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Inventory of Alexander Durtnall of Leeds, 1666


Centre for Kentish Studies, Ref: PRC/11/26/52



An Inventory of all and Singular the

Goods, Cattles, Chattles and Debts of

Alexander Durtnall late whilest hee lived of

the parish of Leeds within the County of

Kent and Archdeaconry of Canterbury deceased

not administred by Rose Durtnall his widdow

relict and Administratrix xxxxxxxxxxxx

xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx taken and apprised by

Gregory Odiarne gent and William Dan the

29th of January 1666 as followeth (vizt)



In the chamber over the kitchen



Two Bedsteddles, two flockebeddes, two

flocke=bolsters, two blanketts, two Shread

Coverlets, one truckle bedsteddle, three old

Chests, one trunke, one little brine tubb, one

Salt Stock, three paire of Sheets, one table=cloth,

Six Course napkins: three old towells






In a little Chamber beside the




One old Bedsteddle, one old blankett

and a cotton bo?




In the chamber over the Hall



One old Chest, one old box, and an old

Pillow, a paire of Scales with a woodden beame,

and a stone weight of twenty eight pound



Iijs iiijd

In the Hall



One table and forme, two old Cupboards, and

An old dresser table



xiijs iiijd

More there foure old sacks and a towell



In the Milkehouse



One Churne, five little milke bowles and

two milk=truggs, three earthen Crocks, two

Stalders, three beere=virkins, one old frying

pann, three Sheaules* and a little paire

of old butter Scales




ujs uiijd

In the Kitchen



One table, one forme, one Cupboard, one bread

trough, three old Chaires, two ioynd stooles,

one old linnen wheele, fiue old tubbs

and Coolers, and an old settle, two iron

potts and an Iron bottle, a brasse Cauldron,

Six peices of old pewter, fiue dishes and

Spoones, an Iron trevett, two Cobirons, one

Spitt, a paire of pothangers a frie








In the Stable



Two mares and a sicke Colt



Old harnesse and a Cutter, and a redd





An old Cowe



One wagon, a Cart uppon old Chubb

wheeles, an harrow, and a paire of an

harrowes, one plowe and plow=irons, a

dung rake, a shovell and forke




iiijl ujs uiijd

Things unseene and forgott


iis ujd

Sume totall

xxiiijli ijs ujd


the marke of

Alexander Durtnall Administrator


Ex tum ..? tricesimo primo die menss.

Januarij Anno dm x? ta ..? 1666

Alexandrum filium xr? et Ad? xr? per vers at

pleno SuEiu xr sub preto ?ar tamen de addend

xr qis si xr