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Mark, Somerset, Banns 1755-1813





            2 Feb               PIM, Richard, of Mark

                                    STIVERD, Joan, of ye same, Sp.


            13 Apr             COUNSELL, Wm, of Mark

                                    LIVERMORE, Han:, of ye same, young woman


            15 Jun              URCH, Samuel, single man

                                    PIMM, Sarah, single woman, botp


            22 Jun              POPLE, Samuel, single man, otp

                                    POOL, Hannah, single woman, of East Brent


            20 Jul               P..?, James, single man, otp

                                    BENNET, Phillis, Sp., of Burnham


            27 Jul               SHERMAN, Giles, of Mark, single man

                                    PUDDY, Elizabeth, of the same, single woman


            17 Aug LOOK, Samuel, otp, single man

                                    SQUIRE, Jone, of Hunspill


            17 Aug FISHER, Wm, single man

                                    URCH, Hannah, single woman, botp


            ? Aug               WALL, Tho, wid.

                                    FISHER, Hannah, single woman, botp




            1 Feb               DUMMET, Thomas, Bach.

                                    URCH, Mary, Sp.


            15 Feb             BROOK, Robert, Bach., otp

                                    COMB, Betty, Sp., of ye same


            22 Feb             CLOTHIER, John, of Wedmore, Bach.

                                    THAYER, Bettey, younge wooman, otp


            4 Apr               PIM, James, single man

                                    EDWARDS, Hannah, single woman, botp


            5 Sep               WILLIAMS, John, single man

                                    HAWKENS, Betty, botp, Sp.


            ? Oct                VAH...?, Simon, single man, otp

                                    WATTS, Mary, of Catcott




            6 Feb               ROWSELL, Josias, of Bawdrip

                                    CARY, Mary, of Mark


            21 Aug WILLIAMS, Thomas, otp, Bach.

                                    TEAK?, Mary, of South Brent, a minor, have her fathers consent


            18 Sep             HARDEN, Thomas, otp, single man

                                    THAYER, Ruth, of Wedmore


            18 Dec HURMAN, John, of Cosington, wid.

                                    URCH, Grace, otp, Sp.




            1 Mar (only)     REEVE, Wm, of Wear, wid.

                                    MANNINGTON?, Mary, otp


            16 & 30 Apr    BANFIELD, James, of Chilton

            (only)               VAHAN, Mary, otp


            23 Apr             FISHER, James, Bach.

                                    RICE, Ann, Sp., botp


            26 Nov            PETHERAM, John, single man, otp

                                    TUTTEN, Betty, of East Brent




            14 Jan              MAYNE?, Geo:, of Compton Bishop

                                    BRICE, Betty, of Mark


            25 Feb             HARRICE, Thos.

                                    URCH, Joan, botp


            11 Mar WEST, Wm

                                    GREEN, Love, botp


            15 Apr             WRIDE, Josias?

                                    CONDUIT, Hannah, botp



            9 Mar               BOULDY, William, Bach.

                                    PETHERAM, Sarah, Sp., botp


            1 Jun                TUTTON, George, otp, Bach.

                                    THATCHER, Jane, otp, Sp.


            31 Aug DANTON, Chas.

                                    GILES, Mary, botp


            28 Dec TOMSON, John

                                    PIMM, Mary, botp




            24 Jan              JEFFEY, Robert, of Moorlinch, Bach.

                                    HARRIS, Mary, otp, Sp.


            12 Apr             TUTTEN, Richard, single man

                                    MILLERD, Elizabth., botp


            3 May              DAY, William, Sojurner

                                    BARRNES, Hester, otp


            27 Sep             COLSTON, Robert, of WhitChurch, Bach.

                                    ffISHER, Betty, otp, Sp.




            21 Feb             WHITING, William, single man

                                    PUDDY, Elizabeth, Sp., botp


            14 Mar BOARD, William, Bach.

                                    VOULES, Hannah, botp


            4 Jul                 KEEN, John, Bach.

                                    COX, Mary, Sp., botp


            11 Jul               WATTS, Lot, Bach.

                                    HARRIS, Jone, wid., botp


            24 Oct             FISHER, John, otp, Bach.

                                    AMSBURY, Jane, of Hunspill, Sp.


            24 Oct             PODY, James, wid.

                                    WHITE, Jane, Sp., botp


            31 Oct             PORCH, Robert, Bach.

                                    VAHANE, Mary, Sp., botp


            28 Nov            BATTEN, Henry, Bach., Sojourner

                                    BARNS, Mary, otp, Sp.


            26 Dec JEANS, John, Bach., Sojourner

                                    HAYWARD, Elizabeth, Sp., of Wedmore




            1 May              MERCHANT, John, Bach.

                                    FEAR, Ann, Sp., botp


            3 Jul                 GILES, Allexander, otp, Bach.

                                    JONES, Hannah, of Wedmore, Sp.


            31 Jul               PHILLIPS, William, Bach.

                                    HOBBS, Hannah, botp


            31 Jul               SHEPPERD, Thomas, of Burnham, Bach.

                                    TAYLER, Elizabeth, otp, Sp.


            9 Oct               ROPER, John, of Allerton

                                    WEST, Levy, wid., otp


            20 Nov            HAIN, John, Bach.

                                    BROWNING, Ann, Sp., botp




            8 Jul                 GANDER, William, Bach.

                                    SAM, Hannah, wid., botp


            16 Sep             HARDEN, James

                                    SHEPHERD, Sarah, botp




            20 Jan              HAINS, John, Bach.

                                    HUNT, Joan, Sp., botp


            27 Jan              RICE, Thomas, Bach.

                                    ANDREWS, Ruth, Sp., both of Mark


            3 Mar               FISHER, James, Bach.

                                    BAKER, Ann, Sp., botp


            10 Mar RICE, Robt., Bach.

                                    ANDREWS, Mary, Sp., botp


            10 Mar POOL, John, Bach.

                                    TUTTEN, Ann, Sp., botp


            26 May            JONES, Wm, of Hunspill, Bach.

                                    KINKOT, Margaret, otp, Sp.


            28 Jul               FISHER, Henry, wid., of Wedmore

                                    HAWKINGS, Susanna, otp, Sp.


            15 Dec FEAR, John, Bach.

                                    ALLEN, Elizabeth, Sp., botp




            19 Jan              LEVERMORE, James, wid.

                                    LIGHT, Rachel, wid., botp


            6 Apr               GANDER, William, Bach., of Lymsham

                                    SAM, Hannah, otp


            13 Apr             SMITH, Samuel, Bach.

                                    HUDSON, Ann, Sp., botp


            27 Apr             VAUGHAN, John, wid.

                                    KINKOT, Katharine, wid., botp


            21 Dec VAUGHAN, Thomas, a minor with mothers consent

                                    CROSMAN, Sarah, Sp., botp




            29 Mar POOL, James, Bach.

                                    MORSE, Lucy, Sp., botp


            6 Sep               HARVEY, James, wid.

                                    THORN, Hannah, Sp., botp


            13 Sep             HOBBS, Arthur, wid.

                                    WEST, Mary?, wid., botp




            6 Mar               LANCASSEL, William, Bach.

                                    ALLEN, Rebecca, Sp., botp


            12 Jun              ffISHER, George, of Mark, Bach.

                                    ffISHER, Mary, of Weemore


            28 Aug PETHERAM, Robert, wid.

                                    ffISHER, Susanna, Sp., botp


            6 Nov              LAVER, James, Bach.

                                    ffISHER, Mary ye elder, wid., botp




            26 Feb             OLDMAN, Edward, Bach.

                                    WALL, Mary, Sp., botp


            19 Mar KINCOTT, James, otp, Bach.

                                    ANDRWES, Mary, of Grenton, Sp.


            19 Mar TUTTEN, John, the younger

                                    WHITING, Ann, botp


            23 Apr             URCH, William, wid.

                                    CULLEN, ffrances, Sp., botp


            23 Apr             TOMSON, John, wid.

                                    OLDMAN, Mary, Sp., botp


            16 Jul               HOBBS, William, otp, Bach.

                                    MILLARD, Jane, of Edington


            3 Dec               WEST, John

                                    BALLETT, Ann, botp


            10 Dec MARTEN, Isaac, Bach., of Wedmore

                                    PEARSE, Betty, Sp., of Mark


            17 Dec BROOKS, Robert, wid.

                                    WEBBER, Ann, Sp., botp



            21 Jan              PETHERAM, James, minner

                                    ffISHER, Ann, Sp., botp


            25 Feb             PETHERAM, Abraham, Bach.

                                    WALL, Mary, wid., botp


            22 Apr             VEN, William, Bach., otp

                                    MAIN, Sarah, of Burnham, Sp.


            22 Apr             ffEAR, Robert, Bach.

                                    NORRIS, Mary, wid., botp


            17 Jun              THEYER, Robert, Bach.

                                    WALL, Ruth, botp


            12 Aug PUDDY, Samuel, of Woollavington, Bach.

                                    HOOPER, Jane, of Mark, Sp.




            12 May            FRANCIS, John, a minor with fathers consent

                                    BAWDEN, Rebecca, Sp., botp


            14 Jul               TYLER, John, wid.

                                    WATTS, Joan, wid., both inhabitants of this parish


            18 Aug NUTTY or NUTTYCOMB, Thomas

                                    FISHER, Ann, with fathers consent, botp


            30 Nov            COX otherwise YOUNG, Richard, of Shepton mallet

                                    RYDON, Martha, of Mark




            1 Mar               PYTHER?, Thomas, Bach., of Compton Bishop

                                    MARCHANT, Elizabeth, otp, Sp.


            29 Mar TUTTEN, Joseph, Bach.

                                    TRAYDON, Lidia, Sp., botp


            19 Apr             PODY, Joseph, Bach.

                                    VAUHAN, Joan, Sp., botp


            12 Jul               HARSE, James, wid.

                                    MARTIN, Sexa, single woman, botp


            4 Oct               THACKER, Joseph, wid., of St Cuthberts in the City of Wells

                                    THEAIR, Maria, otp


            11 Oct             HOUSE, William,

                                    PUDDY, Mary, the younger, botp, a minor with fathers consent




            14 Mar PUDDY, James, wid.

                                    POOL, Mary, botp, single woman


            12 Sep             HUTSON, Joseph, Bach., otp

                                    EVANS, Betty, of Chappel Allerton, wid.




            3 Apr               FELTHAM, Edward, of Weare

                                    HALL, Jane, otp


            17 Apr             SCOTT, James, of Wedmore, Bach.

                                    WEST, Ann, otp, Sp.


            14 Aug GANE, John

                                    HICKS, Rebecca, Sp., botp


            4 Sep               HOBBS, George, Bach.

                                    URCH, Hanah, wid., botp


            2 Oct               WALL, Thomas, Bach.

                                    BALLET, Sarah, Sp., botp




            19 Feb             HOLE, John, of Compton Bishop, wid.

                                    CUTT, Ann, otp, Sp.


            2 Apr               FISHER, Jeremiah, the younger

                                    FLING, Jane, Sp., botp


            4 Jun                NORRIS, John, of Meare, Bach.

                                    COOMB, Sarah, otp, Sp.


            3 Dec               ATWELL, John, Bach.

                                    BLACK, Sarah, wid., botp




            21 Jan              HOBBS, John, Bach.

                                    FISHER, Sarah, Sp., botp, with fathers consent


            4 Feb (only)     HOBBS, John, Bach.

                                    FISHER, Sarah, Sp., botp, with fathers consent


            28 Jul               ROWLINS, Thomas, of Burnham, Bach.

                                    BENNET, Lidea, otp, Sp.


            8 Sep               CRITICK, Charles, of Hunspill, Bach.

                                    GOOLD, Lydia, otp, Sp.


            29 Sep             FISHER, Joseph, Bach.

                                    DOMETT, Mary, Sp., botp




            19 Jan              SEAMAN, William, Bach., of Wear

                                    BOWDEN commonly called HEATH, Maria, of Mark


            9 Mar               AMSBURY, John, of Wedmore

                                    LEONARD, Jane, otp, Sp.


            16 Mar HARDEN, Richard, Bach.

                                    HARVEY, Mary, Sp., botp


            16 Mar URCH, Ruben, a minor

                                    FISHER, Maria, a minor, botp


            8 Jun                FISHER, John, Elder, wid.

                                    NORRIS, Elizabeth, wid., botp


            12 Oct             FISHER, Henry, otp, Bach.

                                    LIGHT, Sarah, otp, Sp.




            8 Mar               COOMES, Henry, otp, Bach.

                                    LANE, Rebecca, of Chilton or Moorlinch, Sp.


            15 Mar FEAR, Joseph, of Wedmore, Bach.

                                    FISHER, Mary, otp, Sp.


            5 Apr               HART, William, otp, Bach.

                                    KINKOT, Rosanna, otp, Sp.


            26 Apr             FURBER, Robert, otp, Bach.

                                    KINCOT, Mary, otp, Sp.


            10 May            NUTTYCOMB, John, otp, Bach.

                                    GILLING, Mary, otp, Sp.


            12 Jul               WALL, William, otp, Bach.

                                    HARVEY, Mary, otp, Sp.


            25 Oct             WEST, Thomas, otp, Bach.

                                    WOODBOURN, Rebecca, otp, Sp.




            13 Jun              BENNET, Benjamen, otp, Bach.

                                    NORISH, Chrisset, of Edington, Sp.


            8 Aug               HOOPER, Isaac, otp, Bach.

                                    HICKS, Jane, otp, Sp.


            29 Aug AISH, Richard, otp, Bach.

                                    WILLIAMS, Mary, otp, Sp.




            22 Oct             SALTER, Charles, Bach.

                                    DEAN, Jane, Sp.




            11 Mar ANDREWS, William, of Moorlinch

                                    TYLER, Elizabeth, otp


            8 Apr               PORTER, William, of Thurloxon

            15 Apr             DURSTON, Maria, otp

22 Apr             but publickly forbad by Thos. Durston, Guardian to the above Mary Durston. published again the 13th May 1781



            22 Apr             TOLEMAN, John, otp

                                    VAUGHAN, Anne, of the same


            23 Sep             LUFF, Thomas

                                    KINCOT, Susannah, botp


            30 Sep             URCH, Thomas

            7 Oct               FISHER, Joan, botp



            24 Aug SHEENES, Simon

                                    PARKER, Mary, botp


            28 Oct             POOLE, Thomas

                                    SALMON, Sarah




            6 Jan                SHEENES, James

                                    FISHER, Honour


            3 Feb               HOBBS, Arthur, otp, Bach.

                                    GANE, Anne, of the same, Sp.


            24 Feb             ROPER, Robert, of S. Brent

                                    ......HAM?, Elizabeth, otp


            14 Apr             BROOKES, John

                                    WATTS, Anne, botp


            23 Jun              HAGGETT, Thos., Labourer

                                    GILLING, Betty, Sp., botp


            29 Sep             WALL, Thos., Labourer, otp

                                    ALLEN, Mary, of Burnham, Sp.


            6 Oct               COOMBS, James, Bach.

                                    PIM, Ann, Sp., botp


            13 Oct             WATTS, James, wid.

                                    POOL, Jane, Sp., botp


            27 Oct             LATCHAM, William, Bach., of Wedmore

                                    WILKINS, Ann, otp, Sp.




            27 Jul               TAYLER, John

                                    LIGHT, Mary, botp


            3 Aug               INKER, John

                                    ffISHER, Honour, botp


            14 Sep             PIM, John, otp

                                    POPLE, Ann, of Catcott




            4 Jan                HARVEY, William

                                    LUFF, Hannah, botp


            7 Mar               SLADE, Matthew, of South Brent

                                    BAWDEN, Joanna, otp


            14 Mar DUMMETT, Thos., Mason

                                    WARE, Ann, botp


            11 Apr             FRY, John

                                    SALTER, Charity


            5 Sep               PUDDY, John, Bach.

                                    PURNELL, Mary, botp


            7 Nov              TAYLOR, Thos.

                                    COOMBS, Jane, botp


            28 Nov            KINCOTT, Richard

                                    PIM, Mary, botp


            19 Dec BAWDEN, Job

                                    WILLIAMS, Elizabeth, botp




            9 Jan                COOMBS, William

                                    SHEENS, Honour, botp


            13 Mar HARSE, George, of Mark

                                    HAMLING, Sarah, of Cossington


            27 Mar NUTTYCOMB, Ambrose

                                    KINCOTT, Rebecka, botp


            13 Feb             COOMBS, Wm

                                    LYNG, Mercy, botp


            None                REEVES, Wm

                                    FISHER, Dianna, botp


            24 Jul               GARLAND, Peter

                                    POOL, Jane, botp


            4 Sep               TUTTON, Benjamin

                                    BOARD, Grace, botp


28 Jun              FRY, John

KINCOTT, Jane, botp


            4 Dec               ATWELL, John

                                    CONDUIT, Mary, botp




            1 Jan                DUMMETT, John

                                    ELPHIK, Mary, botp


            5 Feb               FISHER, James

                                    FISHER, Sarah, botp


            30 Apr             WHEELER, Arnell

                                    URCH, Saxey, botp


            14 May            WATTS, James

                                    WHITTING, Jane, botp


            14 May            BOLDLY, John

                                    FISHER, Hannah, botp


            25 Jun              FEAR, Richard

                                    SULLY, Jane Lacey, botp


            23 Jul               NUTTYCOMBE, Ambrose

                                    KINCOTT, Joan, botp



27 Aug HOBBS, John

                                    NUTTYCOMBE, Mary


            3 Dec               WHITTING, John

                                    COGLE, Mary, botp


            17 Dec FRANCIS, George, of Aller

                                    TUTTON, Betty, otp




            28 Jan              SHEPPARD, Thos.

                                    FISHER, Ann, botp


            4 Mar               FISHER, William

                                    URCH, Mary, botp


            11 Mar TOLEMAN, Aaron

                                    ANDREWS, Mary, botp




            29 Jun              PIM, Robert

                                    HATCH, Lydia, botp


            3 Aug               GUMMER, William

                                    HARVEY, Ann, botp


            10 Aug COOMER, Ely

                                    DURSTON, Joan, botp


            26 Oct             BLOWDEN, Saml.

                                    GODFRY, Jenny


            19 Oct             FEAR (Allia NORRIS), Robert

                                    COX, Hannah, botp




            15 Feb             FISHER, John, of Wedmore

                                    PURNEL, Ann, otp


            12 Apr             PEARCE, John

                                    BOLDLY, Mary, botp


            7 Jun                LUFF, William

                                    WILLIAMS, Maria, botp


            28 Jun              FRY, John

                                    KINKOTT, Jane, botp


            6 Dec               POPLE, James

                                    HOBBS, Ann, botp








            7 Feb               HOBBS, John

                                    WOODROW, Mary, botp


            4 Apr               LYNG, William

                                    RICE, Rebecka, botp


            1 Aug               PETHERAM, William

                                    FEAR, Elizabeth, botp




            27 May            SHERMAN, John

                                    GANE, Mary, botp


            3 Dec               PORCH, William

                                    HUNT, Grace, botp




            6 Mar               DAY, James

                                    TUTTON, Hannah, botp


            13 Mar FISHER, Walter

                                    PIM, Jane, botp


            14 Apr             BARNES, James

                                    BAWDEN, Elizabeth, wid., botp


            3 Aug               VAUHAN, Simon

                                    GREEN, Margaret, botp


            1 Oct               WARREN, John, of East Brent

                                    PRESS, Mary, otp


            5 Dec               FISHER, Samuel

                                    GILES, Praxey, botp




            10 Feb             BOLEY, James

                                    JERVIS, Grace, botp


            4 Mar               PIM, William, of Allerton

                                    WHITTING, Joanna, otp


            8 Apr               PETHERAM, James

                                    POOL, Sarah, botp


            20 Jun              NUTTYCOMBE, George

                                    BOLEY, Ruth, botp


            10 Nov            FISHER, George

                                    POPLE, Anne, botp


            5 Dec               PURNELL,Thos.

                                    COUNSELL, Elizabeth, botp




            2 Nov              PETHERAM, James Junior

                                    HARVEY, Levia, botp


            8 Dec               WHITNELL, John

                                    FRANCIS, Anne, botp




            5 Mar               MASON, Edward

                                    WHITTING, Joan, botp


            10 Jun              WEST, William

                                    HERVEY, Mary, botp


            5 Dec               SERJEANT alias TOMPSON, John

                                    WATTS, Hannah, wid., botp




            4 Mar               PUDDY, William

                                    THEYER, Hannah, botp


            18 Mar RICE, Robert

                                    BOARD, Mary, botp


            25 Mar ALLEN, James

                                    HODGES, Hester, botp


            4 Dec               MEAD, Henry

                                    AYSH, Hannah, botp




            11 Apr             ROE, Arthur, of Mear

                                    FISHER, Joan, otp


            18 Apr             HARRIS, Charles

                                    PIM, Mary, botp


            6 May              PUDDY, Benjamin

                                    PARSONS, Elizabeth, botp


            3 May              VEN, Jesse

                                    ? (not given)




            3 Feb               PATCH, Eli, of Mark

                                    DAY, Elizabeth, of South Brent


            10 Feb             FISHER, James the younger, otp

                                    TUTTON, Ann, of the same


            10 Mar PIM, John the younger, otp

                                    AMESBURY, Mary, of Wedmore


            31 Mar NUTTYCOMB, George, otp

                                    PHILLIPS, Saxey, otp, Sp.


            31 Mar BECKNELL, George, otp, young man

                                    JERVIS, Sarah, otp, young woman


            14 Apr             FISHER, Richard, otp, young man

                                    PIM, Sarah, otp, young woman


            16 May            WOLLEN, Wm., otp, Bach.

                                    GILES, Hannah, of the same, Sp.


            14 May            SPARKS, Peter, otp, Bach.

                                    WALL, Elizabeth, of the same


            1 Jun                PIM, John, otp, wid.

                                    WHITE, Jane, Sp., of the same




            9 Feb               FISHER, Joseph, otp, Bach.

                                    POOL, Maria, of the same, Sp.


            4 Aug               WEST, Henry, otp, Bach.

                                    VOWLS, Katherine, of the same, Sp.


            10 Feb             VOWLS, John, otp, wid.

                                    POOL, Diana


            4 Dec               BAKER, William, of East Brent

                                    HARDEN, Hannah, otp


            4 Dec               HARDEN, Edward, otp, Bach.

                                    WEST, Elizabeth, of the same, Sp.




            8 Feb               PURNEL, Richard, otp, young man

                                    COUNSELL, Ann, wid.


            8 Feb               HOUSE, Nicholas, otp, Bach.

                                    BILLINGE, Sally, Sp.


            12 Apr             BICKNEL, John, otp, Bach.

                                    FRANCIS, Ann, of the same, wid.




            14 Jan              PHIPPEN, Stephen, of Allerton

                                    NORRIS, Mary, otp


            7 Mar               PUDDY, Samuel, otp

                                    LYON, Jane, Sp., of the same


            10 Feb             BENNETT, Joseph, Blacksmith, otp

                                    BOARD otherwise RADFORD, Anne, Sp.


            7 Apr               WATTS, James, Labourer

                                    STOCK, Betty, a young woman




            1 Jan                HARDEN, John, Labourer

                                    THEYER, Anne, a young woman


            1 Jan                DAUNTON, John, Mason, of Burnham

                                    NORRIS, Anne, otp, Sp.


            9 Feb               VENN, James, of Burnham, Labourer

                                    COLES, Mary, otp, a young woman


            1 Feb               KINCOTT, James, otp, Labourer

                                    DAY, Sarah, of the same


            3 Mar               PIM, Silas, of East Brent, Labourer

                                    FISHER otherwise PIM, Diana, otp


            3 Apr               WEBBER, Robert, otp, Labourer

                                    FISHER, Elizabeth, of the same, Sp.


            4 Aug               URCH, James, otp, Labourer

                                    HARDEN, Sarah, a young woman


            3 Sep               PHIPPEN, Thomas, otp, Labourer

                                    SULLY, Mary, of the same, young-woman


            4 Oct               WEST, George, otp, Labourer

                                    FISHER, Grace, of the same, young woman




            11 Mar WHITTING, Georg, of South Brent

                                    HARDEN, Elizabeth, otp, Sp.


            25 Mar             PIM, Joseph, otp, a young man

                                    FISHER, Susannah, of Wedmore, Sp.

            1 Apr               FRY, John, of East Brent, a young man

                                    NORVILL, Ann, otp, a young woman


            22 Apr             TAVERNER, William, a young man, of Wedmore

                                    TUTTON, Ann, a young woman, otp


            1 Aug               COLLARD, John, otp, Bach.

                                    FISHER, Ann, of Wedmore




            9 Feb               GILES, Alexander, a young man, otp

                                    CHILCOTT, Mary, a young woman, of the same


            1 Mar               TOMPSON, William, otp

                                    PEATH, Ann, of the same


            1 Mar               HOLE, Silas, otp

                                    OLDMAN, Ruth, of the same


            1 Mar               WEST, John, otp

                                    BROWNING, Jane, of the same


            15 Mar LEIGH, John, otp

                                    COALS, Betty, of the same


            15 Mar NUTTYCOMB, Robert, otp

                                    SPURLOCK, Hannah, of the same


            15 Mar WYATT, William, of Wedmore

                                    NUTTYCOMB, Joan, otp


            1 Apr               RICE, William, otp

                                    LUFF, Ann, of the same




            1 Mar               HILL, John, otp

                                    GILLING, Hannah, of the same


            1 Mar               HARDEN, George, otp

                                    WHITTING, Elizabeth, of the same


            8 Mar               PUDDY, William, otp

                                    PETHERAM, Elizabeth, of the same


            1 Apr               NORRIS, Gabriel, of Moorlinch

                                    FISHER, Richard (sic), otp


            10 Aug             DAY, Isaac, of Burnham

                                    VENN, Jemima, otp


            4 Aug               MORSE, William, otp

                                    EDWARDS, Sarah, of the same


            7 Sep               COX, John, of South Brent

                                    BOYCE, Sarah, otp




            2 Jan                PETHERAM, Joseph, of Wedmore

                                    SALTER, Mary, otp, Sp.


            9 Feb               DURSTON, John, otp

                                    COOMBS, Ann, of the same


            4 Mar               CHILCOTT, William, otp

                                    WALL, Ruth, of the same, Sp.


            10 Aug VAUGHAN, Charles, otp

                                    STAVINS, Ruth, of the same


            7 Nov              WEST, James, otp

                                    PETHERAM, Joan, of the same




            31 Jan              COLES, John, alias COLES, Cole, a young man

                                    URCH, Sarah, a young woman


            28 Feb             HOBBS, William,wid.

                                    WILKINS, (Sa?)rah, wid.


            7 Jul                 BLESSLY, James, otp

                                    KEEN, Jane, Sp., of the same


            13 Aug NUTTYCOMBE, Ambrose, wid., otp

                                    WOLLEN, Hannah, of the same


            20 Aug CHARD, Robert, otp

                                    PEARCE, Sarah, of the same


            24 Sep             COALS, Robert, of South Brent

                                    BENNETT, Grace, otp


            1 Oct               PUDDY, John, otp

                                    MASON, Joan, of the same




            8 Jan                WRIDE, John, otp

                                    DEAN, Hannah, of the same


            5 Feb               PARKER, James, of Wedmore

                                    WALL, Sarah, otp


            23 Jul               FUDGE, Benjamin, otp

                                    PUDDY, Honor, of the same


            10 Sep             THEYER, Thomas, otp

                                    DURSTON, Sarah, of the same




            18 Feb             LUFF, George, otp

                                    WEST, Ann, of the same


            1 Apr               PUDDY, James, of Allerton

                                    VENN, Anna, otp


            10 Jun              WICKS, William, otp

                                    NUTTYCOMBE, Elizabeth, of the same


            26 Aug POOL, John, otp

                                    PETHERAM, Levia


            1 ?                   FISHER, John, otp, wid.

                                    GODFRY, Ann, of the same




            5 ?                   YOUNG, John, otp

                                    HOLE, Ann, of the same


            5 ?                   LOYDE, George, otp

                                    ROSSITER, Mary, of the same


            5?                    URCH, William, otp

                                    FISHER, Maria, of the same


            5 Mar               GILLING, William, otp

                                    FEAR, Mary, of the same, a young woman


            7 Oct               CURRY, William, of Burnham, wid.

                                    KINCOTT, Mary, wid., otp


            22 Dec DEAN, James, otp, a young man

                                    TOLEMAN, Elizabeth, of the same, a young woman




            19 Apr             HIGS, Benjamin, of Wedmore

                                    COOMBS, Lydia, otp


            13 Sep             NUTTYCOMBE, Joseph, otp

                                    PITTS, Charity, of the same


            11 Oct             METHUEN, William, otp

                                    WATTS, Susanna, of Catcott




            21 Feb             PEPREL, James, otp

                                    MILLARD, Jane, of the same


            7 ?                   ATWELL, George, otp

                                    LYNHAM, Ann, of the same


            4 Apr               MILLARD, John, of Wedmore

                                    LATCHAM, Maria, otp