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                                                                                    Mark Rectory


                                                                                                Highbridge Somersetshire


                                                                                                            Jany. 13. 1896


Dear Sir


I have been doing all in my power to help you in the investigation of the complicated question "next of Kin" viz the legal receipient who is entitled by Law to claim the property to which you have referred in your letter.


I have had interviews with several Puddys & members of the Venn family to Endeavour to clear the question the difficulties have acquainted & I find James Puddy & Anna Venn were married in my Church (Mark Parish Church) on   (blank)    I enclose you a certificate


I find also on enquiry & have taken care to see the entries of the Baptisms of Richard Puddy &   (blank)    Puddy in the Register for Baptisms in another church(?) I will procure copies of these entries if you wish me to do so.


Until this Morning I thought I might have been able to have furnished you with valuable information .......? Michael Puddy who was buried at Huntspill in 1892 but I find the ...? is a different Michael Puddy to that referred in yr. letter - I received this information by letter this Morning in reply to a personal enquiry I made last week.


Now can you give me any information respecting Michael Puddy taking at the p....? time the first of James & Anna Puddy's Children was


Michael Puddy


Did he remain in America? has he ever married? If so when & where? If married had he any issue? If so what were their names? If dead where was he buried?


Any information of a similar kind respecting his 3 sisters ....? tend to elucidate the question you are trying to solve. You may rest assured I will do all in my power to help you.