Edward Derknoll of London, 1602


In the name of God Amen The twentieth daie of October Anno Dm One thousand Six hundred and two, and in the fower and fortieth yere of the reigne of our soveraigne Ladie Elizabeth by the grace of god Queene of England ffraunce and Irelande Defender of the fayeth, I: Edward Derknoll Citizen and Butcher of London sick in bodye, but of perfect minde and memorie (praise be given to god for the same) doe make and declare my last will and Testament, in manner and forme following, (that is to saie) ffirst and principally I commende my soule into the hands of almightie god my creator, assuredly trustinge to be saved by the death and pretious bloud-sheeding of my Lorde and saviour Jesus Christe my Redeemer, and to have free remission of all my sinnes, and to inherite everlasting life in the Kingdom of Heaven


Item I will my bodie to be buried in the parish Church of Sainte Marten Orgar in London, Whereof I am a parishioner, Item I bequeath to the poore of the same parish forty shillinges, Item I bequeath to the children of the Hospitall in London twentie shillinges eight pence And I will that for manie of them as shall come to my ffunerall shall have a peny-loaf a peece; Item I bequeath to the oute poore three poundes in money to be distributed amongst them by two pence a peece; Item I give unto Edward Ansloe sonne of John Ansloe tenn poundes; Item I give unto John Ansloe sonne of the saide John Ansloe five poundes; Item I give unto Edward Derknoll sonne of xpofer Derknoll withe the tenn poundes of the saide Edwardes which I have in my hands Twentie poundes; Item I give unto Nicholas Derknoll sonne of my brother Willm Derknoll with the tenn poundes of his the saide Nicholas which I have in my handes twenty poundes; Item I give and bequeath unto the sayed Edward Derknoll sonne of the sayed xpofer Derknoll the Lease of the land called Way-hurst in the Countie of Sussex, togeather withall my estate right title interest terme of yeres to come claime and demande whatsoever of and in the saide lease and lande. Provided allwayes that if the saide Edward Derknoll shall nott retorne safe into England That then and from thenceforth the saide guifte and bequeast to the sayed Edward Derknoll of the saide lease and lande to be utterly voyde and of none effect; Item I bequeath to my mayd ffraunces a gowne; Item I give to my man Robert a hoes, doublet and cloake; Item I give unto the saide Nicholas Derknoll a cloake and a ierkin; Item I give unto Alice Broman a gowne; Item I give unto the Livery of the companie of Butchers of London (if they goe to Churche with my bodie on the daie of my buriall) ffortie shillinges; Item I give unto my brother Polinge and his wief to each of them a Seale ringe. The residue of all my singular my goodes chattells leases credits and debts by me hereby nott bequeathed (my debts paied my ffuneralls discharged, and this my present Testament in all thinges truely performed) I give and bequeath in manner and forme following (that is to saie) thone half thereof I doe give and bequeath unto my loving wief Dorothie in full satisfaction of all such goodes parte and porcon, as she maie claime of my goodes and estate after my death by the custome of the Cittie of London or otherwise; But if she doe refuse to accepte of the same: then this guifte to my saide wief to be voide, And thother half or moyetie of my saide goodes chattells creditts and debts I give and bequeath unto my loving kinsman Jasper Derknoll, And I make and constitute my saide wief and the saide Jasper Derknoll Executors of this my last will and Testament.


In witness whereof I have hereto putt my Seale the daye and yeres abovesaide. Read sealed and delivered as the last will and Testament of the saide Edward Derknoll in the pnce of me Peter Wilkinson me John Anslowe and John Symons servaunt to John Ryder Notary.