1 John Dartnall
Burial 16 Jun 1557, Staplehurst, Kent
Occ Yeoman of Great Slaney Farm (aka Burdens or Borden), Lodgeland or Powells Croft, Staplehurst
Father ? Dartnall
Spouse Alys Weste
Occ of Maidstone1
Father ? Weste
Mother ?

In husband John's will, Thomas Coveny is descibd as her father in law.This translates to step-father today, indicating that, before 1557, her father had died and her mother had remarried Thomas Coveny.
Marr 28 Aug 1552, Staplehurst, Kent
Children: John

Other Spouses Julian Colyer or Talyer

1.1 John Dartnall
Chr 22 Dec 1554, Staplehurst, Kent
Burial 20 Feb 1612/3, Marden, Kent
Spouse Alice Lucke
Birth 1561, (About)
Burial 27 Feb 1612/3, Marden, Kent
Marr 24 Sep 1582, Chart Sutton, Kent
Children: Agnes
John (-1643)

1.1.1a Agnes Durtnall*
Chr 7 Feb 1584/5, Marden, Kent
Spouse Richard Mayo
Chr 4 Dec 1586, Marden, Kent
Burial 18 Feb 1615, Marden, Kent?
Marr 29 Oct 1615, Marden, Kent

Other Spouses Edward Lane

1.1.1b Agnes Durtnall* (See above)
Spouse Edward Lane
Marr 13 Oct 1617, Marden, Kent?

Other Spouses Richard Mayo

1.1.2 Jane Durtnall
Chr 10 Nov 1587, Marden, Kent
Spouse Robert Coulter
Marr 27 Nov 1627, Thurnham, Kent

1.1.3 John Dartnall
Chr 1 Apr 1590, Marden, Kent
Death 1643, Sutton Vallance, Kent
Occ Glover
Spouse Mary ?
Burial 10 Apr 1676, Chart Sutton, Kent
Children: Mary
Anne Mary Durtnold
Chr 29 Aug 1619, Marden, Kent
Spouse Thomas Alford
Marr 13 Dec 1642, Marden, Kent Christopher Durtnold*
Chr 23 Dec 1621, Marden, Kent
Burial 17 Jun 1692, Chart Sutton, Kent

East Kent Order Book, Epiphany 1660/1 - ref. Q/SO/E1/f.49 [n.d.]
[from Scope and Content] The like order for Christopher Darknell and John Buckhurst, two of the inhabitants of Sutton Valence, for the decay of a highway in Sutton Valence containing in length 100 rods and in breadth 1 rod, leading from Sutton Valence to Headcorn.
Spouse Elizabeth Ames (wid.)
Marr 6 2 1654/1655, Headcorn (but recorded at Sutton Vallence)

Other Spouses Widdow Hollands Christopher Durtnold* (See above)
Spouse Widdow Hollands
Burial 21 Oct 1681, Chart Sutton, Kent
Marr 4 Dec 1666, Chart Sutton, Kent

Other Spouses Elizabeth Ames (wid.) Elizabeth Durtnold
Chr 14 Nov 1624, Marden, Kent
Burial 11 2 1647/1648, Sutton Vallance, Kent Katherin Durtnold
Chr 4 May 1628, Marden, Kent
Occ of East Peckham
Spouse Thomas Dray
Occ of East Peckham
Marr 24 Dec 1661, Wrotham, Kent Alice Dartnolle
Chr 3 Jan 1633, Sutton Vallance, Kent
Spouse Henry Alphy
Marr 10 Oct 1654, Sutton Vallance, Kent Anne Durtnall
Chr 30 Mar 1635, Sutton Vallance, Kent

1.1.4 Mary Dartnall
Chr 4 Mar 1593, Marden, Kent

1.1.5 Ellen Darknoll
Chr 4 Nov 1595, Marden, Kent
Spouse William Gatford
Chr 1 Feb 1595/6, Marden, Kent
Marr 12 May 1618, St Margaret, Canterbury, by Lic.


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