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Abridged Transcript of Probate Account of Susan Durtnall (PRC2/35/127)


The accompt of Nicholas Durtnall …ale? and lawfull for and administrator of all and singular the goods and chattels of Susan Durtnall late of the parish of Marden in the County of Kent and Archdeaconry of Canterbury widdow deceased, by him made and declared of all and singular such goods chattels and credits …..? were the said deceased's at her death and since have come into the hands and possession of this accomptant by virtue of the administration thereof to him in that behalf lawfully committed as followeth vizt.


whole amount                                                                           xvl        xvjs       viijd


Out of which said summe this accomptant hath necessarily paid and laid out and humbly prayeth to be allowed the particular sumes following, that is to say


Impris paid out for the funeral of the                                                      xliis

said deceased all manner of wayes


Item paid for the letters of administration

taken of the deceased goods and for                                                     xjs           iiijd

the oath to the surrogate ……?


Item paid unto Goodwife Clarke of

Maidstone for the remainder of a

debt to her by the said deceased at                                                       xxvs

her death the sume of


Item paid unto Edward Chowne for

rent due and owing unto him by the                                                       xs

said deceased at her death


Item paid unto severall persons for

severall ..inal? debts due unto them                                                        xxxvs    vijd

by the said deceased at her death in all


Item this accomptant prayeth to be allowed

for his owne and his suretyes charges

when he came to take administracon and                                               xvs

for a counter bond for his said surety

and also for sev'rall other charges &

expences made about the estate of the

said deceased in all


Item for drawing this accompt into form

to exhibit into the Court for the p…..?

and proctors fee to do the same and to

obtain the admission thereof as also

for registring and ingressing this accompt                                               xvjs       ijd

with the inventory in parchment for the

quiet….? thereupon judges …ale? of office

limitacon of persons & for a citacon agt.

this accomptant & other charges in all


Sume totall of the payments & allowances

aforesaid                                                                                  vijl          xiiijs      id


Soe it may and doth most plainly

appear that this accomptant hath

well and truly administrated in the

goods and chattels of the said deceased                                    viijl       ijs         vijd

and that computatis computandis et

deductis deductendis there is still

remaining in his hands the sum of


13o Aprilis anno dmi 1672 coram …..? Willimo Lovelace ………………


Edwardo Durtnall         filio xr dict des sumam                           xxxijs

Stephano Durtnall         filio xr dict des sumam                           xxxijs

Thoma Durtnall filio xr dict des sumam                           xxxijs

Johanni Durtnall            filio xr dict des sumam                           xxxijs