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List of Parish Clerks for the Parish of Mark, Somerset, 1653 - 1826


Thos BARBER was Chosen Parish Clerk         28th Feb 1653

            George LYNING Chosen                                11 April 1656

                                                                                    Died 1662

            Unknown untill 1676 which was 14 years


            Phillip BUCK Chosen                                       1676

            David BARNS                                                 1685

            Henry COX Chosen                                         1708

            John PIM                                                         June 21st 1713

                                                                                    Died 1735

            Richd LYDE Succeeded in                               1735

                                                            Died 12th July 1760

            John HURDACRE Chosen                               15 July 1760

            Wm LUFF Chosen                                           27th Feb 1771

            Geo WEST Chosen                                          April 13th 1781



            John HURDACRE Came in Clarke July the 15th 1760


            Wm LUFF came in Clerk of the Parish feb: 27th 1771


            George WEST was Chosen Clerk by Choice of Vestry on Good friday April 13th 1781

            ...? the said Geo West was Buried 25th Nov 1816


            James POOL chosen Clerk                  2nd April 1817

            John KEEN chosen Clerk                     31st March 1826