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The Verses on Mark bells as follows


            Treble                          My sound is good my Shape is neat                  compos'd

            Cast in                          twas Bailey cast me so compleat                       by Rich

1760                                                                                                    Lyde Clerk


Second                         Twas the treble bell almost 200 years

            Cast in 1760                 But now became the Second it plain appears


            Third                            Cast by Tho Purd in 1672


            Fourth                          Come let us all Sound out                                 Tho Bilbee

                                                I'll keep my place no doubt                               Cast me

                                                                                                                        in 1727


            Fifth cast                      My sound is good which that you hear,

            in 1727                         Young Bilbee made me sound so clear


            Sixth                             Come here brother founder & here you may see,

            cast in                           What sort of a Workman young Bilbee may be;

            1727                            He'll challenge all England for casting a Bell,

                                                Who will be the workman can be but done well.


            NB                               the above was taken down by G: West

                                                Clerk Nov 4th 1785