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Will of Lamuell Dartnall of Withyham, 1647


Memorandum       That on or about the ffourth day of Aprill Anno Domini one thousand six hundred ffortie seaven in the three and Twentieth yeare of the raigne of our Soveraigne Loed Charles by the Grace of God Kinge of England &c  Lamuell Dartnall of Wethiham in the Countie of Sussex yeoman being ill and sicke in bodie but of verie perfecte and soun memorie did make his nuncupative will and testament in the presence of John Medhurst William Dartnall and Joseph Dartnall in manner and forme followinge, viz, That hee did put his two brothers William Dartnall and Jospeh Dartnall in trust to sell and dispose of his goods and estate and to paie his debts and all other Charges and expences whatsoever, and that they should sell his goods to the best advantage they could, and when his debts and all charges were paid the remainder of his estate hee willed should bee equallie devided to and amongst his wife and all his children viz everie one of them to have an equall share thereof & his wife to have the use and profitt of his said estate towards the bringinge up of his said children But if his wife should marrie again after his decease Then his said wife was to have but the moyetie onelie of such parte as should bee or remaine to her as aforesaid And the other moyetie of halfe of the said parte should be and remaine to his sonne And hee did further will if anie of his said children did die then the other of his said children to be the heires to them soe dieinge And if all his children should die Then hee willed twentie poundes of his estate to his said Brother Williams children and all the rest of his estate to his said Brother Joseph his children This beinge declared by him to be his will in the presence of of us John Medhurst Joseph Dartnall his mke William Dartnall



Decimo die memsis Junii Anno Domine millesimo quadragesimo septimo Emanavit commissio Willimo Dartnall et Josepho Dartnall filiis duti defuncti habentis bona jura? ….? credita in diversis diocess sine jurisbus Ad administrand bona jura et credita duti defuncti eo quod millum in eodem nominaverit executor De bene et fideliter administrand eadem  Ad saneta dei Evangelia Vigore Commu…is? Jurat / Extor