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Will of Sebastian Darknall of St Clement Danes, Middlesex, 1625


In the name of God Amen The eighteenth daie of September In the first yere of the Raigne of our Soveraigne lord Charles by the grace of God Kinge of England, Scotland ffrance and Ireland defender of the faith.


I Sebastian Darknall of the pish of St Clement Danes in the County of Midd, Grocer, being sicke in body but of good and perfect minde and memory thankes bee to allmightie God Doe make and ordayne this my last will and Testamentin manner and forme following, that is to saie ffirst I commit my soule into the hands of allmightie god my maker, Trustinge and assured by beleeving that through the merritts death and passion of my lord and Saviour Jesus Christ after this transitory life ended I have and shall have everlastinge icy [?] and felicity in the kingdome of heaven And my bodie I commit to the earth to bee buried in the Churchyard neare the Channcell wall one the Parson's side


And concerning the disposicon of the Transitory and wordly goods and substance I possesse I doe order dispose and bequeath the same as followeth, That is to saie


ffirst I give and bequeath to my Cosin Jasper Darknall my blacke payre of silke stockinges and my Silver girdle with silver buckles of English worke


Item I give and bequeath to my loveing wife Jane Darknall 40l p anno dureing her life and after her decease to bee payd to my two Daughters  Mary and Hester equally to bee devided betweene them


I doe give to my Two Sonnes in Lawe Willm Price and ffrancis Phillipes the some of Ten pounds to bee payd to them by 50s the halde yere vizt to the said William five & twenty and to the said ffrancis five and twenty shillings The first payment to bee made thereof and beginne within seaven daies next after the expiracon of one halfe yere to bee accounted from the daie of my death and consequently to each of them five and Twenty shillings apeece every halfe yere one succeeding another till the said legacie or bequeast of Ten pounds bee payd to the said William & ffrancis parte and parte like


Item I give and bequeath to my said kinsman Jasper Darknall my Brother Thomas Whyte and my kinsman Walter Bunnell Two bedsteeds Two ffeatherbeds two payre of blanckets Two pillowes

two boulsters Two ruggs with the Curtaynes and vallance in trust for the use and benefit of my said Daughters and on them to bee bestowed equally, and in noe wise to come into the disposeing of theire said husbands


Item I give to my Brother Edmond Moldeyne my best paire of russet silke stockings


Item I give to my Brother Thomas White my other payre of Russet silke stockings Together with my girdle with silver buckles Duchworke




Item I will that the house wherein I dwell that it bee sold to Mr Linzey for one hundred and forty pounds whereof I have allready recd one hundred and Twenty pounds, and I will that the residue thereof bee payd unto my said wife And my desire is that my said sonne in lawe ffrancis Phillips will Choose my said kinsman Jasper Darkenall his Guardian till he come of yeres, and for his care and paynes therein to be taken to bee allowed 20s p anno


I will my Cosin Thomasin Darkenall to beee Executrix of this my will, if shee bee alive otherwise my Cosin ffaith her Sister


And I make and appoynt my said Brother Thomas White and ..? kinsmen Jasper Darkenall and Walter Bunnell the Overseers of this my will intreating them to bee paynfull therein and as a token

of my love I give to every of them five shillings to buy them gloves


In witness whereof I the said Sebastian Darkenall have to this my last will and Testament set my hand and Seale and pronounced the same as my last will the daie and yere first above ..........? parties here undernamed beinge witnesses by mee thereunto especially appoynted Sebastian Darkenall Thomas Colbron John Cressett


My desire is that my Cosin Mris Rose Darkenall and Ann Darkenall William Thomazine and ffaith Darknall and my Cosin Mris Bruen and my Cosin Bunniel's wife Owen and Thomas Clayton and

my late man Willm Johnson shall have each of them a pre of gloves of Twelve pence


Decimo tertio die mensis Octobris Anno domini millimo Sexcentesimo vicesimo quinto Emanavit Comissio Jaspero Darkenall patri naturali et ...timo Thomazine Darkenall executrix nominat in testamento sive ultima voluntate dicti defuncti hentis ..? ad administrans bonaiura et Credita eiusdem defunti iuxta tenorem et effectum Testi sine ultime voluntatis ipsius defuncti (duran minore etate presate Thomazine executrisis in eodem Testa nominat) De benect fideliter dministrande eadem ad santa dei Evangelia Jurat Jana Darkenall relic Dicti defuncti ex certis

cansis  eam ut ann..? suid in eapte moven oneri adnis bonorum inrium et Cred liquet et apparet.