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Buffalo, New York


Nov.18, '95


To the Rector of Mark Parish Church.

Somerset Shire, England.


My dear Sir:


There is an estate in England said to be valued at several thousand pounds, left by William Venn to his daughter Anna Venn. This money Anna Venn never received, and her heirs through gross negligence have never prosecuted their claim upon this money, and of course it must still remain there unclaimed.


Anna Venn was my grandmother. Beside Anna Venn, William Venn and his wife Sally Venn had one daughter, Jemima Venn, who died while young; and three sons, Jesse and Jasper and Than. Jesse and Jasper died at sea, and Than died later. William Venn had two or three other children, but just now I do not know their names.


William Venn had one brother named John Venn, familiarly known as "Jack" Venn. Anna Venn was married in "1809 or 1810" to James Puddy. To them were born the following children before they left England for America in "1817":-


"Michael Puddy born Feb.5, 1811"


"Harriett Puddy born March 24, 1813"


"Louisa Puddy born Dec.9, 1814"


"Lavina Puddy born Nov.9, 1816"


James Puddy was born in Mark Parish June 15, 1790., and Anna 'Venn' Puddy was born in Mark Parish in 1788.


The aforesaid dates are given to aid in your investigation, that you may more readily secure the records, dates etc.


Our old 'Family Bible' containing the records is, at this late date hardly legible, and I fear, my dear Sir that, without your kind assistance, we may experience many difficulties ere we shall have established our qualified claim upon this money. I hope and trust my kind Sir, that you may realize the limited means we have of obtaining evidence, dates etc., after so many years have lapsed, and that you will kindly aid us with any suggestion or otherwise that your years of official life and experience may dictate.



If you will kindly look up the Church or Parish records, and give me the facts you may there find, dates, records etc., I shall strive to remunerate your kindness, and I know that God will surely bless you for your kindness though we are as yet strangers.


If you have no way of finding this information for me, will you kindly offer any suggestion to aid me in my investigation, and securing of said records?


As I am not familiar to this line of work, you will please inform me in your next the charges, fees etc., and I will remit at once.


Trusting that you may be so kind as to aid me, I am, my dear Sir, Yours very Sincerely,


                        Truman Newton


                        #31 Shepard Street