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Durtnall Monumental Inscriptions in Kent




In loving memory of Charles Durtnall who died July 29th 1903 aged 84 years. And Sarah Mary wife of the above who died January 8th 1899 in the 74th year of her age. Also Cordelia their second daughter who died April 1st 1900.


In loving remembrance of Matilda, widow of John Dutnall, who died January 9th 1887 aged 72 years. But thanks be to God which giveth us the ??ory through Our Lord Jesus Christ.


In loving remembrance of John Dutnall who died August 18th 1876 aged 71 years, leaving six sons and four daughters Frederick, Robert, James, Henry, Edward, John, Jane, Caroline, Kate, Harriott.


In memory of Jemima widow of Robert Dutnall of Oad Street in this parish who died 10th May 1879 aged 82 years. Blessed are the Dead which die in the Lord.


In loving memory of Catherine Dutnall, wife of Charles G. T. Dutnall who died June 13th 1893 aged 32 years.


Brasted (extraction incomplete)


Mercy Foote, wife of John, died 4 October 1873 aged 76. Eldest daughter of Richard and Mary Durtnell, baptised 25 December 1796.


Richard Durtnell, died 1845


Mary Durtnell, died 1826




William Dartnall of this parish, died 16 July 1820 aged 53? Also Elizabeth wife of the above, died 26 March 1826 aged 62.


Ann Dartnall, died 9 May 1882 aged 72. Also Henry, husband of the above, died 2 Nov 1888 aged 80.


William Dartnall, died 14 January 1929, aged 87.




Sacred to the memory of William Dutnall of this parish, who departed this life 15 Jun 1864 aged 84 years. Also of Elizabeth, wife of the above, who died 25 December 1858 aged 66 years. They left surviving three sons and one daughter viz. William, John, James and Elizabeth.


In loving remembrance of William Dutnall, who died Decr. 17th 1873 aged 51 years. In the Midst of Life we are in Death.


East Peckham


Ann, wife of Richard Dartnall, died 5 July 1805, aged 25 (buried 28 July 1805)


Jacob Dartnall, died 1 January 1823 aged 80 (buried 9 January). Elizabeth, wife of the above Jacob Dartnall, died 27 October 1832 aged 83 (buried 2 November 1832 aged 82). Left issue 2 sons and 4 daughters, Richard, Jacob, Elizabeth, Lucy, Sarah and Ann.


Caroline, wife of John Richardson and daughter of Jacob and Mary Dartnall, died 28 February 1840 aged 19 (buried 5 March).


Jacob Dartnall, late of Under River, Seal, died 2 April 1840 aged 47 (buried 7 April). Mary, wife of the above, died 22 July 1835, aged 44 (buried 25 July).




Joseph Durtnall Charlton, died 13 June 1871 aged 71


Joseph Durtnall Charlton, died 2 October 1881 aged 33




.? Mary, wife of Thomas Dutnall of (this?) parish who died May ? the? 1755 ..?


Great Chart


Sacred to the memory of Charlotte Durtnal (of this parish) who died December 23rd 1865 aged 78 years.


Sacred to the memory of John D(urtnal?) late of this (parish?) who died the ?? July ? the ? aged ??


Sacred to the memory of (St)ephen Durtnal of this parish (l)ate of Willesboroug(h) who died 22nd July 18?? Aged 51 years. He left issue surviving by K(itty?) his wife five sons and t(wo) daughters (viz) John, Charl(es), Stephen, James, Willia(m), Elizabeth and Henr(ietta). Also Kitty (wife of the above) who died October 25th 187? Aged 81 years.


??? Stephen Durtnal ??? Also Elizabeth wife of the above named Stephen Durtnal who died June 9th 18?1 aged 92 years.




???tnall, died 19 July 17?9, aged 46 or 16


??? ??? (evident on stone is ????n of Judith and surname ending in tnall of this parish, aged 47) (Parish register records a Judith Dartnall buried 22 April 1760).




Mr John Dutnall of this parish, died 9 March 1839, aged 86 (buried 17 March). Jane, wife of Mr John Dutnall, died 30 March 1833 aged 76 (buried 11 April, aged 78). Also Eleanor, wife of John Webb and daughter of the above, died 3 June 1828 aged 39. Left issue John, Edward, William, Frederick, George, Mary, Caroline, Elizabeth (all Webb).


Edward Dutnall, died 20 Apr 1767 aged 59 (buried 25 April). Left issue 1 son John.


Elizabeth, wife of Edward Dutnall of this parish, died 21 January 1757 aged 35 (buried 23 January 1757). Left issue 1 son John.




Edmond Dartnall, son of John & Elizabeth, died 21 December 1820, aged 19 (buried 29 December 1820, of Wateringbury)


Thomas Dartnall, died 19 July 1799, aged 55


Elizabeth his wife, died 10 July 1811, aged 77


John Dartnall, died 4 January 1828, aged 57 (buried 15 January 1828, of Wateringbury). Also Elizabeth his wife, died 22 September 1848, aged 75. Leaving issue 2 daughters Sarah and Eliza. Also Harriett, daughter of the above, died 14 March 1826, aged 31 (buried 20 March 1826, Harriot Dartnall from Hunton).


Oxted (Surrey)


Mary, wife of Richard Dartnall, died 17 August 1841 aged 72.




John Dutnall Senior, late of this parish, died 7 May 1752, aged 84 (buried 12 May 1752). Elizabeth wife of John Dutnall, late of this parish, died 25 December 1724, aged 58. Left issue 2 sons and 2 daughters, viz. John, Edward, Julyan and Francis (sic)


John Dutnall, late of this parish, died 30 August 1757, aged 57 (buried 5 September 1757). Ann, his wife, died 30 June 1754, aged 28.




Inside Church:


Elizabeth Dartnell, died 6 Feb 1872 aged 83


West Malling


John Dartnall, died 5 January 1867, aged 43. Harriet his wife, died 3 June 1898 aged 73. Also Rose Mary, their daughter, died 13 December 1878, aged 20.


Mr Charles Dartnall, Carpenter, of this parish, died ?? May 1840, aged ?? years. Also of I..A? his wife, died ?? January 1840 aged ?? years.


(Parish Register Charles buried 30 May 1840 aged 61; Fanny buried 16 January 1840 aged 64)


Thomas Dartnall, died 8 ??? 1832 aged 66. Mrs Ann his wife, died 23 December 1840 aged 81




James Durtnall, died 17 January 1815, aged 67. Left issue surviving by Lydia his wife 3 sons and 2 daughters: James, William, John, Lydia and Elizabeth.


Lydia his wife, died 31 July 1881 (should be 1831), aged 83




Joseph Frank Dutnall, died 11 September 1876, aged ? years




Durtnall Monumental Inscriptions in Surrey




In Memory of


Mr Richard Dartnell


Stationer of St Martins Court, Leicester Fields


who died 12th January 1773


in the 45th year of his life




Miss Polly Catherine


daughter of the above


who died 3rd August 1775


aged 2 years and 2 months






his daughter


who died 22nd October 1790


aged (22 or 27) years (or 23?)




Mrs Elizabeth Dartnell


wife of the above


who departed this life December 11th 1790 (or 1798 see burials)


aged 63 years


Mr Richard Dartnell


son of the above


Richard & Elizabeth Dartnell


who departed this life


26th December (1825 or 1827)


aged 65 years




Croydon, St John


Jane Dartnell, died September 5th 1862, aged 57


John her husband, died November 23rd 1861, aged 63 (Member of the well known firm of Close & Dartnell, plumbers, painters & glaziers of North End)


Thomas Dartnell, died 15th November 1879, aged 75




Jane Dartnell, died (?) 1880, aged 73 years. Also of Jacob Dartnell, husband of (?), 2nd son of Richard Dartnell (remainder eroded)


Frederick Dartnell, died July 11th 1877, aged 32 years. Also his wife Elizabeth V. Dartnell, died February 2nd 1933, aged 92 years



Durtnall Monumental Inscriptions in Sussex




In memory of John Durtnall who died 1794. Also Mary his wife who died 1795. Also William their son who died March 28th 1839, aged 69 years. And Elizabeth his wife, who died May 31st 1809, aged 39 years. And Thomas their son, who died April 13th 1826, aged 30 years.