARIDGE, William

                                                JEFFRY, Mary, botp












                20 Sep                    BAGG, William, of North Petherton

                                                HAM, Joan, of ye same




                16 Apr                    NICHOLLS, Jeremiah

                                                HARRIS, Eliz:, Widow, of Puriton


                11 Feb                    YEAW, John

                                                POLE, Sarah, both of Canington




                8 Nov                     COLES, John

                                                YEAW, Mary, botp


                26 Dec                    TUTHILL, John, of Bridgwater

                                                DURSTON, Jane, of South Brent, by Licence


                6 Jan                       CRANE, Valentine, otp

                                                GODFREY, Deborah, of Puriton, Banns




                10 Apr                    HARDING, Robert, Gent

                                                CARD, Mary, Widow, both of Burnham, Licence


                21 Aug                   PALMER, Abraham, of Puriton

                                                BOUND, Judeth, of Pawlett, Licence


                2 Feb                      PORCH, Samuel

                                                DEAN, Anna




                22 Jul                      FELLSTONE, Thomas

                                                SEVIER, Jane, Banns


                12 Sep                    WARREN, Daniel

                                                ANDREWS, Elizabeth


                ? Nov                     POWELL, Hugh

                                                PERRY, Anne


1 Mar                      PONTIN, Willm.

                                                LEAKER, Anne, both of Huntspill




                13 Jul                      LYDE, Thomas

                                                YOUNG, Elizabeth, Banns


                15 Aug                   PORCH, Samuel

                                                HAYWARD, Mary


                31 Oct                     RODFORD, John

                                                WILLMITH?, Mary




                30 Apr                    BOONE, Robert

                                                GATCOMB, Mary


                28 Nov                   RODFORD, George

                                                SEVIER, Hannah


                3 Dec                      MARSHAL, John

                                                JENKINS, Isith?








                25 Mar                    FLETCHER, John

                                                CRANDON, Sarah, both of Bridgwater, Licence


                23 Apr                    ORAM, John, of Puriton

                                                SQUIRE, Elizabeth, otp




                8 Nov                     HARDWIDGE, William, otp

                                                PARSONS, Ann, of Berrow


                15 Nov                   RICHARDS, John

                                                SALMON, Mary, botp




                26 Apr                    TOMAS, Robert

                                                SALMON, Joan, botp


                12 Aug                   REYNOLDS, John

                                                GATCOMBE, Anne, botp



                12 Oct                     MEAKER, Thomas

                                                MOORE, Elizabeth, botp


                24 Oct                     LYDE, John

                                                CARVER, Mary, botp




                13 Apr                    DUNSTONE, William

                                                SQUIRE, Mary, botp


                13 Nov                   GANDER, John, of Chedzoy

                                                MITCHEL, Elizabeth, otp, Licence


                2 Jan                       LEAKER, James Squire

                                                BURROUGH, Hannah, botp




                4 Apr                      GATCOMBE, John, otp

                                                CULVERWELL, Elizabeth, of Huntspill


                6 Apr                      BOONE, William

                                                ROYAL, Alice, botp


                4 May                     FA...EL?, Francis

                                                JEFFREY, Joan, botp


                24 Sep                    BOONE, John

                                                ASHFORD, Susan, botp




                28 Oct                     BAKER, Robert

                                                LYDE, Anne, botp




                15 Apr                    BOONE, Jonathan

                                                RODFORD, Elizabeth, botp




                6 Oct                       LYDE, William

                                                MILLS, Hannah, botp


                22 Feb                    RODFORD, Jonathan

                                                BOONE, Alice, Wid, botp




                26 Apr                    THARE, Robert, of Cosington

                                                LYDE, Elizabeth, Wid., otp




                24 May                   WALL, William

                                                HAYWARD, Mary, botp


                17 Jul                      SOUTHWOOD, Samuel

                                                BARNSTABLE, Edeth, botp


                19 Nov                   CRANE, Robert, Wid.

                                                PORTER, Margaret, Wid., botp




                25 Jun                     PORCH, Samuel

                                                THORNE, Elizabeth, botp


                17 Jul                      COLES, John

                                                THACKERIL, Betty, botp




                20 Apr                    PINE, Thomas

                                                DANGAR, Isith, botp


                17 Sep                    BOONE, Robert, Wid.

                                                BOONE, Elizabeth, Wid.


                5 Jan                       DEACON, Richard

                                                BURROUGH, Joan, botp




                6 Apr                      MEAKER, Richard

                                                REYNOLDS, Mary, botp


                9 Apr                      MORFIT?, James

                                                GRANFIELD, Sarah, botp


                1 May                     BURROUGH, Charles

                                                PARSONS, Judith, botp


                6 Jul                        GIBLETT, Richard

                                                GREENFIELD, Mary, botp




                13 Feb                    BOONE, Robert, Wid.

                                                DAY, Grace, botp




                20 Oct                     BAKER, John

                                                GRANFIELD, Mary, botp


                29 Dec                    SIMMS, John

                                                TUCKER, Mary, botp




                24 Apr                    ANDREWS, John

                                                ROULAND, Hannah, botp


                26 Jun                     TUCKER, Joseph, of Enmore

                                                RENDALL, Betty, of Bridgwater








                8 Apr                      WINTER, Francis

                                                WARREN, Anne, botp


                14 Apr                    GREENFIELD, William

                                                REYNOLDS, Elizabeth, botp




28 Jun                     DANGGER, John

                                                PINE, Margaret, botp




                26 Oct                     SLOWLY, Thomas

                                                DAVERS, Sarah, botp


                12 Dec                    LYDE, John, otp

                                                MOORE, Ann, of Huntspill




                6 Jan                       WINNE, William, Wid.

                                                BENNET, Martha, Wid., botp


                10 Feb                    SOLOMON, Edward

                                                BAILEY, Joan, botp


                12 Jul                      MITCHELL, x William

                                                CASE, x Sarah, botp, Banns

                                                Wit: John RAYNOLLS; Elizabeth DOIDGE


                7 Dec                      NORTH, x Thomas, otp

                                                HARVEY, x Jane, of Stokegursey, Banns

                                                Wit: John RAYNOLLS; Elizabeth DOIDGE






                31 Mar                    DIBSDALE, x John

                                                BURDGE, x Joannah, botp, Banns

                                                Wit: John RAYNOLLS; Elizabeth DOIDGE


                14 Apr                    PAIN, x George

                                                PORCH, x Anne, botp, Banns

                                                Wit: John RAYNOLLS; Elizabeth DOIDGE


                25 May                   MASTERS, George

                                                HARDWIDGE, x Mary, botp, Banns

                                                Wit: John RAYNOLLS; Elizabeth DOIDGE




                1 Mar                      WINNE, x Richard, Wid.

                                                LEAKER, x Hannah, Wid., botp, Banns

                                                Wit: John RAYNOLLS; Elizabeth DOIDGE


                18 Apr                    GATCOMBE, Thomas

                                                SYNNOCK, x Betty, botp, Banns

                                                Wit: John RAYNOLLS; Elizabeth DOIDGE


                21 Apr                    TOLEMAN, Richard

                                                FULLSTONE, x Hannah, botp, Banns

                                                Wit: John RAYNOLLS; Elizabeth DOIDGE


                22 Apr                    ANDREWS, x John, Wid.

                                                GANDEL, x Elizabeth, botp, Banns

                                                Wit: John RAYNOLLS; Elizabeth DOIDGE




                19 Apr                    BULLER, Richard, of Berrow

                                                WRATH, x Dorothy, otp, Banns

                                                Wit: John RAYNOLLS; Elizabeth DOIDGE


                30 Jun                     DANGGER, John (signs DANGER), otp

                                                PINE, x Sarah, of Lyng, Banns

                                                Wit: John RAYNOLLS; Elizabeth DOIDGE


                10 Oct                     THOMAS, x Simon, of Wembdon

                                                HARDWICH, x Joan, otp, Banns

                                                Wit: John RAYNOLLS; Elizabeth DOIDGE




                13 Apr                    PARISH, x John

                                                BOONE, x Hannah, botp, Banns

                                                Wit: John RAYNOLLS; Elizabeth DOIDGE






                19 Nov                   CHAMPION, Thomas, of Langport

                                                COLES, x Ann, otp, Banns

                                                Wit: John RAYNOLLS; Elizabeth DOIDGE




                14 May                   WILKINS, x Joseph

                                                BOONE, x Ruth, botp, Banns

                                                Wit: John RAYNOLLS; Elizabeth DOIDGE


                22 May                   PARKER, Thomas

                                                DOIDGE, Elizabeth, botp, Licence

                                                Wit: Thos. PARKER; John RAYNOLLS


                27 May                   STARKEY, x John, Sojourner

                                                PIPPER, Betty, otp, Banns

                                                John RAYNOLLS; Richard DOIDGE




                9 Apr                      BURRIDGE, x John

                                                IVEY, x Mary, botp, Banns

                                                Wit: John RAYNOLLS; George x FINNER


                6 Jul                        HART, x John, of Charvile in the County of Glocester, Bach.

                                                DUNSTONE, x Joan, otp, Licence

                                                Wit: John RAYNOLLS; Richard DOIDGE




                9 Feb                      KEENE, Samuel (signs KEEN), of Middlezoy, Bach.

                                                SYNNOCK, Joan, otp, Licence

                                                Wit: John RAYNOLLS; Richd. DOIDGE


                31 Jul                      WRATH, x Thomas

                                                RODFORD, Mary, botp, Banns

                                                Wit: John RAYNOLLS; Richd. DOIDGE


                12 Sep                    WINN, x Joseph

                                                RODFORD, x Mary, botp, Banns

                                                Wit: John RAYNOLLS; Richd. DOIDGE




                16 Jan                     VICERY, x John, Sojourner

                                                DAVEY, x Mary, otp, Banns

                                                Wit: John RAYNOLLS; Richd. DOIDGE


                16 May                   CHARD, x Samuel, otp

                                                HOWE, x Elizabeth, otp, Banns

                                                Wit: John RAYNOLLS; Richd. DOIDGE


                25 Aug                   DEACON, Richard, Sojourner, Wid.

                                                MORSE, Betty, otp, Wid., Banns

                                                Wit: John RAYNOLLS; Richard DOIDGE


                14 Nov                   FANNEL, x Francis, otp, Wid.

                                                BOONE, x Sarah, otp, Wid., Banns

                                                Wit: John RAYNOLLS; Richd. DOIDGE


                19 Dec                    STARKEY, x John, Sojourner, Wid.

                                                MITCHELL, x Sarah, otp, Wid., Banns

                                                Wit: John RAYNOLLS; Richard DOIDGE




                5 Mar                      PASSONS, Nunam, otp

                                                RODFORD, Hannah, otp, Banns

                                                Wit: John RAYNOLLS; Richd. DOIDGE


                7 May                     DAY, Richard, otp

                                                HOWE, x Joan, otp, Banns

                                                Wit: John RAYNOLLS; Willm Doidge


                23 May                   RAYNOLLS, x Thomas, otp

                                                LYDE, x Ruth, otp, Banns

                                                Wit: John RAYNOLLS; Richd. DOIDGE


                10 Jun                     POWELL, x Edmund, otp

                                                BAKER, x Mary, Wid., otp, Banns

                                                Wit: John RAYNOLLS; Richd. DOIDGE




                13 Apr                    RICE, William, otp

                                                CRIDLAND, x Ann, otp, Banns

                                                Wit: George PARKER


                15 Jul                      BOON, Jonathan, otp

                                                CHURCHILL, x Hannah, otp, Banns

                                                Wit: John RAYNOLLS; Richard BULLER


                23 Dec                    RAISON, Henry, otp

                                                LYDE, x Hannah, otp, Banns

                                                Wit: John RAYNOLLS; Ann x LYDE




                10 May                   LANE, John, of Puriton

                                                HART, x Mary, otp, Banns

                                                Wit: John x LYDE; John RAYNOLLS


                14 May                   MEAKER, Thomas, otp

                                                JEFFERY, Mary, otp, Banns

                                                Wit: Thos BOARD; James JEFFERY


                20 May                   HARVEY, James, otp

                                                NORVILL, x Mary, of Worle, Banns

                                                Wit: John BRICE; John RAYNOLLS


                22 Jun                     DOIDGE, Mr William, otp

                                                RODFORD, Hannah, otp, Licence

                                                Wit: Richd. ODY; Richd. DOIDGE


                1 Nov                     PINE, John, otp

                                                GODFREY, x Sarah, otp, Banns

                                                Wit: John RAYNOLLS; Jane A.....?




                29 Aug                   MEAKER, Richard, otp

                                                NEWMAN?, Catherine, otp, Banns

                                                Wit: John RAYNOLLS; Thos. x RAYNOLLS


                16 Sep                    HAMLIN, Edward, otp

                                                BROWNSFORD, x Sarah, otp, Banns

                                                Wit: Jonathan BOON; John RAYNOLLS




                13 May                   LANE, John, otp

                                                DEACON, x Betty, otp, Banns

                                                Wit: John RANOLLS; Thomas x RAYNOLLS


                5 Nov                     COUSINS, John, Junior?, otp

                                                LYDE, x Jane, of Brean, Licence

                                                Wit: Edward SOLOMON; William RICE


                8 Dec                      GIBLET, Richard, otp

                                                BOONE, Mary, otp, Licence

                                                Wit: Robt. BOONE; John RAYNOLLS




                10 Jun                     JEFFERY, Arthur, otp

                                                BULPIN, x Ann, otp, Licence

                                                Wit: James EVENS; John RAYNOLLS


                5 Sep                      TRAYDEN, John, of Mark

                                                PARSONS, x Mary, otp, Licence

                                                Wit: John RAYNOLLS; Wm JEFFERY


                24 Oct                     PARSONS, Newnam, otp

                                                CAME, x Mary, otp, Banns

                                                Wit: John TRAYDON; John RAYNOLLS








                5 Feb                      VIOLET, James, otp

                                                GATCOMB, x Betty, otp, Licence

                                                Wit: Thomas x WRATH; John RAYNOLLS


                12 Apr                    KING, Samuel, otp

                                                BENNET, x Joan, otp, Banns

                                                Wit: John x BURNOLD; John RAYNOLLS


                21 May                   TUCKER, x John, otp

                                                WHITE, x Sarah, otp, Banns

                                                Wit: Richard DAY?; John RAYNOLLS


                14 Aug                   JEFFERY, x William, otp

                                                MEDEAT, x Sarah, otp, Banns

                                                Wit: John RAYNOLLS; ......? ......?


                7 Oct                       BURDGE, George, otp

                                                GIBLET, Mary, otp, Banns

                                                Wit: George PARKER; Ann BURDGE


                29 Oct                     THORNE, x Henry, otp

                                                GROVE, x Mary, otp, Banns

                                                Wit: John RAYNOLLS; George BURDGE


                16 Dec                    GREENWOOD, Thomas, otp

                                                BURREUG?, Elizabeth (signs BURROUGHS), otp, Banns

                                                Wit: William ADAMS; John RAYNOLLS




                23 Oct                     BOON, Benjamin (signs BOONE), otp

                                                MELLIER, x Betty, otp, Banns

                                                Wit: Ann x MELLIER; John RAYNOLLS




                17 Mar                    SAUNDERS, x Samuel, otp

                                                LYDE, x Hannah, of Puriton, Banns

                                                Wit: Thomas MEAKER; John x LYDE


                28 Mar                    CLIST, John, otp

                                                THORN, Hannah, otp, Banns

                                                Wit: Mary BURROWS; John RAYNOLLS


                11 Jun                     BOON, John (signs BOONE), otp

                                                RODFORD, Izad (signs Iset), otp, Banns

                                                Wit: Hannah DOIDGE; John RAYNOLLS


                11 Sep                    PALMER, Richard, otp

                                                MOGGERIDGE, x Esther, otp, Licence

                                                Wit: Jno. PARKER; John RAYNOLLS


                29 Dec                    STOKES, x Thomas, otp, Sojourner

                                                TAYLOR, x Ann, otp, Banns

                                                Wit: John RAYNOLLS; John RAYNOLLS




                6 Apr                      ROOE, William (signs ROE), otp

                                                RADFORD, Ann, otp, Banns

                                                Wit: Richd. GIBLETT; Jenny ROE


                7 Jul                        HORSEY, x William, otp

                                                OWENS, x Sarah, otp, Banns

                                                Wit: Hannah DOIDGE; Elizabeth GIBLETT


                11 Aug                   SYMES, John, otp

                                                ELMS, x Betty, otp, Banns

                                                Wit: Mary BOONE; ........? ..........?


                29 Sep                    CROSSMAN, x Charles, otp

                                                PERKINS, x Elizabeth, otp, Banns

                                                Wit: Catherine MEAKER; John RAYNOLLS


17 Oct                     HANDOL, x Thomas, otp

                                                MEAKER, x Mary, otp, Banns

                                                Wit: John RAYNOLLS; Thomas x REYNOLDS


                2 Nov                     SHEARMAN, Thomas, otp

                                                COLES, x Betty, otp, Licence

                                                Wit: Elizabeth GIBLETT; John RAYNOLLS


                2 Nov                     EVANS, James, otp

                                                RODFORD, x Ann, otp, Licence

                                                Wit: Elizabeth GIBLETT; John RAYNOLLS




                11 Apr                    NORTHERON, x Thomas, otp

                                                FAREWELL, x Elizabeth, otp, Banns

                                                Wit: John CLIST; John RAYNOLLS


                13 Jun                     BOON, x Robert, otp

                                                BURROUGHS, Hannah, otp, Banns

                                                Wit: Jonathan BOONE; John RAYNOLLS


                2 Oct                       HOBBS, x William, otp

                                                CURRY, x Ann, otp, Banns

                                                Wit: John DANGER; John RAYNOLLS


                24 Dec                    JEFFERIS, x John, Sojourner

                                                JEFFERY, x Betty, otp, Banns

                                                Wit: William GREENFIELD; John RAYNOLLS






                6 Feb                      DIBSDALE, x John, otp

                                                DUNSTONE, x Elizabeth, Banns

                                                Wit: Thomas x WRATH; John RAYNOLLS


                28 Mar                    PALMER, x Samuel, Sojourner

                                                LYNNAM, x Ann, otp, Banns

                                                Wit: John CLIST; John RAYNOLLS


                7 May                     BENNET, x John, otp

                                                SHEPHARD, x Elizabeth, otp, Banns

                                                Wit: Jonathan x WEST; John RAYNOLLS


                11 Jun                     DANGER, John, otp

                                                GIBLET, Elizabeth, otp, Banns

                                                Wit: Betty x DOWDEN; John RAYNOLLS


14 Jun                     WOODWARD, x Enoch, otp

                                                LYNNAM, x Rachel, otp, Banns

                                                Wit: Richard DAY; John RAYNOLLS


                29 Jun                     BRADBEARD, x Thomas, otp

                                                SLOWCOMB, x Ann, of Nether Stowey, Licence

                                                Wit: W BULLER; John RAYNOLLS


                27 Aug                   SYMES, x James, otp

                                                JANES, x Elizth., otp, Banns

                                                Wit: John SYMES; John RAYNOLLS




                3 Jan                       PEARCE, x Edward, otp

                                                BOON, Mary, otp, Banns

                                                Wit: James MORSE; do?


                10 Apr                    RIDEWOOD, x William, of Wookey

                                                NOWELL, x Christian, otp, Banns

                                                Wit: John x NOWELL; John RAYNOLLS


                7 Aug                     LYDE, x Thomas, otp

                                                WINN, x Sarah, otp, Banns

                                                Wit: W...? ROE; John RAYNOLLS


                6 Oct                       WEST, x Jonathan, otp

                                                MEAKER, x Charity, otp, Licence

                                                Wit: Richard MEA...?; George BURDGE




                29 Mar                    BRIFFET, x Thomas, otp

                                                PRATT, x Jane, otp, Banns

                                                Wit: Wm x HORSEY; John RAYNOLLS




                21 Apr                    FINNER, x George, otp, Wid.

                                                COOMBES, x Ann, of Yatton, Wid., Licence

                                                Wit: John TRAYDON; Mary x TRAYDON


                13 May                   WINTER, Joseph, otp

                                                PINE, Izad (signs Iset), otp, Banns

                                                Wit: Samuel BURDGE; John RAYNOLLS


9 Jun                       MANTLE, x Wm, otp

                                                PRISCOTT, x Mary, otp, Banns

                                                Wit: ..enelm? CHANDLER; Joan CHANDLER


                11 Jul                      BADON, x William, otp

                                                SUTTON, x Amy, otp, Banns

                                                Wit: James HARVEY; John RAYNOLLS


                14 Jul                      SHEARMAN, Thomas, otp

                                                BENNET, x Constant, otp, Licence

                                                Wit: Mary ROE; John RAYNOLLS




                5 Apr                      CROCOMB, x John, otp

                                                ROGERS, x Mary, of Banwell, Banns

                                                Wit: James JEFFERY; Mary ROE




                8 Apr                      CARNIVOR, x John, otp

                                                GREENFIELD, x Elizth., otp, Banns

                                                Wit: Edwd. HAMLEN; Mary ROE


                4 Oct                       PERRY, x William, otp

                                                SHEPLIN, x Joan, otp, Banns

                                                Wit: James JEFFERY; Betty GATCOMBE




                19 Apr                    NICHOLS, Jeremiah, of Puriton, Bach.

                                                BURGE, Diana (signs BURDGE), otp, Sp., Licence

                                                Wit: Geo DARKER; Thos NICHOLS


                5 May                     PARISH, Robert, otp

                                                WINN, x Hannah (name not entered by Curate), Banns

                                                Wit: James JEFFERY; Mary ROE


                8 May                     LAVER, Edmond (signs Edment), otp

                                                ROE, x Ann, otp, Banns

                                                Wit: Ann x ROE; James JEFFERY; John LAVER




                9 Jun                       STORY, Thomas, of Burnham

                                                GATCOMB, Betty, otp, Sp., Licence

                                                Wit: Mary ROE; Richd GIBLETT


3 Oct                       MASTER, x William, Bach., otp

                                                MEAKER, x Sarah, otp, Sp., Banns

                                                Wit: John DOD; Robert HARDEN


                24 Oct                     ADAMS, Richard, otp

                                                BLEW, Jane, of Burnham, Licence

                                                Wit: William ADAMS; James ADAMS


                30 Oct                     PESTER, x John, otp, Bach.

                                                BAKER, x Ann, otp, Sp., Banns

                                                Wit: James JEFFERY; Willia (sic) BREWER




                19 Feb                    WHITING, William, of Huntspill, Bach.

                                                BRYANT, Mary, otp, Licence

                                                Wit: James WHITING; Ann BRYANT


                19 Mar                    BIRD, x John, of Huntspill

                                                BOON, x Mary, otp, Banns

                                                Wit: James JEFFERY; William BREWER


                16 May                   LINHAM, Uriah, otp

                                                WINTER, Joanna, of the same, Banns

                                                Wit: Jms JEFFERY; John GREENFIELD


                23 Jul                      DAY, Samuel, otp

                                                SHEPPHARD, Mary, of the same, Banns

                                                Wit: James JEFFERY




                10 Feb                    LOYD, John, otp

                                                JAMES, x Hester, of the same, Banns

                                                Wit: Hannah PARISH; Robert PARISH


                24 Mar                    ADAMS, James, otp

                                                BURDGE, Ann, of the same, Licence

                                                Wit: Rd. SYMES; Geo PARKER


                27 Mar                    GREENFIELD, x William, otp

                                                HURMAN, x Hester, of Huntspill, Banns

                                                Wit: John GREENFIELD


                6 Aug                     NORRIS, x William, otp

                                                ROE, Mary, of the same, Licence

                                                Wit: Thos ROE; Hannah ROE




25 Oct                     JEFFERY, Arthur, otp, Wid.

                                                PYNE, x Sarah, of the same, Wid., Licence

                                                Wit: James JEFFERY; Thomas BURDGE


                8 Nov                     BREWER, William, otp

                                                PARISH, Hannah, of the same, Banns

                                                Wit: John PARISH; Mary PEARCE


                15 Nov                   CROCKER, James, of Isle Abbots

                                                GRIFFIN, x Mary, of Pawlett, Licence

                                                Wit: J? PARKER; Edwd. HAMLEN




                15 Mar                    SLOWLEY, x John, otp

                                                BROWN, x Ann, of the same, Banns

                                                Wit: James JEFFERY; Edment LAVER


                25 Dec                    STAPLES, Robert, otp

                                                BURRIDGE, Sarah, of the same, Banns

                                                Wit: William STAPLES; Betty RODFORD




                26 Mar                    PUGSLEY, x Samuel, otp

                                                WINN, x Mary, of the same, Banns

                                                Wit: John GREENFIELD; Hannah ROE


                29 Mar                    BADON, x William, otp

                                                HOW, x Margaret, of the same, Banns

                                                Wit: John GREENFIELD; John PARISH?


                12 Apr                    WILKINS, George, otp

                                                RODFORD, Elizabeth, of the same, Banns

                                                Wit: Edmund LAVER; Sarah STAPLES


                7 Jun                       STAPLES, William, of North Curry

                                                BURRIDGE, Ann, otp, Banns

                                                Wit: Robert STAPLES; Sarah STAPLES


                5 Nov                     BRIDGES, John, of Woolavington

                                                DANGER, x Mary, otp, Banns

                                                Wit: John GREENFIELD; John PARISH


                16 Dec                    DUNSTONE, x John, otp, Bach.

                                                DANGER, Elizabeth, otp, Wid., Banns

                                                Wit: Richard DAY; Elizabeth PARKER










                7 Feb                      SPRAKE?, George, Wid., otp

                                                BOXTON, Mary, of Puriton, Licence

                                                Wit: Ann x FINNER; Thos x REYNOLDS


                21 May                   CRIDDICK, x Charles, Wid., otp

                                                FOARD, x Elizabeth, of ye same, Sp., Banns

                                                Wit: Edwd. HAMLEN; Elizabeth x BOND


                23 Aug (178?)       LENARD, John (signs LEONARD), of Mark

                                                WINN, x Jane, of Pawlet, Licence

                                                Wit: John PARKER; John F......?


                13 Oct                     NARMOND, x John, Bach., otp

                                                WILKINS, x Sarah, otp, Sp., Banns

                                                Wit: John GREENFIELD; John PARISH




                23 Apr                    BACON, x James, Bach., otp

                                                ROE, x Sarah, otp, Sp., Banns

                                                Wit: George SELEK?; John PARISH




                11 Apr                    SOMERS, Samuel, Bach., otp

                                                DONSTONE, x Joan, of ye same, Sp., Banns

                                                Wit: William FRANKLING; Elizabeth x DONSTONE


                9 May                     REASONS, Henry, Bach., otp

                                                MAKER, Hannah (signs MEAKER), of ye same, Sp., Banns

                                                Wit: George WIKINGS; Mary PEARCE


                22 Aug                   PARISH, John, otp, Bach

                                                BOONE, Ann, of ye same, Sp., Licence

                                                Wit: Edward x PEARCE; Joan? BURROUGH




                7 Mar                      CLIST, John, otp, Wid.

                                                WATTS, Ann, of ye same, Sp., Banns

                                                Wit: M? TUCKER; John PARKER


9 Mar                      HART, Richard, otp, Bach.

                                                DAY, Elizabeth, of ye same, Sp., Banns

                                                Wit: Francis THATCHER?; Richard DAY


                5 Apr                      BAGG, Robert, of South Brent, Bach.

                                                OLDMAN, x Ann, otp, Banns

                                                Wit: M? TUCKER; Sarah ODY




                26 Apr                    BAWDON, x William, otp, Wid.

                                                WINN, x Maria, of ye same, Sp., Banns

                                                Wit: George SELEK; Joseph NEATH




                21 Apr                    SELEK, George, otp, Bach.

                                                BURROWS, x Mary, of ye same, Sp., Banns

                                                Wit: Joseph NEATH; Martha BRYAT (sic)


                8 Oct                       LYNHAM, Uriah, otp, Wid.

                                                EVINGS, x Ann, of the same, Wid., Banns

                                                Wit: Wm CHUBB; Joan CHANDLER




                24 Mar                    NICHOLS, Jeremiah, otp, Wid.

                                                FEAR, Betty, of Mark, Wid., Licence

                                                Wit: Jno. NICHOLS; Geo DIBBLE


                17 Apr                    TUCKER, x Thomas, of Chilton within ye Parish of Moorlinch

                                                MASTERS, x Sarah, otp, Banns

                                                Wit: John COOMBS; Arthur JEFFERY


                8 Jul                        BOON, x Robert, otp

                                                JEFFERY, x Susanna, of the same, Banns

                                                Wit: John GREENFIELD; John PARKER




                8 Jan                       COOMBS, Joseph, otp

                                                MOXEY, x Ann, of the same, Banns

                                                Wit: Wm FRANKLING; John COOMBS




                27 Mar                    COLEMAN, Thomas, otp, Bach.

                                                HARDWIDGE, x Sarah, of the same, Sp., Banns

                                                Wit: Fanny DOIDGE; Elizabeth GIBLETT


21 Apr                    WINTER, x John, otp, Bach.

                                                TAYLOR, x Ann, of the same, Sp., Banns

                                                Wit: Hannah BREWER; George R...L..S?




                17 Jan                     BALSAM, x Edward, otp, Wid.

                                                BOONE, Ised (signs Iset), of the same, Wid., Banns

                                                Wit: Joseph NEATH; Mary WRATH


                28 Mar                    HILL, x George, of Durleigh, Bach.

                                                SANDY, x Sarah, otp, Sp., Banns

                                                Wit: James BACON; Mary PINE




                13 Aug                   LYNHAM, George, otp, Bach.

                                                WILKINS, x Ruth, of Burnham, Sp., Banns

                                                Wit: George WILKINGS; Mary WILKINGS


                24 Nov                   WINTER, Francis, otp, Wid.

                                                SMART, x Mary, of the same, Wid., Banns

                                                Wit: Thomas x REYNOLDS; Mary x GREENFIELD


                8 Dec                      CARTER, William, otp, Wid.

                                                NORVILLE, x Sarah, of the same, Sp., Licence

                                                Wit: Jas HICKS; Ann GREENFIELD


                27 Dec                    NEATH, x John, otp, Bach.

                                                HARVEY, x Jane, of the same, Sp., Banns

                                                Wit: Wm FRANKLING; James HARES?




                25 Apr                    MICHELL, x Thomas, otp, Bach.

                                                CARP, x Sarah, of the same, Sp., Banns

                                                Elizabeth WILKINGS; Mary x SALWICK?


                23 Aug                   JOHN, William, of Battle in the County of Sussex

                                                DOIDGE, Elizabeth, of the Parish of ......?, Licence

                                                Wit: Jas. PARKER; Richd. DOIDGE Junr.




29 Mar                    PALMER, Cornelius, otp, Bach.

                                                TUCKER, x Esther, of the same, Banns

                                                Wit: Hannah TUCKER; Mary x TUCKER


9 Jun                       JENNINGS, Joseph, of Huntspill, Bach.

                                                GIBLETT, Sarah, otp, Sp., Licence

                                                Wit: Elizabeth LINARD; Richd. GIBLETT




                5 Jan                       BRIFFETT, x Thomas, otp, Wid.

                                                SLOWLEY, x Ann, of the same, Wid., Banns

                                                Wit: George SELEK; Mary x SELEK


                22 Feb                    ADAMS, James, otp, Wid.

                                                COLLINS, x Betty, of Puriton, Wid., Licence

                                                Wit: William ADAMS; William Fery.? NORTON


                28 Mar                    CAREY, x Edmund, of North Petherton, Bach.

                                                GENT, Mary, otp, Sp., Banns

                                                Wit: Robert PARISH; Joseph NEATH




                6 May                     PEARCE, x Edward, otp, Wid.

                                                MEAKER, x Mary, of the same, Banns

                                                Wit: James DAVIS; Thomas x REYNOLDS


                16 Jul                      WILKINS, George, Wid., otp

                                                BAGGS, (no mark) Ann, of the same, Banns

                                                Wit: Joseph NEATH; Mary WILKINGS


                3 Sep                      FRY, x William, otp, Bach.

                                                LEDY, x Jane, of the same, Sp., Banns

                                                Wit: Thomas x REYNOLDS


                1 Oct                       BREWER, William, otp, Wid.

                                                STAPELS, Sarah (signs STAPLES), of the same, Wid., Banns

                                                Wit: George LYNHAM


                The next entry is crossed through:


                21 Jun 1810?          PARSONS, x Charles, otp

                                                MAIN?, x Mary, of the same, Banns

                                                Wit: John PARISH; Ann EVANS




                11 Feb                    GIBLET, Richard, otp, Bach.

                                                NORRIS, Mary, Wid., of the same, Licence

                                                Wit: Wm GIBLETT; S JENNINGS; C LINARD


17 Apr                    BOONE, Robert, otp, Bach.

                                                HEMBURY, Elizabeth, Sp., of ye same, Licence

                                                Wit: James SYMES; Sarah HEMBURY


                26 Apr                    REYNOLDS, x George, otp, Bach.

                                                WILKINS, x Ann, of the same, Sp., Banns

                                                Wit: Mry WILKINGS; James ADAMS


                2 Aug                     BUDGE, x William, of Huntspill

                                                WILKINS, x Mary, otp, Banns

                                                Wit: George WILKINS; Thomas x REYNOLDS


                3 Dec                      BANWELL, William, of Congersbury (sic), Bach.

                                                HOBBS, Sarah, otp, Banns

                                                Wit: Hester HARDWIDGE; George x BANWELL




                15 May                   REYNOLDS, x Thomas, otp, Wid.

                                                GARLAND, Ruth, of the same, Wid., Banns

                                                Wit: Henry PALMER; Thomas RICE


                30 Jun                     ROBINS, x George, otp, Bach.

                                                ROGERS, x Joan, Sp., of the same, Banns

                                                Wit: Joseph NEATH; Mary SYMES




                6 Feb                      HARWOOD, x William, otp, Bach.

                                                WEST, x Charity, Sp., of the same, Banns

                                                Wit: William WEST; John DURSTON


                28 Apr                    GREENWOOD, Thomas, of Huntspill, Wid.

                                                PARKER, Ann, otp, Wid., Licence

                                                Wit: Thos AMES?; .......? J.....?


                12 Jun                     NICHOLS, John, otp, Bach.

                                                FEAR, Sarah, of the same, Sp., Licence

                                                Wit: Joseph NICHOLS; Wm FEAR


                9 Oct                       CARTER, John, otp

                                                ATWELL, Sarah, of the same, Licence

                                                Wit: Joel ATWELL; Mary ATWELL




                13 May                   M.......?, x Edward, otp

                                                BOND, x Grace, of the same, Banns

                                                Wit: John JAMES; Grace x BOND


                27 Sep                    COLES, James, otp, Bach.

                                                MEAKER, Ruth, of the same, Banns

                                                Wit: Joseph COLES; Thomas HARVEY




2 Apr                      CARP, x William, of Puriton

                                                GILBERT, x Mary, otp, Banns

                                                Wit: Henry COX; Ann GILBERT


                19 Jul                      SHIPTON, x Joseph, Wid., of Puriton

                                                GILBERT, x Jane, otp, Banns

                                                Wit: William x CARP; John PARISH




                16 Feb                    TUCKER, George, of Huntspill

                                                NICHOLS, Mary, otp, Licence

                                                Wit: Mary ATWELL; Martha CARD?


                23 Feb                    HARVEY, John, otp

                                                WIN, x Ruth, of the same, Banns

                                                Wit: Ann x WIN; John PARISH


                8 Apr                      YOUNG, John, of Winscombe

                                                BAWDEN, x Amy, otp, Banns

                                                Wit: John PARISH; Charity .......?




                3 Oct                       HAMLIN, Edward, (signs HAMLEN) otp, Wid.

                                                BAKER, x Jane, of the same, Wid., Banns

                                                Wit: John VEARING?; John PARISH


                19 Oct                     HABBERFIELD, x Richard, of Huntspill, Bach.

                                                WINN, x Ann, otp, Banns

                                                Wit: John WILKINGS; John PARISH


                11 Dec                    BURROUGHS, Thomas, of Donyatt, Bach.

                                                BURGE, Mary Ann, otp, Licence

                                                Wit: Richd. BURROUGH; Mary ATWELL




                15 Feb                    RAISONS, x Richard, otp

                                                REYNOLDS, x Mary, of the same, Banns

                                                Wit: Elizabeth REASONS; John PARISH


                3 Apr                      WINN, Jonathan, otp, Bach.

                                                SOLOMON, x Mary, Wid., of the same

                                                Wit: Jno. HORSEY; John PARISH


                5 May                     HEMBURY, Manlott, otp, Bach.

                                                ATWELL, Ann, of the same, Sp., Licence

                                                Wit: Joel NORRIS; Mary ATWELL


                27 May                   PARISH, Robert, otp, Wid.

                                                BRIFFET, x Ann, of the same, Wid., Banns

                                                Wit: John PARISH; Joan PARISH


                14 Jun                     DENMAN, x Samuel, otp, Bach.

                                                JONES?, x Elizabeth, Sp., of the same, Banns

                                                Wit: .......? NORRIS; John PARISH


                22 Sep                    REYNOLDS, x John, otp, Bach.

                                                HAMLYN, x Jane, Wid., Banns

                                                Wit: Elizabeth x CRIDDICK; John PARISH


                25 Sep?                  WILKINS, x John, otp, Bach.

                                                AMESBURY, Ann, of the same, Banns

                                                Wit: James HARDWIDGE; John PARISH




                4 Apr                      BASTAPLE, x John, otp, Bach.

                                                LYDE, Hester, of the same, Banns

                                                Wit: James x PALMER; John PARISH




                31 May                   SAWSELL, x John, otp, Bach.

                                                WATTS, x Hester, of the same, Banns

                                                Wit: Joanna x NEATH; John PARISH




                25 Mar                    HOBBS, x John, otp, Wid.

                                                BAWDEN, x Amy, of the same, Wid., Banns

                                                Wit: Joseph NEATH; John PARISH


30 Mar                    HARDINGE, James (signs HARDWIDGE), otp, Bach.

                                                HARDING, Ann (signs HARDEN), of Loxton, Sp., Licence

                                                Wit: Mary ATWELL; Sarah CARTER




                31 Mar                    VIOLETT, James, of Charles Alymouth?, Bach.

                                                PARKER, Mary Ann, Licence

                                                Wit: .....? PARKER?; J DOIDGE


                1 Oct                       BOARD, Ferdinando, of Cannington

                                                NORRIS, Sarah, otp, Licence

                                                Wit: Richd. GIBLETT; Mary NORRIS




                2 Mar                      LYNHAM, x Uriah, otp, Bach.

                                                BREWER, x Elizabeth, Sp., of the same, Banns

                                                Wit: George LYNHAM; John LETT?


                6 Jul                        STUCKEY, John, of Huntspill, Bach.

                                                CARD, Martha, otp, Licence

                                                Wit: Jane CARD; Mary CARD


                Note at this point:


                NB For the marriage of Charles Parsons & Mary Main see page 7 No. 28


                (This refers to the crossed through entry transcribed above on page 30)


                9 Oct                       COLEMAN, John, otp

                                                ATWELL, Mary, Sp., of ye same, Licence

                                                Wit: Sarah CARTER; Joel ATWELL


                16 Dec                    LUXON, x Richard, otp

                                                HITCHCOCK, Betty (signs Bettey), of the same, Banns

                                                Wit: John CARTER; Sarah CARTER


                26 Dec                    LOTT, John, Bach., otp

                                                BASTAPLE, x Ann, Sp., of the same, Banns

                                                Wit: James PALMER; John PARISH




                28 Mar                    STAPLES; x John, otp, Bach.

                                                BAWDEN, x Jane, of the same, Banns

                                                Wit: William STAPLE; John PARISH


                28 Mar                    BEALE, Thomas, of Huntspill

                                                LAVER, x Fanny, otp, Banns

                                                Wit: ........? .........?: John PARISH


                2 Aug                     DUNSTONE, x William, otp

                                                BOND, x Ann, of the same, Banns

                                                Wit: Ann x SPARREY; John PARISH




                25 Mar                    PARISH, x George, otp

                                                VARNCOMBE, Ann, otp, Banns

                                                Wit: Elizabeth VARNCOMBE; Mary VARNCOMBE


                27 Mar                    HOBBS, Arthur, of Mark

                                                CARD, Jane, otp, Licence

                                                Wit: Mary CARD; Elizabeth CARD


                9 Apr                      NEATH, George, otp

                                                HOLMYARD, Elizabeth, otp, Banns

                                                Wit: Sarah HOLMYARD; Wm CARD




                17 Feb                    STRONG, Charles, of Locking, Bach.

                                                CORPE, Ann Margaretta, otp, Licence

                                                Wit: Susan ALLEN; Charles F ALLEN


                29 Mar                    FRY, John, otp

                                                NICHOLS, Ann, otp, Licence

                                                Wit: Elizabeth NICHOLS; John NICHOLS


                2 Apr                      CAREY, James, Bach., of Cossington

                                                PEDDY, x Elizabeth, Sp., otp, Banns

                                                Wit: Samuel HULL; Hannah SANDAY


                22 Sep                    WOODLAND, William, of Bridgwater, Bach.

                                                DOD, Frances, otp, Licence

                                                Wit: Mary WOODLAND; Anne DOD


                15 Oct                     STICKS, James, otp

                                                WEST, Sarah, otp, Banns

                                                Wit: John PARISH; ........? x WEST


                22 Nov                   WHITE, x Joseph, otp

                                                RAISIN, Ann, otp, Banns

                                                Wit: Elizabeth REASONS; John PARISH




                1 Jan                       CARP, x Benjamin, of Pawlett

                                                WAY, Jane, of Pawlett, Banns

                                                Wit: John PARISH; Elizabeth REASONS


                1 Apr                      HORSEY, x Thomas, otp

                                                GAMLIN, x Hannah, of ye same, Banns

                                                Wit: Elizabeth VARNCOMBE?; William HEMBERRY?


                27 May                   WHITE, x Job, of Pawlett

                                                DAY, x Parnell, of Pawlett, Banns

                                                Wit: John CARTER; John DAY


                10 Sep                    EVANS, x William, of Wedmore

                                                DYER, Betty, otp, Banns

                                                Wit: James GARFELD?; John PARISH


                12 Sep                    LAVER, x Joseph, of Pawlett

                                                WINSLADE, x Ann, otp, Banns

                                                Wit: Wm ..BERRY?; John PARISH



                9 Dec                      GREEN, Isaac, of Pawlett

                                                MILTON, Sarah, otp, Banns

                                                Wit: Jesse MILTON; Mary Ann MILTON




                27 Mar                    BASTAPLE, x Robert, otp

                                                GANGE, x Hannah, otp, Banns

                                                Wit: Mary Ann SWEETING; John LOTT


                6 Jun                       LAKE, x James, otp

                                                GILLING, x Ann, of Chilton, Licence

                                                Wit: Joseph GOOD; John PARISH


                11 Aug                   COOPER, John, of Puriton

                                                DAY, Hannah, otp, Banns

                                                Wit: Job WHITE; William COOPER




                26 Mar                    TAYLOR, x William, of Pawlett

                                                NEWMAN, x Ann, otp, Banns

                                                Wit: Joseph NEATH; Hannah MERIFIELD?


9 Apr                      BIRD, x Joseph, of Pawlett

                                                BAWDEN, x Eleanor, of Pawlett, Banns

                                                Wit: John PARISH; Joseph NEATH


                10 Oct                     CARD, William, Bach., of Pawlett

                                                BAGG, Ann, Sp., of Pawlett, Banns

                                                Wit: Elizabeth CARD: John HARKEY




                11 Dec                    SHUTE, William, Bach., of Pawlett

                                                GOULD, Joanna, otp, Banns

                                                Wit: Mary GOULD; Sarah GOULD




                28 Mar                    SANDY, x William, otp

                                                FISHER, x Mary, otp, Banns

                                                Wit: F C PARKER; John PARISH


                5 Apr                      PARISH, John, otp

                                                LANE, Mary Ann, otp, Banns

                                                Wit: Robt. LANE; Ann LEE


                27 Apr                    BASTAPLE, x Robert, otp

                                                JEFFERIES, x Ursula, otp, Banns

                                                Wit: Mary Ann MILTON; Eliz...? HEMBRY


                22 May                   LYNHAM, Job, Bach., otp

                                                NEATH, x Joanna, Sp., otp, Banns

                                                Wit: George NEATH; Sarah NEATH


                3 Jun                       STAPLES, x Samuel, otp

                                                BAWDEN, x Mary, otp, Banns

                                                Wit: Elizabeth REASONS; John PARISH


                19 Aug                   LOCKYER, x William, otp

                                                OLIVER, x Elizabeth, Wid., otp, Banns

                                                Wit: Jospeh MANCHIP; John PARISH




                16 Jan                     CARP, Charles, Bach., of Huntspill

                                                BOON, x Elizabeth, otp, Banns

                                                Wit: Elizabeth LYNHAM; John PARISH


19 Apr                    CLARK, George, otp

                                                HUNT, x Jane, otp, Banns

                                                Wit: William x HUNT; John PARISH




                26 Mar                    SPRIGS, Isaac, of Woolavington

                                                PARSONS, x Mary, otp, Banns

                                                Wit: John PARSONS; John PARISH


                28 Mar                    VAUGHN, x Thomas, otp

                                                FRY, x Grace, of Tiverton, Banns

                                                Wit: James LINHAM; Elizabeth COLEMAN


                21 May                   NORRIS, William, of Shepton Mallet

                                                NORRIS, Mary, otp, Licence

                                                Wit: Wm NORRIS; Jane NORRIS


                26 May                   GREENFIELD, x Joseph, Bach., otp

                                                DAY, Mary Ann, Sp., otp, Banns

                                                Wit: Mary CHARD; Robt. DAY


                27 May                   BOND, William, Bach., of Bridgwater

                                                BUDGE, x Ann, Sp., otp, Banns

                                                Wit: John WILKINGS; Elizabeth LYNHAM


                9 Jul                        DAVIDGE, George, of Bridgwater

                                                PARISH, Hannah, otp, Banns

                                                Wit: Thomas PARISH; Harriett BULL




                29 Mar                    DAY, Thomas, Bach., otp

                                                JENNINGS, x Mary, Sp., otp, Banns

                                                Wit: Ann CARTER; William CARTER


                12 Apr                    PARSONS, John Carter, otp

                                                COLEMAN, Mary, otp, Banns

                                                Wit: Elizabeth COLEMAN; Charles POOLE


                26 Apr                    GIBBS, John, of Puriton

                                                SHEPHARD, x Joan, otp, Banns

                                                Wit: John C PARSONS; Ann CARTER


                10 May                   NEATH, John, Bach., otp

                                                SHEPHERD, Ann, Sp., otp, Banns                                                                                                                   

                                                Wit: J C LYNHAM; Sarah NEATH




                1 Jan                       BOULTON, Richard, otp, Bach.

                                                OWEN, Elizabeth, otp, Banns

                                                Wit: Sarah EARL; John PARISH


                21 Jan                     WAY, x William, otp, Bach.

                                                HARDWIDGE, x Ann, otp, Sp., Banns

                                                Wit: John PARISH; Elizabeth ANDOW


                2 Sep                      PRICE, Chase, Bach., of Caerwys in the County of Flint

                                                STONE, x Ann, Sp., otp, Licence

                                                Wit: John NEATH; John PARISH


                16 Dec                    WILLIAMS, x James, otp

                                                MIDDLETON, x Fanny, otp, Banns

                                                Wit: Peter DAVIS?; John PARISH




                17 Feb                    GATCOMBE, John, of Huntspill

                                                NORRIS, Jane, otp, Licence

                                                Wit: C NORRIS; F BOARD


                8 Apr                      SLOCOMBE, John, of Bawdrip, Bach.

                                                CARTER, Mary, otp, Licence

                                                Wit: Ann CARTER; John CARTER


                11 Apr                    MILTON, Job, otp, Bach.

                                                CROSS, Sarah, Sp., otp, Banns

                                                Wit: Mary DEACON; Eliza MILTON


                14 Jun                     THEIR, John, of Kewstock

                                                RAISONS, x Elizabeth, Sp., otp, Banns

                                                Wit: Mary DEACON; Mary CHARD


                21 Jun                     WITHEY, George, Bach., of North Perrot

                                                NORRIS, Elizabeth, Sp., otp, Licence

                                                Wit: Eliza WITHEY; Richd. GIBLETT


                30 Oct                     SELLICK, George, otp

                                                FRY, x Mary, otp, Banns

                                                Wit: Grace? VAUGHN; John PARISH


                25 Dec                    TRUTEN, x Charles, otp

                                                NEATH, x Elizabeth, otp, Banns

                                                Wit: William DYER; Sarah NEATH




                10 Jun                     LOVEREDGE, x John, otp

                                                NEATH, x Grace, otp, Banns

                                                Wit: Mary CHARD; Robert DADE


                12 Jun                     BREWER, James, otp

                                                LOCKYER, x Elizabeth, otp, Banns

                                                Wit: John PARISH; Thomas DAY


                28 Aug                   SANDY, x James, otp

                                                FRY, x Elizabeth, otp, Banns

                                                Wit: William SANDY; John PARISH




                9 Apr                      HARDING, x George, of Burnham

                                                STEVENS, x Ruth, otp, Banns

                                                Wit: John x FRY; John PARISH


                3 Oct                       BARTLETT, Michael, otp

                                                MILTON, Eliza, otp, Banns

                                                Wit: James MILTON; Mary DEACON


                27 Oct                     LYNHAM, George, otp

                                                MERCHANT, Elizabeth, of Puriton, Licence

                                                Wit: Maria MEAR; Charles MARCHANT




                26 Mar                    TUTTON, John, otp

                                                RAISONS, x Ruth, otp, Banns

                                                Wit: George RAISONS; John PARISH


                1 Apr                      CLIST, x William, otp

                                                LUXON, x Mary, otp, Banns

                                                Wit: Charles BRYER; James Thorn ......T?


                24 May                   CAME, x John, otp, Bach.

                                                WINTER, x Joanna, otp, Sp., Banns

                                                Wit: George REASONS; John PARISH


                1 Jul                        DAVEY, x George, of Lilstock

                                                BRYANT, x Sarah, otp, Banns

                                                Wit: John PARISH; Sarah x LOYDE




                2 Apr                      FRANCIS, x Charles, otp

                                                FEAR, x Ann, otp, Banns

                                                Wit: Anne DO...?; John PARISH


                22 Aug                   REYNOLDS, x George, otp

                                                COLLEN, x Elizabeth, otp, Banns

                                                Wit: John REYNOLDS; Mary WHEELLER




                3 Apr                      SAUNDERS, x Samuel, otp

                                                BAWDEN, Phabe, otp, Banns

                                                Wit: William HUCKER; John PARISH


                22 Apr                    COX, Richard, otp

                                                CHARD, Mary, otp, Banns

                                                Wit: George DAVEDGE; Hannah DAVIDGE


                5 May                     HEMBERY, Thomas, otp

                                                BOON, Eliza (signs BOONE), otp, Licence

                                                Wit: Jane HEMBERY; W TAVAGER?




                14 Apr                    HALL, Joseph, of Burnham

                                                LAVER, x Ann, otp, Banns

                                                Wit: George AMESBURY; Charlotte LAVER


                19 Aug                   BOND, Charles, of Walcot

                                                CARTER, Ann Atwill, otp, Licence

                                                Wit: John CARTER; Jane CARTER




                9 Feb                      DADE, Robert, otp

                                                KEEDWALL (signs KEEDWELL), Mary, otp, Banns

                                                Wit: John x LOVEREDGE; Grace x LOVEREDGE




                7 Apr                      DURSTON, George, of Huntspill

                                                HEMBERY, Jane, of Pawlett, Licence

                                                Wit: Edward DURSTON; Betsy HEMBERY


                12 Apr                    SANDEY, x George, otp

                                                GONE?, Mary, otp, Banns

                                                Wit: George x JENNINGS; Sarah x SANDEY


6 May                     MURREL, x Thomas, otp

                                                CAME, x Eliza, otp, Banns

                                                Wit: John x CAME; Joanna x CAME


                5 Aug                     LLOYD, James, otp, Bach.

                                                RENNELS, x Ann, otp, Sp., Banns

                                                Wit: Robert BURROUGH; Elizabeth x PARISH


                25 Aug                   PUGSLEY, x Joseph, otp

                                                FRY, x Sarah, otp, Banns

                                                Wit: Richd. Reader CROSSE; Elizabeth x CHEDZOY


                24 Nov                   SAUNDERS, Samuel, otp, Wid.

                                                LAVER, x Charlotte, otp, Sp., Banns

                                                Wit: Wm HUCKER; Mary x HUCKER




                31 Jan                     RAISINS, x John, otp

                                                LOVIBOND, x Sarah, otp, Banns

                                                Wit: John COLES; Mary Anne x COLES


                2 Nov                     DURSTON, Edward, of Huntspill

                                                HEMBERY, Betsey, otp, Licence

                                                Wit: John DURSTON; Sarah HAWKINGS




                3 May                     JEFFERY, x Joseph, otp, Bach.

                                                CLARK, x Hannah, otp, Sp., Banns

                                                Wit: George x SANDY; John NEATH Clerk


                17 May                   HARWOOD, Charles, otp, Bach.

                                                CAME, Elizabeth, otp, Sp., Banns

                                                Wit: James x RASONES; Susan x PALMER


                30 Jun                     RAISONS, x James, otp, Bach.

                                                PALMER, x Susan, otp, Sp., Banns

                                                Wit: Joseph HOW; John NEATH, Clerk




                5 May                     RAISONS, x William, otp, Bach.

                                                SPARKS, x Ann, of Huntspill, Sp., Banns

                                                Wit: Joseph x SPARKS; Mary STARKEY


2 Jun                       HOOK, James, of Bridgwater, Bach.

                                                MARSHALL, Elizabeth, otp, Sp., Licence

                                                Wit: B MARSHALL; ......? MARSHALL


                1 Nov                     HORNSBY, Joel Latham, otp

                                                BADGER, Mary, otp, Banns

                                                Wit: William BADGER; Fanny BADGER




                2 Jan                       LOTT, John, otp

                                                THORN, x Richord?, otp, Banns

                                                Wit: Thomas x VAUGHN; Mary Anne HORSEY


                9 Jan                       NORRIS, William, of Eddington in the Parish of Moorlinch

                                                COLEMAN, Jane A, otp, Licence

                                                Wit: John x COLEMAN; Ann COLEMAN


                25 Jan                     LOYD, x John, otp, Wid.

                                                BARNSTAPLE, x Ann, Wid., of Puriton, Banns

                                                Wit: William BADGER; Mary Sophia ARTHUR


                5 Apr                      HABERFIELD, William, otp, Bach.

                                                BROOKS, x Harriet, otp, Sp., Banns

                                                Wit: James PARSONS; Mary Ann HABERFIELD


                15 Oct                     NEATH, x John, otp, Wid.

                                                PUGSLEY, x Sarah, otp, Sp., Banns

                                                Wit: John x LOVERIDGE; Grace x LOVERIDGE




                15 Apr                    STREET, x James, otp, Wid.

                                                NEATH, Mary, otp, Sp., Banns

                                                Wit: John NEATH; Eliza NEATH


                5 Jun                       WILKINS, Edward, otp, Bach.

                                                CHAMPION, Elizabeth, otp, Sp., Banns

                                                Wit: William CHAMPION; Sarah KNIGHT?