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                                                                                    Mark Rectory


                                                                                                Highbridge Somersetshire


                                                                                                            Jany. 11 1896


Dear Sir


I have now done all possibly I can with the information you have presented me in unravelling the question of yr letter. I have sought out & ....? I have had interviews with several Puddys & Venns but until you are able to supply additional information I am unable to do more.


Anna Venn was married in my Church to James Puddy on the   (blank)   & I find


I enclose you Certificate


Michael Puddy &    (blank) Puddy were both baptized on     (blank)    in another Parish

there I have searched ...? .....? & obtain certificates if you stl. require them.


Can you please tell me which Richard Puddy remained in America & died there? Was he ever married? If so where & when - there be any issue? If dead can you inform me where he died & when It is better to deal with the eldest first  this will save complications


P.S. Of course the question would arise whether the money left by William Venn was left  contingently(?) or absolutely in favour of Anna Venn his daught.