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1702     Edward Darknoll


7 May 1702 Edward Darknoll of Westerham, Yeoman




Cozen Mary Smith of Westerham, widow


Witnesses: George Solater, vicar, Jo: Rivers


Proved: to Maria Smith



1757     John Dutnall    Kent     Nov      326       PROB11/833


21 Apr 1757 John Dutnall of Roughway in Wrotham, Miller




My two only children Eleanor Dutnall and Julianna Dutnall


Executors: Eleanor and Julianna Dutnall


Witnesses: Fra. Moyse, Thos Watts


Proved: 28 Nov 1757 by Eleanor Hooker, formerly Dutnall, wife of Thomas Hooker & Julianna Dutnall, spinster



1761     William Dartnell          Pts(Service)     Mar      89         PROB11/863


William Dartnell belonging to HMS Chesterfield, Julian Legge Esq. Commander




Father Edward Dartnell of Youghal, Co. Cork


Executor: Father Edward Dartnell


Witnesses: Julian Legge, C. Purry


Administration: 21 Mar 1761, William Dartnell, belonging to HMS Chesterfield but Captain’s Clerk on board HMS Trident in HM Navy,

batchelor, deceased, to George ffarmer attorney of Edward Dartnell, father of William Dartnell.



1764     Abraham Dirtnal(l)       Mdx     Mar      88         PROB11/896


1 Jan 1764 Abraham Dirtnal otherwise Dirtnell of St George, Hanover Square, Middx.




Sarah Dalton, servant with Mr Carter in Grosvenor St.

Philip Woodason, father in law to his wife Mary

John Gosse, brother in law

All his nephews and nieces

Brothers William and George and sister Hannah Green


Executors: Brothers William and George and sister Hannah Green


Witnesses: Elizabeth Perry, Richd. Harrison, John Benson


Proved: 1 Mar 1764 by William Dirtnell, George Dirtnell and Hannah, wife of Thomas Green, executors.


1773     Richard Dartnall          Mdx     Jan      9          PROB11/984


28 Dec 1772 Richard Dartnall of St Martin in the Fields, Middx., stationer




Daughter Elizabeth Sibley otherwise Dartnall

Wife Elizabeth

Friends Joseph Sutton of New Street, Covent Garden, silversmith; Joseph Whitaker of Castle Street, Leicester Fields, carpenter and John Brooks of St Paul, Covent Garden, glazier


Executors: Friends Joseph Sutton of New Street, Covent Garden, silversmith; Joseph Whitaker of Castle Street, Leicester Fields, carpenter and John Brooks of St Paul, Covent Garden, glazier


Witnesses: Josiah Dewell, John Maddacks


Codicil: Revoke appointment of Joseph Whitaker and appoint brother in law Edward Sibley as executor.


Witnesses: Elizth Owen, Josiah Dewell


Proved: 4 Jan 1773 by executors.



1775     Richard Dutnall            Kent     Feb      47         PROB11/1005


24 Nov 1774 Richard Dutnall of Shipbourne, Kent, Yeoman




Son Jacob Dutnall

Now wife Elizabeth

Three children Mary Dutnall, Ann Dutnall and Thomas Dutnall (by Elizabeth), all under 21

Two sons John & Henry Dutnall


Executors: Sons John & Henry Dutnall


Witnesses: George Pallenden, William Rolfe, Tho: Scoones


Proved: 10 Feb 1775 by John & Henry Dutnall



1787     Thomas Dartnall          Kent     Mar      117       PROB11/1151


Thomas Dartnall of Bechuall or Becknall? in Kent, Grocer and Naper?




Wife Jane

Brother Richard and his children


Executor: Wife Jane


Witnesses: Saml Howlett, Thos Poole


Proved: 31 Mar 1787 to wife Jane



1801     Sarah Dartnell             Kent     Mar      169       PROB11/1355


Sarah Dartnell of Westerham, Kent, widow




Sister Jane Creasy

Nephew Thomas Creasy

Friend Edward Hallett of Westerham, sadler

Granddaughter Mary Dartnell, daughter of her son John Thomas Dartnell

Son John Thomas Dartnell


Executor: Son John Thomas Dartnell


Witnesses: Jas Marchant, Wm Dunce


Proved: 13 Mar 1801 to John Thomas Dartnell



1802     Michael Dartnall          Surrey  Jan      19         PROB11/1368


27 May 1794 Michael Dartnell of Tooley Street, parish of St John, Southwark, Chinaman




Wife Hannah, his lands, tenements etc in High Street, Lambeth (parish of St Mary) in the occupation of  ? Bridge and others


Executor: Wife Hannah


Witnesses: Ann Speck, H.S. Speck, Richd Downing


Proved: 4 Jan 1802 to wife Hannah



1810     Daniel Durtnall                        Mdx     Aug      416


14 Mar 1801 Daniel Durtnall of Oxford Street in the parish of St Marylebone, Goldsmith & Jeweller




Wife Margaret

Children Margaret, Elizabeth, Ann and Daniel


He owned a shop with stock worth £2000 and a lease worth £300-400.


Witnesses: James Tidbury, B. Blogg


Proved: 22 Sep 1810 to Margaret and Elizabeth, daughters and surviving executors.



1813     Elizabeth Durtnall        Mdx     May      240


Elizabeth Durtnall of 19 Suffolk Place in Middx.


Difficult to read, mentions Daniel Durtnall, possibly her brother.



1816     Ann Durtnall    Kent     Mar      133


Ann Durtnall of Kings Town, Maidstone, spinster




Nephew Robert Bottle of Hollingbourne, paper maker

Nephew Thomas Bottle of Hollingbourne

Neice Mary Touner?, wife of Thomas of Hollingbourne, blacksmith

Neice Ann Bottle of Hollingbourne, spinster

Neice Sarah Logans, wife of James of Hollingbourne, paper maker

Neice Jane Bottle of Hollingbourne, spinster

Elizabeth, daughter of Elizabeth Bottle

Nephew John Bottle of Hollingbourne, paper maker


Executor: John Bottle


Witnesses: Elizth Scotton, of Maidstone and William Peckham, schoolmaster, of Harrietsham


Proved: 23 Mar 1816



1816     Bryant Dartnall                        Kent     Dec      613       PROB11/1587


7 Oct 1809 Bryant Dartnall of Snodland, Yeoman




Son Richard £5

Son John 1 shilling

Sons Bryant & Henry? £50

Daughters ERlizabeth & Eleanor £100

Daughter ffanny

Son James – £1000, land, stock and cottage and garden at (Lower?) Halling in the occupation of the widow Snaford?

Daughter Charlotte

Wife Eleanor


Executor: Son James


Witnesses: Jas Selby, Thos Selby Junr,   ….? N. Norton


Proved: 31 Dec 1816 to son James



1822     Ann Dartnall    Gloucester       Jan      11         PROB11/1652


4 Apr 1821 Ann Dartnall, late of Peckham in Surrey but now of West End House in the parish of Wickwar in the Co. of Gloucester, widow




Her brothers William Summers and Samuel Summers, guardians of her children

Six children Henry, Samuel, William, Charles, Alfred and Edmund, all under 21


Executors: Brothers William Summers and Samuel Summers


Witnesses: Louisa Summers, West End House, Ann Barfield and Jno. Barfield of Thatcham, Berks


Proved 7 Jan 1822 to William and Samuel Summers



1822     William Dartnall          Kent     Jan      11         PROB11/1652


7 Aug 1815 William Dartnall of Lamberhurst, ffarmer




Thomas Ivy or Joy? of …..? in Kent, ffarmer and John Denham? of the same place, blacksmith, land etc. known as Abbotts Croft

otherwise Sixpenny Croft in Lamberhurst, now in the occupation of Stephen Goad?, Thomas Playfoot, …..? Wibley and John Mercer, in trust for:


Wife Ann

Children begotten or to be begotten


Executors: Thomas Ivy or Joy? of …..? in Kent, ffarmer and John Denham? of the same place, blacksmith


Witnesses: Thos Kincaid, Atty., Geo …..?, Henry …..? of Lamberhurst


Proved: 9 Jan 1822 to Thomas Joy



1823     Hannah Dartnall          Surrey  Jan      13         PROB11/1665


29 Mar 1810 Hannah Dartnall, widow, late of Tooley Street, Southwark, but now of Stone Street, Maidstone, Kent




Cousin Mr Joseph Beardmore of Milk Street, London

Mr Brittain of Tooley Street, Southwark, carpenter – house at Stoke Newington

:ock? Hatton – two houses in High Street, Lambeth


Witness: Richard Frazer


8 Mar 1817 Codicil:


To be buried at St John Southwark



Mrs Weeks of St John’s School, Southwark – property at Maidstone

Mrs Gregory – my Bible and looking glass

Charlotte, wife of James Pine of Maidstone

Nephew, my sister’s eldest son


Witnesses: Samuel Austen, Thomas Towner


Proved: 10 Jan 1823 to Mary Weeks of Claremont Place, Rotherhithe, widow, following sworn statement 8th January.



1823     Jacob Dartnall             Kent     Jun      350       PROB11/1671


3 Sep 1821 Jacob Dartnall of Beltring? Green, East Peckham, Yeoman




Son Jacob – messuage in East Peckham now in the occupation of Richard Pratt; messuage in East Peckham now in the occupation of John Pellen? And William …tson?


Wife Elizabeth


Son-in-law John Pellen and Lucy his wife – messuage in East Peckham, Yalden and Nettlested, now in my own occupation


Daughter Elizabeth, wife of Henry Cheeseman, and her son Henry Cheeseman and her daughter Elizabeth Cheeseman


Daughter Sarah, wife of James Rhodes


Daughter Ann, wife of Thomas Rhodes


Son Richard


Executors: Jacob and Richard Dartnall


Witnesses: John Mood, East Peckham, bricklayer, James Chilton of the same place, basket maker and Stephen Swathlam of Cranbrook


Proved: 5 Jun 1823 to Jacob Dartnall



1824     Stephen Dartnall         Kent     Jan      16         PROB11/1680


24 Feb 1823 Stephen Dartnall of Thurnham, Gentleman




Wife Anna

Son Stephen

Son James

James Sweetlove and Anna his wife (Stephen’s daughter)

John Green and Sarah his wife (Stephen’s daughter)

His grandchildren


Executors: John Springett the younger of Linton, Grocer & John Rayner of Loose, Schoolmaster (& Trustees)


Witnesses: Elianer Coleman, Mr Thomas Vass, Mr Stepn Lamprey, Sol Maidstone


Proved: 7 Jan 1824 to John Springett the younger and John Rayner



1824     Philip Darknell             Surrey  Sep      509       PROB11/1690


Philip Darknell of No. 3 Brandon’s Row, Newington, Surrey, Cooper (near Newington turnpike). Poor, but expecting one half of the

proceeds of a brig traveller, solo to Rebeira Asea Eastia for 9500 dollars @ 5/- p dollar.




Sister Mary Dowding

Sarah Baker of Brandon’s Row, Newington, Surrey, sister to Thomas Baker of Norwood, Surry, butcher

Mr Thomas Carpmael Denor? Of Crown Row, Newington

Eliza Baker, nat. child of Sarah Baker

Ann Baker, another nat. child of Sarah Baker (not yet christened)


Obligation to Mr John Hunt, formerly of Southampton Street, Strand, owner of the other half of the brig traveller.


Executor: Mr Thomas Carpmael Denor? Of Crown Row, Newington


Witness: John Smith


John Parkes of Brandon Street, Lockes Field, Surry, print colourman, appeared 16 Sep 1820.


Proved: 20 Sep 1824 to Sarah Baker, spinster, power reserved to Thomas Carpmeal the elder.



1827     Augustus Adolphus Darknell                Wilts    Feb      77         PROB11/1721


Augustus Adolphus Darknell of Mere in Wiltshire, Auctioneer


Property owned:


House where I now reside and adjoining house in the occupation of Mr John Dismon? And an unoccupied cottage


House in Church Street occupied by Thomas Sightfield for the life of Joseph Maidment of Mere, Yeoman




Brother Harry Darknell of the City of London, pastry cook


Two sisters Mary Grant, widow of Charles Grant, late of the parish of Buttleigh in Somerset, baker (formerly servant to Lord Glastonbury);

and Hannah Coleman, wife of Harry Coleman of Mere, butcher and publican


Cousin Benjamin Darknell who now resides with me.


Rachel Darknell, widow of Samuel Darknell


Jane Marshall, wife of John Marshall of Castle Cary, cordwainer


Executrix: Mary Grant


Witnesses: Fras Seymour Junr, Chas Baker Junr, James Dismore, all of Mere


Proved: 17 Feb 1827 to Mary Grant, widow, sister and sole executrix.



1828     Richard Dartnall          Mdx     Jan      14         PROB11/1735


9 Jul 1827 Richard Dartnall




Nephew Henry? Dartnall – freehold of ground, houses, stabling and buildings at Hammersmith

Nephew William Dartnall and sister Elizabeth Whitney – houses and stables in Southampton Row

Nephews Samuel, Charles, Alfred and Edmund Dartnall – Middlesex Water Company shares

Sarah Hudson? – house in Hampstead Road

John, Richard and George Wilson – three houses in St Martins and Cecil Courts

Nephew Frederick Thynne

Neices Mary Ann, Arabella and Ellen Thynne

George Wilson of St Martins Court, stationer

William Summers of ……? Street, ironmonger?


Executors: George Wilson & William Summers


Witnesses: George Smith of ….? Street Kensington, Edward Allen of High Street Kensington, Alexander Anderson of Kensington


Codicil: Request to be buried at Clapham in father’s grave


Codicil: Concerning property in High Row, Kensington adjoining the West Middlesex Waterworks Reservoir


Proved: 10 Jan 1828 to George Wilson & William Summers



1832     Thomas Dartnall          Kent     Sep      568       PROB11/1805


23 Mar 1831 Thomas Dartnall of West Malling, Carpenter




Wife Ann – five cottages, nos. 1,2,3,4 & 5 at West Malling now in the occupation of John Mulcock, Thomas Knight, Henry Reeves, George Moore and William Kelly


My brother Charles and his wife ffanny and my sister Avis – six cottages in West Malling, Nos. 6,7,8,9,10 and 11, now in the occupation of John Huggett?,

William Humphreys, the Widow Blake, Cornelius Ball, Thomas Ingram, …..? Blackford and …..? Jubb


Elizabeth, widow of my late brother John Dartnall and her two daughters Sarah Dartnall and Eliza Dartnall – four cottages, Nos. 12, 13, 14 and 15,

now in the occupation of William Alchin, Thomas Gower, …..? Hazemore and John Wraight


Susannah Young, neice of my wife Ann and her four children Maria Young, John Young, Henry Young and George Young


Neice Harriet Mitchell


Sister Jane Wickham and nephew & neice William and Mary Wickham


Brother Charles – East Lodge, carpenter’s yard at West Malling and workshop


Neice Charlotte Wilcocks?


John Bishop of West Malling, blacksmith


Executor: Nephew Edward Goodwin of Cannon? (see also will of Charles Dartnall, 1840) in Wateringbury, Yeoman


Witnesses: Charles Ellis of Maidstone, ironmonger & Wm Humphreys of West Malling


Proved: 17 Sep 1832 to Edward Goodwin



1834     Elizabeth Dartnall        Kent     Nov      622       PROB11/1838


1 Mar 1825 Elizabeth Dartnall late of Hawkhurst in Kent, now of Linton, widow


Refers to an earlier indenture between Thomas Lawrence of East Peckham, weaver and George Martin of East Peckham, yeoman, of the first part and

Henry Dartnall late of East Peckham but then of Hawkhurst, yeoman and his wife Elizabeth of the second part and Charles Willis of Cranbrook, Gentleman

& Richard ffoster of Goudhurst, ffarmer, under the seals of Thomas, Richard and James Miller.




Son in law Charles Alchin of Linton

Daughter Tryphena, wife of Charles Alchin


Witnesses: Samuel Thorndycraft and John Thorndycraft of Linton


Proved: 23 Nov 1834 to Tryphena Alchin, wife of Charles Alchin, daughter and residuary legatee.



1836     Charles Dartnall           Pts       Sep      544       PROB11/1866


Charles Dartnall of Barnet in in Herts, Gentleman




If no widow or issue living, then:


Uncle William Summers of New Bond Street, ffurnishing ironmonger and to uncle Samuel Summers as a token of my gratitude for their kindness during my infancy and orphanage


Brothers Henry, Samuel, William, Alfred and Edmund Dartnall


Executors and Trustees: Brother William Dartnall and uncle Samuel Summers of the City of Bristol, Dissenting Minister


Witnesses: William H Summers, No. 10 Golden Square, Solr; George Howell, Clerk to Mr W H Summers and William Hennell, Shenard Street, Bootmaker


Proved: 24 Sep 1836 to William Dartnall and Revd. Samuel Summers



1839     John Dutnall    Kent     Apr       217       PROB11/1909


2 Jan 1834 John Dutnall of Ightham


Daughter Ann Crosby of Dartford and her seven children

Daughter Mary

Daughter Elizabeth and her seven children

Daughter Elinor  and her eight children

Son Edward

Son John


Executors: Ann Crosby, William Harkett? of Ightham, wheelwright and James Crosby of Dartford, millwright


Witnesses: Wm Moorland, Thos Gasson


Proved: 1839. Granddaughter Mary Ann Harkett dead, her brother William John Harkett.



1840     Jacob Dartnall             Kent     Apr       241       PROB11/1925


7 Dec 1839 Jacob Dartnall of Underriver in Seal, ffarmer




Wife Mary Susannah

Son-in-law John Richardson of Seal, innkeeper

Daughter Dulcibella Mary, wife of Stephen Henry Green of Sevenoaks, innkeeper

Youngest daughter Mary Dartnall (under 21)

William Hollands and William Shoebridge, two of my labourers

Nephew Henry Cheeseman

Brother-in-law Thomas ffeatherstone

Daughter Caroline, wife of John Richardson


Property includes freehold forge and premises at Pembury recently purchased of Edward Godden


Executors: Thomas ffeatherstone the elder of Brenchley, farmer; William Dartnall of Oxted, Surrey, draper and William Tompsett of East Peckham, appraiser


Witnesses: George Richards, surgeon, of Seal & John Carnell, solicitor of Tonbridge


Codicil: revokes legacy to William Hollands


Witnesses: John Carnell of Tonbridge & Arthur Featherstone


Proved: 25 Apr 1840 to the executors.



1840     Charles Dartnall           Kent     Jun      411       PROB11/1929


15 Mar 1840 Charles Dartnall of West Malling, Carpenter




Friend …..? Goodwin, widow of Edward Goodwin late of Cannon Heath in Wateringbury (see also will of Thomas Dartnall, 1832)


Servant Leah? Brooks, wife of William Brooks of West Malling, …..? maker


Nephew William Wickham of West Malling, carpenter


Neices Sarah and Eliza Dartnall, spinsters, daughters of my late deceased brother John Dartnall


Executors: Friends William Humphreys of West Malling, Gentleman and William Barton of ffatherwell in Ryarsh, bailiff to Mr Toves of ffatherwell.


Witnesses: Silas Norton, Solr of West Malling and George Moore, carpenter of West Malling


Codicil: late wife mentioned and reduced legacy to …..? Goodwin.


Witnesses: Thos George Pym; J Longstaff; clerks to Messrs Selby, Norton and Selby, solicitors, Town Malling


Proved: 23 Jun 1840 to both executors



1841     Ann Dartnall    Kent     Jan      21         PROB11/1939


Mrs Ann Dartnall, widow, of Town Malling




Brother George Bishop of East Peckham

George Bishop, son of the above

Henry Bishop, Jane Groves and Elizabeth Groaves in East Peckham

John Bishop and Mary Bishop, son and daughter of the late Thos. Bishop

Mrs Ann …ebs? of Hadlow

Richard Morfett, Hariot Grinsted, Jane Baker and Mrs Young, widow, of Town Malling

Mrs George Bishop, wife of Little George Bishop

Mrs John Morfett


Executor: Richd Morfett


Witnesses: John Skinner; Solomon Brigden


Proved: 15 Jan 1841 to Richard Morfett



1841     Richard Dartnall          Ssx      Nov      736       PROB11/1953


17 Jan 1840 Richard Dartnall of East Grinstead, Sussex, Innkeeper




Wife Sophia Maria


Executrix: Wife Sophia Maria


Witnesses: William Pearless, Solr, East Grinstead; Richard Unins?, Lingfield


Proved: 5 Nov 1841 to Sophia Maria Dartnall



1843     Daniel Alban Durtnall Esq        Warks  Dec      840       PROB11/1989


2 Dec 1824 Daniel Alban Durtnall of Lincolns Inn, Middlesex




Wife Charlotte


Executrix: Wife Charlotte


Witnesses: Thomas Clarkson; J. Waterhouse Haye of Middle Temple


Proved: 20 Dec 1843 to Charlotte Durtnall



1845     Richard Durtnell          Kent     Jun      471       PROB11/2019


Richard Durtnell the elder of Brasted, Carpenter




Son Richard

John Coomber of Brasted, farmer

Daughter Mercy, wife of John ffoot the younger of Brasted, farmer

Daughter Sarah, now the wife of John Ball of Camberwell, Surrey, brewer’s clerk


Executors: Richard Durtnell and John Coomber


Witnesses: G T Austen of Sevenoaks, Atty.; W D Knowles; S J Hills, his clerks


Proved: 25 Jun 1845 to Richard Durtnell and John Coomber



1853     Richard Dartnall          Surrey              Mar      180       PROB11/2168


Richard Dartnall of Oxted, Surrey, Gentleman




Granddaughter Mary Ann Dartnall

Grandson Richard Dartnall

Granddaughter Martha Dartnall

Son Richard Dartnall

Son-in-law William Dartnall

Daughter Mary Ann, wife of Joseph Mighell

Daughter Elizabeth, wife of Richard Gladwin

Daughter Louisa, wife of Robert ..oring?

Son Jacob

Daughter Eliza Dartnall, wife of William Dartnall (four daughters)


Executors: Joseph Mighell of Oxted Court, farmer; William Dartnall of Oxted, shopkeeper; John Dartnall of Shere, farmer


Witnesses: Wm Drummond and Edwd Wells Eyles of Croydon, Surrey, Gentlemen


Proved: 28 Mar 1853 to Joseph Mighell and William Dartnall, the nephew and son-in-law, two of the executors. Power reserved to John Dartnall, son.



1855     John    Dutnall             Kent     Aug      685



1856     James Durtnall                        Devon              Apr       281       PROB11/2230


5 Oct 1848 James Durtnall of East Cowes in the Isle of Wight




Wife Amelia – all my household goods, plate, linen, china, books, furniture and other things of which I may be possessed at the time of my decease.


Executrix: Wife Amelia


Witnesses: Joshua Gregory, Law Stationer, 59 Lincolns Inn Fields and James Hunt, East Cowes, carpenter


Proved: 17 Apr 1856



1856     Richard Durtnell          Kent     Apr       281       PROB11/2230


Richard Durtnell of Brasted




Wife Ann Elizabeth

Children Ann Elizabeth, Richard and Mary Maria