William Dutnall
Chr 26 May 1771, Doddington, Kent
Burial 7 May 1773, Ospringe, Kent Charlotte Dutnall
Chr 16 Oct 1774, Ospringe, Kent
Death 8 May 1852, Charlton-by-Dover, Kent
Spouse Peter Popkiss
Death 1851
Marr 24 Mar 1819, St Bride, Fleet Street, by Lic. John Dutnall*
Chr 13 Apr 1777, Ospringe, Kent
Death 27 Jul 1838, Dover, Kent
Burial 1 Aug 1838, Dover St James, Kent
Birth 1777
Occ Servantman, Licenced Victualler at Plume of Feathers, Limekiln St & Duke of York, Snargate Street

PRO: WO 121/35/50 JOHN DUTNALL alias JOHN DUTNAL of Ospringe near Feversham, Kent, labourer, served as private soldier in Kent Provisional Cavalry Discharged aged 22 after 9 months of service 1799 due to being incurably lame following a kick from a horse. Chelsea Pensioner?

Spouse Hannah Bate(s)
Marr 24 Jul 1797, Ospringe, Kent, by Lic
Children: Elizabeth

Other Spouses Jane Harvey Elizabeth Dutnall
Chr 27 Apr 1800, Ospringe, Kent
Burial 11 Oct 1801, Ospringe, Kent Hannah Dutnall
Chr 19 Jul 1801, Ospringe, Kent
Burial 30 Oct 1801, Ospringe, Kent John Dutnall* (See above)
Spouse Jane Harvey
Birth 1780
Chr 8 Nov 1782, Dover St Mary, Kent
Death 12 Aug 1863, Gillingham, Kent
Burial 16 Aug 1863, Gillingham St Mary
Occ Shopkeeper, Chatham, 1841; Nurse, Charlton by Dover, 1851
Marr 21 May 1805, Dover St Mary, Kent, by Lic.
Children: John
Elizabeth (Betsy)
Jane (1813-)
William (1820-1884)
Thomas (1821-)

Other Spouses Hannah Bate(s) John Dartnall
Chr 13 Dec 1807, Dover St Mary, Kent Charlotte Durtnall
Chr 29 Sep 1809, Dover St Mary, Kent
Spouse John Jones Huntley
Chr 8 May 1808, Dover St Mary, Kent
Occ Gent, Freeman of Dover 1830
Father William Slaughter Huntley
Marr 5 Feb 1832, Elham, Kent, by Lic. Elizabeth (Betsy) Durtnall
Chr 27 Nov 1811, Dover St Mary, Kent
Burial 21 Apr 1880, St Andrew, Buckland, Dover, Kent
Spouse William Fell
Birth 1816
Burial 23 Jul 1872, St Andrew, Buckland, Dover, Kent
Occ Mariner
Marr 11 Feb 1842, Registrar's Office, Dover, Kent
Children: Jane
William James (-1843)
Ann Elizabeth Jane Durtnall
Chr 17 Jan 1838, Dover St James, Kent
Children: John Adams John Adams Durtnall
Burial 2 Jun 1858, St Andrew, Buckland, Dover, Kent
Chr 22 May 1858, St Andrew, Buckland, Dover, Kent William James Fell
Death 1843, Dover RD5
Chr 26 Jun 1842, St Andrew, Buckland, Dover, Kent Ann Elizabeth Fell
Chr 9 Dec 1849, St Andrew, Buckland, Dover, Kent Jane Dutnall
Birth 22 Dec 1813, Dover, Kent

Birth date from Dover C of E School register Hannah Durtnall
Chr 20 Mar 1816, Dover St Mary, Kent
Burial 24 Jun 1854, Dover St James, Kent
Spouse ? Evans
Occ Soldier
Marr Unmarried 1841
Children: Mary Charlotte

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