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Buffalo, New York


March 9, 1896.


Rev. Charles E. Pizey, 

Rector Mark Parish,

Somerset, England.


My dear Sir:


            Your very kind and encouraging letter of Jan. 13th came to me in due time, and I was so happily pleased with your encouraging words and many sterling suggestions, that I should just like to see you and to know you better; and possibly I may some time have that pleasure.


            Michael Puddy was born February 5th, 1811 and was married to Oril Crosby in Little Valley, Cattaraugus County, New York, May 29th 1836. After the birth of two children; Llewellyn born Feb. 24th, 1837, and Columbus L. Puddy born April 29th, 1838, Michael Puddy went West and located in Des Moines, Iowa where he was erecting a mill when he was taken sick and died September 24th, 1838. Columbus enlisted in the army and died at the time of the Battle of Bull Run in 1862. Llewellyn is married and lives here in America. Mrs. Michael Puddy died April 12th, 1886.


            Yes, I should like the records of Michael and Harriet Puddy, as well as all other records you may be able to obtain, for so many of our dates are now nearly obliterated by age and wear. Your search for one thing may reveal other hidden treasures in the form of dates, records etc. Indeed you are very very kind, and so thoughtful and I do really feel delicate about asking so much of you, but if we ever do get this money or property, you shall certainly be remembered most generously.


            In your next, if you will kindly give me some information about this estate, I shall be very grateful indeed. I must confess that I do not clearly understand the letter you enclosed in your letter to me. The Lady, in her letter to you, spoke of property lying in Meave Parish, also of the Merrick estate. Am I to infer from this that she is in some way connected with us in this deal, or, is this another Estate entirely?


            Trusting that I may again soon hear from you, I am,


                                                                        Yours very sincerely,


                                                                                    Truman Newton


                                                                                                #31 Shepard Street