Durtnall & Variant Parish Register & Bishop's Transcript Entries






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            BT       Bishop's Transcript

            TS        Printed Transcript (Many first names also abbreviated)

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31 Mar 1776    Dartnel, Jenny, d.o. John & Mary (TS, SRS Vol IX)

11 Mar 1781    Dartnell, Charles, s.o. John & Mary (TS, SRS Vol IX)

23 Jun 1782      Dartnel, Thomas, s.o. John & Mary of Shiere (TS, SRS Vol IX)

16 Oct 1786     Darnell, Daniel, s.o. John & Sarah (TS, SRS Vol IX)




5 Jan 1756         John COLEMAN (M), Bach, & Mary DARTNALL (M), Sp, botp, by Banns.

Wit: J.M.; John STURT (TS)


15 Jul 1762       John DARTNER (M), of Mitcham, Bach & Mary COLEMAN (M), otp, Sp, by Licence.

Wit: J.M.; Samuel FRANCIS (TS)


Battersea, St Mary




5 Dec 1736      George GOLDSMITH & Elizabeth DARTNALL, botp, by Banns (OR)


21 Oct 1781    Robert DARTNELL, otp, Bach. & Sarah x KING, otp, Sp.

Wit: Martha HOLMES; Robt MUNDAY Parish Clerk (OR)


11 May 1857   Arthur Allen DURTNALL, Full, Bach., Barrister’s Clerk, Lambeth, James DURTNALL, Ironmonger

                        Maria BROWN, Full, Sp., Battersea, William BROWN, Boot Maker, by Banns

Wit: William BROWN; Kate DURTNALL (OR)


Battersea, St Philip




30 Jul 1871      Durtnall, Annie Maria, d.o. Thomas & Annie Maria Finch, 10 West Street, Battersea Park, Fireman (OR)

16 Nov 1873   Durtnall, William James, s.o. Thomas & Annie Maria Finch, 10 West Street, Battersea Park, Fireman London & Brighton Railway (OR)

21 Nov 1875   Durtnall, Mary Elizabeth, d.o. Thomas & Annie Maria, 10 West St, Engine Maker (OR)





21 Jul 1895      Harry PLAYDEN, 23, Bach., Bill Inspector, 14 Queen’s Road, Henry PLAYDEN, Gardener

                        Bessie DURTNALL, 21, Sp., South Western Hospital, Stockwell, Thomas DURTNALL, Engineer, by Banns

                        Wit: Thomas DURTNALL; Annie PLAYDEN (OR)


Battersea, St Saviour




12 Sep 1909    William CHEVERTON, 49, Bach., Carman, 2 Brougham Street, Robert CHEVERTON, deceased

                        Bessie PLAYDEN, 33, Wid., 9 Kilton Street, Thomas DURTNALL, Engine Driver, by Banns

                        Wit: Thomas DURTNALL; James DURTNALL (OR)


7 Mar 1915      George Henry DUTNALL, 26, Bach., Carpet Planner, 28 Groton Rd., Earlsfield, Frank William DUTNALL, Compositor

                        Elizabeth Mary Ann Winifred FISHER, 24, Sp., 15 Warsill? Street, William Walter FISHER, Fireman, by Banns

                        Wit: William Walter FISHER; William Walter James FISHER (OR)






17 Jan 1642      Robert BENTLEY & Mary DARTNOLL (TS)




21 Oct 1656     Darknall, Mr Thomas (TS)



Bermondsey, Christchurch




7 Oct 1855      Dartnall, Robert Nathaniel, s.o. Robert Nathaniel & Eliza, 10 Ann’s Place, New Church Street, Rope Maker’s Labourer, born 12 Sep 1855 (OR)

1 Aug 1858     Dartnell, Thomas George, s.o. Robert Nathaniel & Eliza, 20 Salisbury Place, Rope Maker, born 21 Mar 1858 (OR)

28 Dec 1884    Dartnell, Arthur Charles, s.o. Thomas Walter & Louisa Ann, 4 Herald Place, Elizth St, Vellum Binder (OR)

20 Feb 1887    Dartnall, Mary Rose, d.o. Walter Thomas & Louisa Ann, 505 Southwark Park Road, Vellum Binder (OR)


Bermondsey, St Crispin




26 Sep 1880    Dartnall, Annie Louisa, d.o. Thomas Walter & Louisa Ann, 17 West Lane, Vellum Binder (OR)

14 Jan 1883     Dartnall, Walter Thomas, s.o. Thomas Walter & Louisa Ann, 17 West Lane, Vellum Binder (OR)

29 Apr 1906    Dartnall, Henry Charles Barnes, s.o. Henry Walter & Mary Helen, 17 Major Rd., Labourer, born 1 Apr 1906 (OR)


Bermondsey, St James




6 Nov 1881     Dartnall, Thomas Charles, s.o. Henry Barnes & Louisa Lymposs, 68 Yalding Road, Vellum Binder (OR)

6 Nov 1881     Dartnall, Louisa Charlotte, d.o. Henry Barnes & Louisa Lymposs, 68 Yalding Road, Vellum Binder (OR)





7 Sep 1841      John KING, Full, Bach., Surveyor, Grange Road, Edward KING, Dead

                        Ellen Cator DUTNALL, Full, Sp., Grange Road, Charles DUTNALL, Dissenting Minister, by Banns

                        Wit: John KING; Elizabeth ROBERTS (OR)


14 Feb 1855    George DURTNALL, Full, Bach., Blacksmith, 10 West Lane, Henry Barnes DURTNALL, Blacksmith

                        Emily Charlotte TAYLOR, Minor, Sp., 10 West Lane, Robert Philip TAYLOR, Dead, by Banns

                        Wit: Robert Francis HAMWELL; William DURTNALL (OR)


3 Dec 1860      William DURTNALL, Full, Bach., Cordwainer, Cherrygarden Street, William DURTNALL, Dead

                        Elizabeth PEGRAM, Full, Sp., Salisbury Street, John PEGRAM, Dead, by Banns

                        Wit: Joseph MARSHALL; William MARSHALL (OR)


21 Apr 1889    Henry William BADLEY, 22, Bach, Porter, 16 Cherry Gdn Street, George BADLEY (deceased), Porter

                        Eliza Elizabeth DARTNELL, 21, Sp., 14 Cherry Gdn Street, Robert Nathaniel DARTNELL, Labourer, by Banns

                        Wit: George BADLEY; Elizabeth HEALEY (OR)


7 Apr 1895      George Henry HAY, 26, Bach., Carman, 7 Tenda Road, John Hay (deceased), Rope Maker

                        Annie Grace DURTNALL, 21, Sp., 7 Tenda Road, William DURTNALL, Cord Wainer, by Banns

                        Wit: John HAY; Elizabeth COOPER (OR)


Bermondsey, St Luke




25 Dec 1852    Robert Nathaniel x DARTNELL, Full, Bach., Labourer, St Paul’s, Robert DARTNELL, Mariner

                        Eliza ROWLAND, Full, Sp., St Paul’s, David ROWLAND, Leather dresser, by Banns

                        Wit: Charles BESSELL?; .....? C.....? (OR)


Bermondsey, St Mary Magdalene




22 Oct 1772    Dartnell, John, s.o. John & Sarah, Long Lane, Exciseman, born Oct 3 (OR)

2 Jan 1774       Dartnell, John Thomas, s.o. John & Sarah, Neckinger, Gent., born 10 Dec 73 (OR)

2 Oct 1789        Dartnell, Alfred, s.o. John & Mary, Gent., Parker Row, Dockhead, born 8 Sep 1789 (OR)




20 Feb 1785     Philip DARTNELL, otp, Bach. & Sarah HUNTER, otp, Sp., by Banns

Wit: Mary BALLS; Henry HUNTER (OR)


25 Dec 1837     Frederic MERRIMAN, full, Bach., Butcher, Bond St., William MERRIMAN, Butcher

                        Sophia DURTNALL, full, Sp., -, Bond St., Henry James DURTNALL, Carpenter

Wit: Richard RUSSELL; Ann RUSSELL (OR)


27 Sep 1840    William x WEST, Full, Bach., Brewer, Russell Street, John WEST, Labourer

                        Martha DURTNALL, Full, Sp., Cherry Garden Street, Henry DURTNALL, Carpenter, by Banns

                        Wit: Fredk. HACKETT; Elizabeth DURTNALL, Jane WEST (OR)


26 Apr 1863    Henry DUTNALL, 38, Bach., Farmer, Bermondsey, Robert DUTNALL, Farmer

                        Julia Ann COOPER, 32, Sp., Bermondsey, Thomas COOPER, Soldier, by Banns

                        Wit: Joanna ALDRIDGE; George ALDRIDGE (OR)




22 Nov 1586    Darknoll, - , w.o. Christopher (OR)

26 May 1587   Darcknall, Christopher (OR)

30 Apr 1854    Dartnell, Ann Elizabeth, New Church St., 5m (OR)


Bermondsey, St Paul




14 Dec 1900    Dartnell, Ethel, d.o. Harry & Harriett, 11 Rudyard Place, Plumber, born 10 Jan 1893 (OR)


Bookham, Little




29 Oct 1831     Thomas x DARTNELL, of Effingham, & Maria CHIPPEN, otp, by Banns, with Consent of their Parents

Wit: Daniel x DAU..?; Mary NASH; Jno CHIPPEN; John POLLEN (OR)




15 Jun 1839      Dartnell, William, from Ranmore Common, Little Bookham, 6 (TS)







27 Jan 1589      Edward DARTNALL & Jane EDE (WSMI)


Brixton, St Matthew




20 Jun 1841      Dartnell, Lucy Maria, d.o. John Henry & Mary Ann, Water Lane, Gardener (OR)

1 Feb 1843        Dartnell, George, s.o. John Henry & Mary Ann, Church Road, Gardener (OR)

3 Jan 1845         Dartnell, Letitia, d.o. John Henry & Mary Ann, Church Road, Gardener (OR)




13 Jul 1850      Isaac DARTNALL, Bach, Full Age, s.o. John DARTNALL

Keziah HUGGETT, Sp, Full Age, d.o. Thomas BASHFORD (TS/IGI)


8 Jan 1866       George DARTNELL, 24, Bach., Groom, Brixton, John DARTNELL, Gardener

                        Lucy GOOD, 24, Sp., Brixton, George GOOD, Green Grocer, by Banns

Wit: George GOOD; Rebecca GOOD (OR)



1873    Dartnall, Kezia, 78 (TS)







19 Nov 1813    Dartnall, Alfred, s.o. William Dartnall & Ann Summers (VRI)


Camberwell, Emmanuel




17 May 1874   Henry Barnes DARTNALL, 21, Bach., Vellum Binder, Emmanuel, Henry DARTNALL, Vellum Binder

                        Charlotte Amelia LYMPOSS, 21, Sp., Emmanuel, Henry LYMPOSS, Waterman, by Banns

                        Wit: William CLARK; Sarah JONES (OR)


Camberwell, St Bartholomew




31 Jan 1892     Dartnall, Edward John, s.o. Thomas Walter & Louisa Ann, 138 Verney Rd, Vellum Binder (OR)

14 Oct 1894    Dartnall, Ada Elizabeth, d.o. Thomas Walter & Louisa Ann, 138 Verney Road, Vellum Binder (OR)

11 Dec 1898    Dartnall, Lily May, d.o. Thomas Walter & Louisa Ann, 138 Verney Road, Vellum Binder (OR)

15 Jun 1906     Dartnall, Thomas Walter, s.o. Walter Thomas & Rose, 37 Cranham Road, Vellum Binder, born 6 Apr 1906 (OR)




1 Aug 1903     Charles John LEE, 22, Bach., Vat Maker, 138 Verney Road, John Abraham LEE (deceased), Vat Maker

                        Annie Louisa DARTNALL, 22, Sp., 138 Verney Road, Thomas Walter DARTNALL, Vellum Binder & Finisher, by Banns

                        Wit: Thomas Walter DARTNALL; Mary Rose DARTNALL (OR)


23 Apr 1905    Walter Thomas DARTNALL, 22, Bach., Vellum Binder, 138 Verney Road, Thomas Walter DARTNALL, Vellum Binder

                        Rosamond PEARCE, 26, Sp., 33 Mill-stream Road, Bermondsey, William Henry PEARCE (deceased), Engineer, by Banns

                        Wit: Thomas Walter DARTNALL; Mary Rose DARTNALL (OR)


Camberwell St Giles




22 Dec 1884    Dartnell, Alice, d.o. Alice, Workhouse, born 12 Dec 1884 (OR)




2 Mar 1826      Edward DARTNELL, otp, Bach. & Rebecca x HANSON, otp, Sp., by Banns

Wit: Henry SUTTON; Sarah HANSON (OR)


8 Jun 1829         Henry DARTNALL, otp, Bach. & Mary DAWKINS, otp, Sp., by Banns



21 Jun 1868     John DARTNELL, Full, Wid., Mercantile Clerk, Arthur Street, Peckham, Stephen DARTNELL, Carpenter

                        Willoughby x TAYLOR, Full, Sp., Arthur Street, Peckham, John TAYLOR, Licensed Victualler, by Banns

                        Wit: Henry BELLINGER; Jane BELLINGER (OR)


25 Feb 1878    Thomas DARTNELL, Full, Wid., Chair Maker, Tyndle Street, Edward John DARTNELL, Painter

                        Mary Ann HUTCHINSON, Full, blank, Tyndale Street, John HUTCHINSON, Painter, by Banns

                        Wit: Wm SEARLE; Henrietta FEATHEREDGE (OR)


26 Jan 1907     George Albert HERD, 29, Bach., Electrician, 26 Shenley Road, William HERD, Barrister’s Clerk

                        Lydia Gertrude DARTNALL, 35, Sp., 26 Shenley Road, Thomas DARTNALL, Wine Merchant, by Banns

                        Wit: John William BARFORD; Montagu Thomas BARFORD (OR)


28 Aug 1920   William Robert DURTNALL, 24, Bach., Electrician, 77 Linnell Road, William Peter DURTNALL, Electrician

                        Florence Anne BRIGDEN, 22, Sp., 77 Linnell Road, Charles BRIGDEN, Official, by Banns

                        Wit: Edward Francis DURTNALL; C BRIGDEN (OR)


Burials (Nunhead Cemetary, All Saints)


29 Apr 1859    Dartnall, Arthur Edward, Richmond Street, Walworth, 3 months (OR)

10 Oct 1864    Dartnall, Richd. John, Richmond Street, East Street, Walworth, 30 (OR)


Camberwell St George




4 Nov 1843     James BROOKS, Full, Bach., Labourer, Wyndham Road, James BROOKS, Labourer

                        Sarah x DUTNELL, Full, Sp., Wyndham Road, George DUTNELL, Labourer, by Banns

                        Wit: Edward BROOKS; Amey BATRUP (OR)


25 Sep 1895    William Peter DURTNALL, 23, Bach., Electrical Engineer, 43 Coleman Road, William John DURTNALL, Boarding House Keeper

                        Ethel Louise NOCERA, 21, Sp., 43 Coleman Road, Joseph Robert NOCERA, Hotel Superintendent, by Banns

                        Wit: George .....?; Annette NOCERA (OR)


Camberwell St Philip




28 Sep 1912    George DUTNALL, 32, Bach., Clerk, 14 St. John’s Road, Deptford, George Richard DUTNALL (deceased), Omnibus Driver (OR)

                        Florence CONNOLLY, 23, Sp., 7 Humphrey Street, James CONNOLLY (deceased), Bakers Tool Manufacturer, by Banns

Wit: Thomas CONNOLLY; Daisy Hilda DUTNALL (OR)






21 Jul 1780       Dutnall, Ann, d.o. William & Ann (TS)

4 May 1785     Dutnal, John, s.o. Wm & Ann, born 3 Apr (TS)

9 Mar 1787       Dutnall, Sally, d.o. Wm & Ann, born 4 Feb (TS)




30 Mar 1805    James TURNER of Warlingham in Surrey & Hannah DUTNELL otp, by Banns

Wit: John CHEASLEY; John BROOKE Junr. (OR)




4 Sep 1783        Dutnall, John (TS)







2 Feb 1667      George DARTNALL & Anne WOOD, wid. (TS)







22 Aug 1742    Dutnall, George, s.o. George & Ann (TS)




4 Oct 1741      Certificate “…George DUTNALL, Husbm, Batchelor & Ann CLARK, Spinster, were married in St Bride’s pa London on 4 Oct 1741….” (TS)







5 Jan 1667/8     Dartnal, George, s.o. George (TS)

4 Dec 1670       Dartnal, Anne, d.o. George (TS)

23 Mar 1672/3 Dartnal, Elizabeth, d.o. George & Anne, born 10 Mar (TS)

5 Dec 1689       Dartnal, Margaret, d.o. George & Margaret, born 24 Nov (TS)

13 May 1692    Dartnal, Thomas, s.o. George & Margaret, born 3 May (TS)

26 Dec 1712     Dartnal, George, s.o. George & Rebeccah, born 20 Dec (TS)

26 Aug 1714    Dartnall, Rebeckah, d.o. George & Rebeccah, born 7 Aug (TS)




15 Nov 1688    George DARTNAL & Margaret LYSNY (TS)

29 Jul 1697       Thomas CHARLTON & Anne DARTNAL (TS)




31 Oct 1686     Dartnal, Ann, w.o. George, died 29 Oct (TS)

5 Feb 1701        Dartnall, George, died 2 Feb (TS)

20 May 1714    Dartnall, Margaret, wid, died 18 May (TS)

? 1720             Dartnal, Tho (TS)

? 1721             Dartnall, Ann, d.o. Tho (TS)

6 Nov 1735     Dartnal, Ann, wid (TS)



Clandon, East




16 Nov 1828    Dartnell, Elizabeth, d.o. Thomas & Charlotte, East Clandon, Servant (OR)

27 Nov 1831    Dartnell, George, s.o. Thomas & Charlotte, servant (TS)



Clapham, Holy Trinity




8 Aug 1708       Dartnall, Elisabeth, d.o. David & Elisabeth (OR)

25 Jan 1709/10 Dartnall, Stephen, s.o. David & Elisabeth (OR)

7 Jul 1723          Dartnall, William, s.o. David & (…..?, overwritten) Mirabel (OR)

26 Jul 1724       Dartnall, Mary, d.o. David & Mirabel (OR)

11 Dec 1726     Dartnall, John, s.o. David & Mirabel (OR)

19 Nov 1727    Dartnall, Thomas, s.o. David & Mirabel (OR)

25 May 1729   Dartnall, Richard, s.o. David & Mirabel (OR)

14 Feb 1730/1 Dartnall, Sarah, d.o. David & Mirabel (OR)

6 Apr 1734        Dartnall, David, s.o. David & Mirabel, privately at home being ill, brought to church April 15th (OR)

2 May 1819      Dartnell, Mary Ann, d.o. William & Lucy (Best), Mason, born 5 Apr 1819 (TS)

25 Jul 1821      Dartnell, George, 3rd s.o. William & Lucy, late Best, Clapham, Mason, born 13 Jun (OR)

10 Dec 1843     Dartnell, Charlotte, d.o. Stephen & Jane, Clapham, Labourer, born 12 Nov (OR)

6 Sep 1846        Dartnell, John, s.o. John Henry & Mary Ann, Clapham, Gardener, born 11 Aug (OR)

25 Jun 1848      Dartnell, Henry, s.o. John Henry & Mary Ann, Clapham, Gardener, born 3 Apr (OR)

14 Jul 1850       Dartnell, William, s.o. John Henry & Mary Ann, Clapham, Gardener, born 9 May (OR)




10 Mar 1753    John WEBB, of St Thomas the Apostle, London, Wid., & Sarah DARTNALL, of Clapham in the County of Surrey (OR)


22 Nov 1841   James DURTNALL, Full, Wid., Servant, Stangham? Sussex, James DURTNALL, Gent.

Amelia SWEETINGHAM, Full, Sp., Clapham, George SWEETINGHAM, Shoe Maker

Wit: George D.....?; Eliza SWEETINGHAM (OR)


24 May 1896   Frederick William CROWE, 27, Bach., Electrician, 4 Archway Place, Charles CROW, Farm Labourer

                        Minnie DARTNAILL, 26, Sp., 75 Elms Road, Henry DARTNAILL, Ex. Policeman, by Banns

                        Wit: C J GASSETT; W H MIN...? (OR)




6 Jul 1720          Dartnall, Elisabeth (OR)

2 or21 Jun 1735 Dartnall, Sarah, d.o. David & Mirabel (OR)

27 Jun 1735      Dartnall, David, s.o. David & Mirabel (OR)

6 Jul 1735          Dartnall, Wm, s.o. David & Mirabel (OR)

14 Dec 1738     Dartnall, Mirabel, w.o. David (OR)

26 Sep 1750     Dartnall, David (OR)

28 Dec 1751     Dartnail, Martha, d.o. John & Sarah (OR)

22 Jul 1752       Dartnall, Sarah (OR)

9 Nov 1755       Dartnal, John, of Clapham (OR)

10 Jan 1773     Dartnall, Richard, of St Martin in ye Fields (OR)

6 Aug 1775     Dartnall, Polly Catherine, from ye Par: of St Martin in ye Fields (OR)

31 Oct 1790     Dartnall, Sarah, fr. St. Martin’s in the Fields (OR)

19 Dec 1798     Dartnall, Elizabeth, widow of Richard, Bookseller, brought from the Parish of St Martins in the Fields. Aged 64 Years (OR)

10 Sep 1824    Dartnall, William, 1st s.o. William Thomas, a Stone-mason & Lucy his wife, late Best, Acre Lane, 10 years 10 months (OR)

1 Jan 1827       Dartnall, Richard, Hammersmith, 65 (OR)

8 Nov 1847     Dartnall, William, Great Acre Court, 61 (OR)

18 Jun 1851      Dartnell, William, Union St, 1 (OR)



Clapham, St John the Evangelist




15 Apr 1888    Hayler, Wilhelmina Gertrude, d.o. Philip & Emily (Dutnell), 87 Paradise Road, Coachman, born 29 Dec 1887 (OR)


Clapham, St Paul




11 Dec 1892    Dutnall, John, s.o. Henry John & Mary Ann Eliza, 67 Rectory Grove, Clerk (OR)




12 Aug 1877   John DARTNELL, 60, Wid., Gardener, 109 Wirtemberg St., William DARTNELL (deceased), Stonemason

                        Mary Ann MASON, 52, Sp., Servant, George* MASON (deceased), Seaman, by Banns

                        Wit: Robert RODGERS; Mary Ann R.....?

                        * Christian name doubtful (OR)


11 May 1884   George MITCHELL, Full, Wid., Bricklayer, 20 Newby St., John MITCHELL, Gardener

                        Frances x DUTNALL, Full, Sp., 20 Newby St., William DUTNALL, Labourer, by Banns

                        Wit: Thomas MITCHELL; Mary Thirza MITCHELL (OR)


Clapham Park, All Saints




10 Sep 1914    George DARTNELL, 33, Bach., Gardener, 38 Thornbury Road, George DARTNELL, Gardener

                        Edith May RUSSELL, 33, Sp., 38 Thornbury Road, Wm George RUSSELL, Bricklayer, by Banns

                        Wit: W G x RUSSELL; G DARTNELL (OR)


4 Oct 1915      William Davenport BALLARD, 32, Bach., Gardener, 55 Kingswood Rd., James BALLARD, Butler

                        Ada DARTNELL, 36, Sp., 137 New Park Rd., George DARTNELL, Gardener, by Banns

                        Wit: George DARTNELL; Frederick DARTNELL (OR)






26 Oct 1712     Dartnal, George, s.o. John & Mary (TS)

6 Feb 1714/5    Dartnal, Sarah, d.o. John & Mary (TS)




2 Jun 1763         Dutnall, Mary, widow (TS)



Croydon (church not identified)




31 Oct 1844    Edward STEER, s.o. Edward STEER & Ann DUTNALL, d.o. George DUTNALL (IGI)

1850                George Thomas TYE, 30, s.o. Robert TYE & Mary Ann DARTNELL, 25, d.o. Henry DARTNELL (IGI)

1857                Robert SKINNER, s.o. William SKINNER & Mary Ann DARTNELL, d.o. Stephen DARTNELL (IGI)

1859                Joseph WOOD, s.o. Joseph WOOD & Emma Jane DARTNELL, d.o. Stephen DARTNELL (IGI)

1859                Henry FRANKLIN, s.o. Henry FRANKLIN & Diana DARTNELL, d.o. John DARTNELL (IGI)

1864                Phillip LADDS, 22, s.o. Henry LADDS & Eliza DARTNELL, 23, d.o. Stephen DARTNELL (IGI)

1871                John DARTNALL, s.o. James DARTNALL & Susan SYRETT, d.o. Frank TOMLIN (IGI)

1884                Tom DARTNELL, 21, s.o. Edward DARTNELL & Lizzie COLE, 20, d.o. John COLE (IGI)


Croydon, Christchurch




18 Jun 1865      Dartnell, Edward, s.o. Thomas Edwin & Ellen (IGI)




8 Jun 1898         Arthur Latimer DARTNELL, 24, s.o. William DARTNELL & Edith Helen JOHNSON, 25, d.o. Henry Thomas JOHNSON (IGI)



Croydon, St James




30 Aug 1846   Dartnell, John, s.o. Thomas & Maria, Thornton Heath, Plumber (TS)

13 Sep 1846     Dartnell, Latimer, ? of Thomas & Maria, Thornton Heath, Plumber (TS)




1806                Daniel SAKER, otp & Sally DUTNALL, otp, by Banns (WSMI)

1822                George DUTNALL & Maria HEALE (WSMI)

1826                John DARTNELL & Jane MORGAN (WSMI)




1 Dec 1846      Dartnell, Latimer, inf., Broad Green (TS)



Croydon, St John the Baptist




8 Jul 1827          Dartnell, Emma, d.o. William & Catharine (IGI)

30 Apr 1837    Dartnell, Thomas Edwin, s.o. Thomas & Maria (IGI)

24 Oct 1838     Dartnell, Diana, d.o. John & Jane (IGI)

3 Mar 1841      Dartnell, Eliza, d.o. Thomas & Maria (IGI)

1 Mar 1843      Dartnell, Jane, d.o. John & Jane (IGI)

26 Aug 1846   Dartnell, Albert, s.o. Thomas & Maria (IGI)

26 Jul 1868       Dartnell, Edith Kate, d.o. William & Mary, born 29 May 1868 (VRI)




24 Jun 1806     Daniel SAKER & Mary DUTNALL (IGI)

15 Dec 1822     George DUTNELL & Maria HEALE (IGI)

23 Jan 1826      John DARTNELL & Jane MORGAN (IGI)

28 Jul 1861       James DURTNELL, s.o. Joseph & Ann PARKER, d.o. Thomas (VRI)







26 Jul 1789      Dartnell, William, s.o. John & Diana (TS)

22 Jan 1819     Durtnall, Anna, parents unknown, West Street, born 25 Aug 1807 (OR)




17 Jul 1709       William HORE & Mary DARTNELL (IGI)


Dorking, Municipal Cemetary




28 Jul 1894       Dartnell, William, 80 (TS)

16 Mar 1896    Dartnell, Eliza, 85 (TS)



Dulwich College




15 Dec 1831    Dartnell, Henry, s.o. John & Mary, Dulwich, Labourer (OR)

9 Mar 1834      Dartnall, Mary Anne, d.o. John & Mary, born 13 Feb 1834 (IGI)

27 Mar 1836    Dartnall, John, s.o. John & Mary, born 6 Mar 1836 (IGI)

19 Aug 1838   Dartnele, Thomas, s.o. John & Mary, born 31 Jul 1838 (IGI)

2 May 1841     Dartnal, Lucy Frances, d.o. John & Mary, born 6 Mar 1841 (IGI)

23 Jan 1843      Dartnall, George, s.o. John & Mary, born 25 Jan 1834? (IGI)

20 Jul 1845       Dartnale, Elizabeth, d.o. John & Mary, born 25 Jun 1845 (IGI)






13 Nov 1859    Robert DARTNELL & Mary Ann SHERRING (IGI)


Earlsfield, St Andrew




25 Dec 1919    Harry Edward HAWKES, 32, Bach., Pressman, 825 Garratt Lane, Edward James HAWKES, Letter Sorter G.P.O.

                        Ethel May DUTNALL, 26, Sp., 2 Edwards Cottages, Thomsett Road, Frank DUTNALL, Compositor, by Banns

                        Wit: Arthur L ALDERMAN; Mary Ann HAWKES (OR)


East Dulwich, St John the Evangelist




23 Oct 1887    Dartnall, Edith Alice, d.o. John & Maria, 17 Northcross Road, Grocer (OR)

23 Oct 1887    Dartnall, Dora Victoria, d.o. John & Maria, 17 Northcross Road, Grocer (OR)






11 Oct 1801    Dartnell, John, s.o. John & Diana (TS)

16 Dec 1804    Dartnell, Thomas, s.o. John & Diana (TS)

7 Oct 1832      Dartnel, William, s.o. Thomas & Maria, Labourer (TS)

17 May 1835   Dartnel, Anne-Maria, d.o. Thomas & Maria, Labourer (TS)




25 Sep 1831    Thomas DARTNEL, otp, Bach & Maria CHIPPEN, of Little Bookham, Sp (TS)




12 Jul 1812      Dartnell, William, 23 (TS)

19 Oct 1817    Dartnell, John, 55, by W.F. (TS)

19 Oct 1817    Dartnell, John, 65 (WSBI)

12 Aug 1845   Dartnel, James, Union House, 48 (TS)







8 Oct 1886        Henry Thomson DARTNALL & Sarah Ann WARD (IGI)






25 Jan 1852      Dartnel, Sarah, d.o. William & Eliza Stacey (IGI)







1852                Dartnell, Mary, 88, Ewhurst (WSBI)






18 Dec 1594    Edward DARTNELL & Katherin MORE (IGI)







16 Apr 1797    Dutnall, Abraham, s.o. George & Sarah (IGI)

7 Jul 1799        Dutnal, Joseph, s.o. George & Sarah (IGI)

9 May 1802     Dutnell, George, s.o. George & Sarah (IGI)

16 Jan 1824     Dutnal, Joseph, s.o. George & Maria, Godstone, Gardener (OR)




31 May 1802   James MILLS, Bach., otp & Mary DUTNELL, Sp., otp, by Banns

Wit: Stephen BAKER; John MILLS (OR)



Guildford, St Mary




11 Apr 1860     Dartnell, Elizabeth, d.o. Robert & Mary Ann (IGI)

14 Mar 1862    Dartnell, William, s.o. Robert & Mary (IGI)

17 Feb 1864    Dartnell, Ellen, d.o. Robert & Mary Ann (IGI)




17 May 1824   William DARTNALL, otp, Bach. & Catherine SMITH, otp, Sp., by Banns

Wit: Frederick HURST; Andrew HOOKS (OR)



Guildford, St Nicholas




11 Mar 1864    Dartnell, Ellen, 3w (TS)

29 Apr 1865     Dartnell, Thomas S, 61 (TS)




31 Aug 1857    Alfred Best MOUNTAIN & Elizabeth DARTNELL (IGI)






23 May 1717   Thomas DARTNALL, of Chipstead & Ann HAZZEL, of Con…..? (WSMI)







8 May 1701     William HEAVER & Elizabeth DARTNELL (TS)




3 Oct 1722        Darthnell, Eliz (TS)


Kennington, St John the Devine




17 May 1871   Dartnell, Lillie Elizabeth, d.o. Thomas & Matilda, 7 Charles St., Chair Maker (OR)

17 Dec 1873    Dartnell, Ernest James, d.o. Thomas & Matilda, 4 Charles Cottage, Charles St., Chairmaker (OR)

29 Oct 1879    Dertnall, Richard John, s.o. Richard John & Mary Ann Eliza, 11 Elfin Road, Barman (OR)

15 Mar 1882    Dartnall, Arthur Edward, s.o. Richard John & Mary Ann Eliza, 11 Warrior Road, Waiter (OR)

31 May 1882   Dartnell, Martha Matilda, d.o. Thomas & Martha, 2 Baker Street, Painter (OR)

31 May 1882   Dartnell, Frederick Samuel, s.o. Thomas & Martha, 2 Baker Street, Painter (OR)

31 May 1882   Dartnell, Florence Marian, d.o. Thomas & Martha, 2 Baker Street, Painter (OR)

18 Apr 1883    Dartnall, Miriam Edith, d.o. Richard John & Mary Ann Eliza, 11 Warrior Road, Waiter (OR)

23 Mar 1886    Dartnell, Thomas Charles, s.o. William Arthur & Elizabeth, 110 Thomas Street, Chair Maker, P. (OR)

11 May 1887   Dartnall, Herbert Francis, s.o. Richard John & Mary Ann Eliza, 11 Warrior Road, Waiter (OR)

18 Mar 1891    Dartnall, Maud Alice, d.o. Richard John & Mary Ann, 11 Warrior Road, Waiter (OR)




4 Aug 1907     Thomas Edward DARTNELL, 22, Bach., Assistant Dyer, 8 Warrior Road, Thomas Frederick DARTNELL, Decorator

                        Alice BARRATT, 22, Sp., General Servant, 163 Warham Street, John Frederick DARTNELL, Gardener, by Banns

                        Wit: John PARRET; Harry SPONG (OR)


25 Dec 1907    Walter SMALL, 27, Bach., Labourer, 8 Warrior Rd., William SMALL (Deceased), Bricklayer

                        Florence Elizabeth DARTNELL, 24, Sp., Servant, 8 Warrior Rd., Thomas Frederick DARTNELL, Decorator, by Banns

                        Wit: C....? .....?; G E .....? (OR)


16 Sep 1911    Walter George JONES, 28, Bach., Surveyor, 46 Elliott Road, Walter Llewellyn JONES (deceased), Steward

                        Miriam Edith DARTNALL, 28, Sp., 28 Newington Butts, Richard John DARTNALL, Tobacconist, by Banns

                        Wit: R J DARTNALL; Maud DARTNALL (OR)


28 Jun 1914     Albert Edward DARTNELL, 23, Bach., Accountant, 33 Westhall Rd., Camberwell, Thomas Frederick DARTNELL (deceased), Home Decorator

                        Henrietta PHILLIPS, 21, Sp., Packer, 29 Westhall Rd., Camberwell, William PHILLIPS, Painter, by Banns

                        Wit: W PHILLIPS; Frederick C SMITH (OR)


26 Apr 1916    Herbert Francis DARTNALL, 28, Bach., Clerk, 24 Westhall Road, Richard John DARTNALL (deceased), Tobacconist

                        Helena Miriam RUSSELL, 24, Sp., Clerk, 28 Newington Butts, Edward James RUSSELL, Salesman, by Banns

                        Wit: Edward J RUSSELL; Elsie M RUSSELL (OR)


6 Jul 1916        Frederick Albert BIGG, 25, Bach., 33 Crawley Road, William Dartin BIGG (deceased), Tailor

                        Maud Alice, 25, Sp., Dressmaker, 14 B....al? Road, E Dulwich, Richard John DARTNALL (deceased), Newsagent, by Banns

                        Wit: Phyllis Edith RUSSELL; Herbert Francis DARTNALL (OR)


25 Dec 1918    George Henry WARDEN, 25, Bach., Soldier, 29 Westhall Road, George WARDEN, Builder

                        Lilian Dorothy DARTNELL, 21, Sp., Munition Worker, 33 Westhall Road, Thomas DARTNELL (deceased), Painter, by Banns

                        Wit: L M DARTNELL; T WARDEN (OR)


Kennington, St Mark




18 Apr 1866    Dartnell, Edward John, s.o. Thomas & Matilda, Susanna Place, Chair Maker (OR)




3 Sep 1854      Thomas DARTNELL, Bach., s.o. Edward John DARTNELL

                        Matilda Susanna HUTCHINSON, Sp., d.o. John William HUTCHINSON (IGI)


25 Dec 1874    Edward George DARTNELL, s.o. Edward DARTNELL

                        Lucy DICKENS, d.o. Robert Waterman DICKINS (IGI)


25 Dec 1883    John COOPER, s.o. John COOPER

                        Harriett DARTNELL, d.o. John DARTNELL


26 Apr 1888    Anton Magens Spencer CAMERON, Bach., 23, s.o. John Black CAMERON

                        Lulu Imogene DURTNALL, 26, Sp., d.o. James DURTNALL (IGI)


6 Apr 1897      Harold Stratford HERRING, Bach., 30, s.o. William Alexander HERRING

                        Josephine Agnes DURTNALL, Sp., 31, d.o. James Shakespear DURTNALL (IGI)


27 Feb 1904    William Arthur DARTNELL, 24, Bach., French Polisher, 50 St Agnes Place, William Arthur DARTNELL Dec’d., Carpenter

                        Lizzie Louisa MAHONEY, 23, Sp., 50 St Agnes Place, James Charles MAHONEY, Pianoforte Maker, by Banns

                        Wit: Clara Elizabeth DARTNELL; Edward John REYNOLDS; Arthur JONES (OR)


Kingston All Saints




17 Nov 1889    Harry Mitchel KING, Bach., 29, s.o. Frederick KING

Alice Mary DARTNALL, Sp., 21, d.o. Thomas DARTNALL (IGI)

4 Oct 1897      Frederick DARTNALL, Bach., 26, s.o. Thomas DARTNALL

                        Florence Evelyn COCKRELL, Sp., 22, d.o. John COCKRELL (IGI)


Kingston St Luke




4 Oct 1897        Frederick DARTNALL & Florence Evelyn COCKRELL (IGI)


Lambeth, Norwood Cemetary




2 Jul 1855        Dartnell, Alfred, Guy’s Hospital, 40 (OR)

24 Oct 1857    Dartnell, Mary Ann, New Street, La...hall? Lane, 5 (OR)

16 Feb 1874    Dartnell, Ellen, 1 Alma Place, Lyham Road, Clapham, 6 (OR)

5 Nov 1885     Dartnell, John, .....? Street, Clapham, 68 (OR)


Lambeth (church not identified)




9 Dec 1883      Dartnell, Charles Jesse, s.o. Mary Ann (OR)


Lambeth St Barnabas




27 Feb 1876     Dartnell, Harriet, d.o. Edward & Eliza, 13 Spring Grove, Printer, born 13 Oct 1865 (OR)

9 Aug 1891       Dartnell, Frederick Wyngraves, s.o. Christopher Frederick & Jane, 34 Hartington Rd, Plumber, born Nov 1882 (OR)

9 Aug 1891     Dartnell, Albert Edward, s.o. Christopher Frederick & Jane, 34 Hartington Rd, Plumber, born Apr 1883 (OR)

9 Aug 1891       Dartnell, James John, s.o. Christopher Frederick & Jane, 34 Hartington Rd, Plumber, born 1886 (OR)

9 Aug 1891       Dartnell, William, s.o. Christopher Frederick & Jane, 34 Hartington Rd, Plumber, born 1890 (OR)

25 Nov 1892   Dartnell, Frederick, s.o. Frederick & Jane, 34 Hartington Rd, Plumber, born 1 Nov 1892 (OR)

25 Nov 1892   Dartnell, Albert Edward, s.o. Frederick & Jane, 34 Hartington Rd, Plumber, born 17 Nov 1884 (OR)

25 Nov 1892    Dartnell, James John, s.o. Frederick & Jane, 34 Hartington Rd, Plumber, born 29 Nov 1886 (OR)

25 Nov 1892   Dartnell, William, s.o. Frederick & Jane, 34 Hartington Rd, Plumber, born 22 Aug 1889 (OR)

25 Nov 1892    Dartnell, Ellen Elizabeth Jane, d.o. Frederick & Jane, 34 Hartington Rd, Plumber, born 21 May 1892 (OR)

5 Jan 1899       Dartnell, Christopher, s.o. Christopher Frederick & Prudence Jane, 34 Hartington Rd., Plumber, born 31 Jul 1897 (OR)




4 Apr 1915      Arthur George YORK, 28, Bach., Oil and Colorman Manager, 34 Hartington Rd., Thomas YORK, Lift Attendant

                        Helen Elizabeth Jane DARTNELL, 22, Sp., 34 Hartington Rd., Christopher Frederick DARTNELL, Plumber, by Banns

                        Wit: Christopher Frederick DARTNELL; Albert Edward DARTNELL (OR)


Lambeth, St John the Evangelist, Waterloo




5 Aug 1855     Henry Knight READ, Full, Bach., Civil Engineer, 4 Ann Street, Henry Knight READ, Civil Engineer

                        Mary Ann DARTNALL, Full, Sp., 4 Ann Street, John DARTNALL, Builder, by Banns

                        Wit: Henry DARTNALL; Robt. JONES (OR)


1 Jan 1857       Charles Henry x SCHOOLING, Full, Bach., Tin-plate Worker, Agnes Street, Henry SCHOOLING, Sawyer

                        Frances DUTNALL, Full, Sp., Agnes Street, Thomas DUTNALL, Labourer, by Banns

                        Wit: William Frederick TOMLINSON; Ann DYER (OR)


1 Jun 1879       Harry DARTNELL, Full, Bach., Plumber, Princes Street, Edward DARTNELL, Printer

                        Harriett FALDO, Full, Sp., Princes Street, John FALDO, dead, Compositor, by Banns

                        Wit: Charles James HAYES; Elizabeth HAYES (OR)


Lambeth, St Mary




4 Oct 1702        Dartnell, Jane & John, s & d.o. Michael, Kennington (OR)

8 Jun 1704         Darkenell, Sara, d.o. Michaell, Kennington (OR)

5 Aug 1705       Darknell, Jane, d.o. Michaell, Kennington Comon? (OR)

3 Nov 1706       Darknell, John, s.o. Michaell (OR)

26 Nov 1707    Darknell, George, s.o. Michaell (OR)

11 Sep 1709     Darknell, John, s.o. Michaell (OR)

29 Apr 1711     Darknell, Samuell, s.o. Michaell (OR)

18 May 1712   Dartnell, Philip, s.o. Michael, Kennington (OR)

11 Jun 1713      Dartnell, Sarah, d.o. Michael (OR)

13 Oct 1715     Dartnell, Hannah, d.o. Michaell (OR)

22 May 1728   Dartnall, Elizabeth, d.o. Michael (OR)

2 Aug 1732       Dartnell, George, s.o. Michael & Elizabeth (OR)

13 Apr 1734     Dartnell, Edward, s.o. Michael & Elizabeth (OR)

10 Oct 1736     Dartnell, Elizabeth, d.o. Stephen & Frances (OR)

11 Jan 1740/1  Dartnell, David, s.o. Stephen & Frances (OR)

28 Aug 1745    Dartnell, Sarah, d.o. Stephen & Frances (OR)

30 Sep 1747     Dartnel, David, s.o. Stephen & Frances (OR)

17 Feb 1749/50 Dartnel, Stephen, s.o. Stephen & Frances (OR)

27 Sep 1752     Dartnell, William, s.o. Stephen & Frances (OR)

20 Sep 1755     Dartnel, Thomas, s.o. Stephen & Frances (OR)

17 Apr 1768     Dartnell, Michael, s.o. Michael & Hannah (OR)

? 1770             Dartnell, Hannah, d.o. Michael & Hannah (OR)

11 Aug 1782    Dartnell, Robert, s.o. Robert & Sarah (OR)

31 Oct 1784     Dartnell, Joseph, s.o. Robert & Sarah (OR)

18 Jun 1786      Dartnell, William Thos, s.o. Thomas & Mary (OR)

11 Mar 1787    Dartnall, Nathl., s.o. Robert & Sarah (OR)

16 Oct 1789     Dartnell, Sarah, d.o. Robert & Sarah (OR)

1 Aug 1790       Dartnall, Thomas, s.o. Thomas & Mary (OR)

15 Jul 1792       Dartnell, Rebecca Mary, d.o. Thomas & Mary (OR)

26 Nov 1794    Dartnell, Elizabeth, d.o. Thomas & Mary (OR)

11 Jul 1828?    Dartnell, Edwd, s.o. Edward Wales & Rebecca, Wickham St, Painter (OR)

21 Aug 1831    Dartnell, John Thos, s.o. Edward & Rebecca, Wickham St, Painter (OR)

21 Aug 1831    Dartnell, Emily Jane, d.o. John Thomas & Mary, Wickham St, Painter (OR)

11 Aug 1833    Dartnell, Thos, s.o. Edward & Rebecca, George St, Painter (deceased) (OR)

9 Aug 1835       Dartnell, Mary Ann, d.o. Edward & Rebecca, George St, Painter (OR)

Feb 1853         Durtnall, Ida Malvina, d.o. James Shakespear & Julia (Index)

22 Sep 1854     Durtnall, Julia Imogen, d.o. James Shakespear & Julia, Walcot Place East, Printer (OR)

2 Jul 1856          Durtnall, Emily Leonora, d.o. James Shakespear & Julia, Walcot Place, Printer (OR)

21 Jun 1857     Dartnell, Mary Ann Harriet, d.o. Edward John & Eliza, 71 Vauxhall St., Lamplighter (OR)

21 Jun 1857     Dartnell, Lizzie, d.o. Edward John & Eliza, 71 Vauxhall St., Lamplighter (OR)

11 Jul 1858      Durtnall, James Shakespear Siegfried, s.o. James Shakespear & Julia, Walcot Pl., Printer (OR)

8 Apr 1860      Durtnall, Charles Walter, s.o. James Shakespear & Julia, Walcot Pl., Printer (OR)

26 Jan 1862     Durtnall, Lulu Imogen, d.o. James Shakespear & Julia, Walcot Pl., Printer (OR)

21 Jul 1863      Dartnall, Richard, s.o. Ellen, Workhouse (OR)

17 Jul 1864      Durtnall, Beatrice Mary, d.o. James Shakespear & Julia, Walcot Pl., Printer (OR)

17 Jul 1864      Durtnall, Charles James, s.o. James Shakespear & Julia, Walcot Pl., Printer (OR)

10 Jun 1866     Durtnall, Josephine Agnes, d.o. James Shakespear & Julia, Camberwell? New Road, Printer (OR)

30 Oct 1881    Dartnell, George Edward Robert, s.o. Edward George & Lucy, 39 Tyers St, Labourer (OR)

8 Jul 1883        Dartnell, Lucy Harriett, d.o. Edward George & Lucy, 30 Tyers St., Labourer (OR)

26 Apr 1885    Dartnell, Edward John, s.o. Edward George & Lucy, 30 Tyers St., General Labourer (OR)

23 Jan 1887     Dartnell, Annie, d.o. Edward George & Lucy, 11 Mill St., Engineer’s Labourer, born 28 Dec 1886 (OR)




23 Jul 1713      Wm JONES & Elizabeth DARTNELL, by Licence (OR)


16 Jan 1717/8  Jarvis BLANKS & Mary DARTNALL (OR)


24 Oct 1758    James BARRETT, otp, Bach & Ann x DARTNELL, otp, Sp, by Licence

                        Wit: James LEA; An CUTLER (OR)


11 May 1760   William x HALE, otp, Bach & Elizabeth x DARTNELL, otp, Sp, by Banns.



31 Jan 1768     Michael DARTNALL, otp, Bach & Hannah OWEN, otp, Sp, by Licence

                        Wit: Wm BURGESS; Susanah HILLER (OR)


7 Aug 1780     John x DARTNALL, Wid, otp & Mary HARDING, Sp, otp, by Banns

                        Wit: Anthy. DOLLOND; Anna DOLLOND (OR)


24 Jul 1785      Thomas x DARKNELL, Bach, otp & Mary x KIBBLE, Sp, otp, by Banns

                        Wit: John HERROD; James SINGLETON (OR)


28 Apr 1789    John x DARTNELL, Bach, otp & Diana x DALE, otp, Sp, by Banns

                        Wit: John GALE; James SINGLETON (OR)


20 Dec 1792    Daniel DURNELL, Wid, otp & Elizabeth MANSUR, otp, Sp

                        Wit: John SHERY; Mary MANSUR (OR)


2 Dec 1812      Thomas MATTHEW, Bach., otp & Hannah DUTNALL, otp, Sp., by Banns



30 Nov 1817   Jacob DARTNALL, of East Peckham in Kent, Bach. & Mary MADDOCKS, otp, Sp., by Licence



4 Jun 1820       Daniel x DAWES, otp, Bach. & Diana x DARTNELL, otp, Wid., by Banns

Wit: Elizabeth DALE; Jas Longman GAWLER (OR)


7 Apr 1822      Joseph MIGHELL, of Cuckfield in the County of Sussex, Bach. & Mary Ann DARTNELL, otp, Sp., by Licence

Wit: Joseph James COLLINS; E....? COLLINS (OR)


18 May 1824   Robert DARTNELL, otp, Bach. & Elizabeth Mary x MASON, otp, Wid., by Banns

Wit: Ann MASON; James Longman GAWLER (OR)


31 Jan 1836      Joseph DURTNELL, otp, Bach & Elizabeth ELLIS, otp, Sp, by Banns

                        Wit: Jas Longman GAWLER; John SEAGER (OR)


10 Apr 1852     James Shakespear DURTNALL, full, Bach., Printer, 16 Walcot Place, James DURTNALL (Deceased), Iron Monger

                        Julia WALLIS, full, Sp., -, 2 Portland Place, William WALLIS (Deceased), Gentleman, by Licence

                        Wit: George Sylus WALLIS; Lucy DURTNALL (OR)


24 Jun 1872      James POTTER Jnr., Full, Bach., Coachman, Union Street, James POTTER, Coachman

Amelia DARTNELL, Full, Sp., Union Street, Nathaniel James DARTNELL, Barge Builder, by Banns



29 Nov 1874   John Walter NIXSON, Full, Bach., Coachsmith, Southville, Thomas NIXSON, Carpenter

                        Lizzie DARTNELL, Full, Sp., Spring Grove, Edward John DARTNELL, Compositor, by Banns

Wit: Arthur KEMP; Sarah CLARK (OR)


18 May 1884   George Robert DARTNALL, 22, Bach., Trunk Maker, Wilcox Rd., John Robert DARTNALL, Trunk Maker

                        Susannah RYDER, 20, Sp., Wilcox Rd., William RYDER dec., Carman, by Banns

                        Wit: H T TREW; S F GARRETT (OR)




4 Jun 1705       Darknell, Jane, d.o. Michaell (OR)

16 Feb 1706/7 Darknell, John, s.o. Michaell (OR)

2 Apr 1708      Darknell, George, s.o. Michaell (OR)

8 Nov 1746       Dartnell, Sarah, d.o. James, Vauxhall (OR)

20 Jul 1777       Dartnell, Michael, St John’s Southwark (OR)

1 Apr 1782        Dartnel, Stephen, Workhouse (No Afft) (TS)

18 Sep 1791     Dartnell, Sarah, Wall (OR)

5 Jan 1802         Dartwell, Michael, St Olave’s Southwark (OR)

20 Aug 1822   Dartnell, Benjamin Collins, Princes St, 1 (OR)

7 Nov 1830     Dartnell, George, Wickham St., 2 (OR)

27 Feb 1831    Dartnell, John Thomas, Wickham St., 57 (OR)

14 Jul 1833      Dartnell, John Thomas, George St, 2 (OR)

25 Nov 1838   Dartnell, Joseph Benjamin, New St, 1 (OR)

5 Dec 1841      Dartnell, Mary, Providence Place, 62 (OR)

11 Apr 1847    Dartnell, Edward Wales, 5 Providence Place, New Street, 42 (OR)

26 Jun 1850     Dartnell, Rebecca, New St., 45 (OR)

13 Mar 1853    Dartnell, Mary Ann, of Allen St., 17 (OR)



Lambeth, St Mary the Less




11 Mar 1903    Dutnall, Ellen Rosina, d.o. Joseph & Ellen, 29 Tinworth Street, Labourer (OR)




20 Nov 1904   Herbert Harold BAYSTON, 32, Bach., Hatter, 36 Doris Street, Perry BAYSTON decd., Gold-beater

                        Louisa Charlotte DARTNALL, 24, Sp., 45 Doris Street, Henry Barnes DARTNALL, Book Binder, by Banns

                        Wit: Lily COCHRANE; Sydney? ...ton? BAYSTON (OR)


Lambeth, St Michael




27 Dec 1902    William George DUTNALL, 24, Bach., Valet, 67 Knowle Rd., William George DUTNALL (deceased), Foreman Mason

                        Jane Elizabeth COTTLE, 21, Sp., 67 Knowle Rd., William COTTLE, Tailor, by Banns

                        Wit: William Henry SOLLEDGE; Beatrice Sophia DUTNELL (OR)


Lambeth, St Philip




21 Oct 1883    Charles Frederick MARKE, 27, Bach., Cab proprietor, 33 Walcot? Square, John MARKE, Cab proprietor

                        Susannah Alice DURTNALL, 25, Sp., 33 Walcot? Square, William John DURTNALL, Sail Maker, by Banns

                        Wit: William HODGES; Ellen Louisa MARKE (OR)


22 Sep 1897    Edward George DARTNELL, 44, Wid., Engineer Labourer, 140 Lollard Street, Edward John DARTNELL, Deceased

                        Kate THOMPSON, 31, Wid., 140 Lollard Street, Joseph LONGMAN?, Deceased, by Banns

                        Wit: Robert DICKINS; Mary Elizabeth T.....? (OR)


17 Sep 1906    Frederick SINCLAIR, 28, Bach., Clerk, 34 Wincott Street, Alexander Sutherland SINCLAIR, Joiner

                        Lucy Harriett DARTNELL, 23, Sp., 34 Wincott Stree, Edward George DARTNELL, Vestryman, by Banns

                        Wit: E G DARTNELL; Annie DARTNELL (OR)


20 Jun 1915     James John DARTNELL, 28, Bach., Cable Jointer, 289 Kennington Road, Christopher Frederick DARTNELL, Plumber

                        Lilian Ada BAKER, 28, Sp., Waitress, 289 Kennington Road, John Frederick BAKER (Deceased), Marbler, by Banns

                        Wit: Christopher Frederick DARTNELL; Frederick BAKER (OR)


Lambeth South, All Saints




14 Aug 1920   Reginald DARTNELL, 21, Bach., Wireman G.P.O., 10 Cavendish Grove, Frederick DARTNELL, Plumber

                        Alice Louisa SMITH, 21, Sp., 10 Cavendish Grove, Thomas SMITH, Deceased, by Banns

                        Wit: Elizabeth HICKS; William DARTNELL (OR)


Leatherhead, St Mary & St Nicholas




? 1859             Dutnall, Alice, 2 (TS)






25 Sep 1661    Darknoll, Michael, s.o. Michael of the Weilde, Husbandman (OR)


Banns & Marriages


9 Feb 1638/9   James KING & Juliana DARKNOLL (OR)


6 May 1655     The intention of marriage between Michaell DARKNOLL of this pish, husbandman, of the one pte, and Elizabeth GRATWICK of Seavenoake in the county of Kent of the other pte was published in this pish Church of Lympsfield three several Lords dayes (namely Aprill 22, and 29, and May 6 1655) none gainsaying (OR)


5 Aug 1655     Edward DAXSON Husbandman & Elizabeth DARKNOLL Mayd Servant to Thomas HETH, both of this parish, published 22, 27 July, 5 August, none gainsaying. Married 20 Aug 1655. (OR)


11 Apr 1657    John HETH & Alice DARKNOLL, both of this parish, published 15 & 22 March 1656 and 29 March 1657, none gainsaying (OR)




17 Jan 1691/2  Dartnall, Elizabeth, of ye small pox (OR)







14 Apr 1744     Dutnal, Elizabeth, d.o. Tho. (IGI)

18 May 1817   Dutnall, William, s.o. John & Sarah, Labourer (OR)

14 Jan 1820      Dutnall, Ann, d.o. John & Sarah, Labourer (OR)




13 Oct 1816    John DUTNALL, otp & Sarah x BURGESS, otp, by Banns with consent of parents

Wit: Thomas EDWARDS; Francis SIMMONS (OR)




19 Jan 1820     Dutnall, Ann, 10 days (OR)






22 Feb 1908    Louis Edward DARTNELL, 35, s.o. Edward Croker DARTNELL

                        Margaret Ethel GILMOUR, 29, d.o. David GILMOUR (IGI)






20 Apr 1720    Dartnell, Major, s.o. George, Victualler (TS)







27 Mar 1638    Darnoll, Randall, s.o. Richard & Margaret (TS)

13 Dec 1715     Dartnell, Mary, d.o. George & Rebecca (TS)




27 Dec 1741    John BOWMAN & Rebecca DATNELL (TS)




28 Sep 1638    Darnoll, Randall, s.o. Richard & Margaret (TS)



Newington (church not identified)




1 Mar 1903      Alfred LAWSON, 21, Bach., s.o. Thomas LAWSON & Emily Isabella DARTNALL, 21, Sp., d.o. Henry Walter DARTNALL (IGI)


Newington, All Souls




27 Oct 1878    Richard John DARTNALL, Full, Bach., Barman, Parish of St Giles, Camberwell, Surrey, Richard John DARTNALL deceased, Butcher

                        Mary Ann Eliza AIRES, Full, Sp., Parish of All Souls, Grosvenor Park, Walworth, Samuel AIRES deceased, Fishmonger, by Licence

                        Wit: John BISHOP; Ellen SPRATT (OR)


25 Dec 1878    William Arthur DARTNELL, Full, Bach., Chair Maker, 20 Grosvenor Terrace, Thomas DARTNELL, Chair Maker

                        Elizabeth UNWIN, Minor, Sp., 20 Grosvenor Terrace, Thomas UNWIN, Builder, by Banns

                        Wit: James DECCOT?; Mary EGERTON (OR)


Newington, Holy Trinity




24 Nov 1863   William DURTNALL, Full, Wid., Cordwainer, John St., William DURTNALL, Labourer

                        Eliza DUMBLETON, Full, Sp., Adam St., William DUMBLETON, Cordwainer, by Banns

                        Wit: George DURTNALL; Margaret DURTNALL (OR)


2 Oct 1865      John BISHOP, Full, Bach., Butcher, Liverpool St., John BISHOP, Gentleman

                        Alice DARTNALL, Full, Wid., ....and? St., John ROWELL, Farmer, by Banns

                        Wit: John BISHOP; Mary Ann NEWMAN (OR)


27 Nov 1875   William Giffin GIBBS, Full., Bach., Professor of Music, Newington Causeway, William Giffin GIBBS, Deceased

                        Annie DARTNALL, Full, Sp., Newington Causeway, George DARTNALL, Deceased, by Banns

                        Wit: Edwin NORRIS; Helen LUR...? (OR)


Newington, St Mary




28 Sep 1684    Darknall, Michael, s.o. Phillip (OR)

30 Nov 1690   Dartnaile, Phillip, s.o. Michaell (OR)

16 Mar 1692/3 Dartnaile, Michaell, s.o. Michaell (OR)

16 Mar 1692/3 Dartnaile, Mary, d.o. Michaell (OR)

2 Sep 1694      Dartnaile, Mary, d.o. Michaell (OR)

15 Nov 1695   Dartnaile, Phillip, s.o. Michael (OR)

15 Nov 1695   Dartnaile, Eliz:, d.o. Michael (OR)

29 Oct 1699    Dartnall, John, s.o. Michl. (OR)

20 Oct 1723     Dartnell, Philip, s.o. Miles (OR)

?3 Mar 1725/6 Dartnell, Michl., s.o. Mich: (OR)

19 May 1746   Dartnall, Ann, d.o. Philip & Elizabeth (OR)

8 Nov 1747       Dartnall, John, s.o. Phillip & Elizabeth (OR)

19 Jul 1752       Dartnall, Ann, d.o. Philip & Elizabeth (OR)

26 Aug 1759    Darknell, Mary, d.o.Phillip & Mary (OR)

24 Mar 1762    Darknell, Philip, s.o. Philip & Elisabeth (OR)

17 Dec 1815     Dartnell, Maria, d.o. William & Lucy, Lock…..?, Stone Mason, born 27 Nov (OR)

17 Aug 1817   Dartnell, John Henry, s.o. William & Lucy, Thomas’s St., Locks Fields, Stone Mason, born 15 Feb (OR)

21 May 1922   Dartnell, Maud Rosina, d.o. Thomas & Alice, 38 Holyoak Road, Painter, born 9 Apr 1922 (TS)




20 Sep 1683     Phillip DARKNALL & Mary WILLSON (OR)


26 Feb 1689/90 Michaell DARTNAILE & Mary FARRANT, of Newton: Published on ye 9th, 16th & 23th  (OR)


3 Nov 1839       John Henry DARTNELL, full, Bach., Gardener, Newington, William DARTNELL, Mason

                        Mary Ann x TODD, full, Sp., -, Newington, John TODD, Gardener, Deceased, by Banns

                        Wit: William DARTNELL; Lucy x DARTNELL (OR)


30 Nov 1845    George DARTNELL, full, Bach., Gardener, Goose Green, William DARTNELL, Mason

                        Jane PARKER, full, Sp., -, High St., John PARKER, Deceased, by Banns

                        Wit: John DARTNELL; Mary Ann x DARTNELL (OR)


25 Jul 1853      Henry Stephen EDMUNDS, Full, Bach., Plasterer, Francis Street, John Thomas EDMUNDS, Plasterer

                        Ann x PORTLOCK, Full, Wid., Francis Street, Thomas DARTNELL, Boot & Shoe Maker, by Banns

                        Wit: John Thomas EDMUNDS; Martha EDMUNDS (OR)


1 Oct 1854      Robert RODGERS, Full, Bach., Gardener, High St., Thomas RODGERS, Gardener

                        Mary Ann DARTNELL, Full, Sp., High St., William DARTNELL, Stone-Mason, by Banns

                        Wit: Michael DINSON; Sarah WESTBROOK (OR)


25 Dec 1892    Arthur William DURTNALL, 28, Bach., Decorator, 2 Boundary Lane, William DURTNALL, Cord Wainer

                        Sarah HOLLOWAY, 22, Sp., 2 Boundary Lane, John HOLLOWAY (deceased), Carman, by Banns

                        Wit: Lydia HOLLOWAY; Alfred BAXTER (OR)




26 Jun 1693     Dartnall, Mary, d.o. Mich: (OR)

6 Oct 1693      Dartnall, Michael Senr. (OR)

23 Mar 1696/7 Dartnall, Phillip, s.o. Mich: (OR)

26 Jul 1697      Dartnall, Mary, w.o. Phillp (OR)

26 Feb 1727/8 Dartnell, Mary (OR)

19 Mar 1727/8 Dartnall, Michael (OR)

8 Jun 1746         Dartnall, Ann (OR)

1754                Dartnell, Mary (Index)

23 Aug 1772    Dartnell, Philip, man (OR)

27 Oct 1772     Dartnell, John, child (OR)

29 Oct 1778    Dartnell, Elizabeth, woman (OR)

2 Apr 1784      Darknell, Michael, child (OR)

2 Apr 1786      Dartnell, Mary Ann, child (OR)

24 May 1789   Dartnell, John William, child (OR)

17 Oct 1790    Dartnell, Alfred, child (OR)

3 Apr 1796      Dartnell, John, man (OR)

7 Mar 1802      Darnal, Philip, man (OR)

22 Jun 1814     Dartnell, Sarah, New Kent Rd., 49 (OR)

24 Sep 1822    Darknell, Philip, Poplar Row, Kent Road, 62 (OR)



Newington, St Matthew




18 Dec 1850    Dartnell, Ann, Court Street, 10 days (OR)


Newington, St Paul Lorrimore Square




18 Aug 1907   George James SAUNDERS, 21, Bach., Postman, 22 Delverton Road, George John SAUNDERS, Packer

                        Annie DARTNELL, 21, Sp., 22 Delverton Road, Edward DARTNELL, Borough Council Employee, by Banns

                        Wit: George John SAUNDERS; Kate Beatrice SAUNDERS (OR)


19 Sep 1909    Arthur Edward DARTNALL, 28, Bach., Clerk, 127 Hillingdon Street, Richard John DARTNALL, Tobacconist

                        Edith May CAMBRAY, 29, Sp., Mantle Master, 127 Hillingdon Street, William Climperon? CAMBRAY deceased, Grocer, by Banns

                        Wit: Richard John DARTNALL; William Charles CAMBRAY (OR)


31 Jul 1910      Arthur CUMMINGS, 42, Wid., Labourer, 16 Stopford Road, Alfred CUMMINGS (deceased), Builder

                        Florence Elizabeth DARTNELL, 37, Wid., 102 Olney Street, James KING (deceased), Seaman, by Banns

                        Wit: George James SAUNDERS; Edith Blanche CALLOW (OR)


17 Mar 1912    Frederick DARTNELL, 29, Bach., Carman, 35 Olney Street, Frederick DARTNELL (Deceased), Decorator

                        Eliza Mary Ann HOLSMAN, 29, Sp., 35 Olney Street, James HOLSMAN, Horse Keeper, by Banns

                        Wit: Abert PAYNE; Ada Louise BOYCE (OR)






20 Jun 1654      Dartnall, Anne, d.o. John of London, grocer (TS)







15 Nov 1764    Dartnell, Susanna, d.o. John & Mary, of Wootton (TS)

15 Jan 1766     Dartnell, John, s.o. John & Mary, of Wootton, (TS)

25 Sep 1768     Dartnell, Sarah, d.o. John & Mary, of Wootton (TS)

17 Feb 1771     Dartnell, Mary, d.o. John & Mary, of Wootton (TS)

25 Jul 1773      Dartnell, William, s.o. John & Mary, of Wootton (TS)

9 Apr 1786      Darkenel, William, s.o. Charles by Sarah, of Wootton, P. (TS)




3 Feb 1774      Dartnell, William, s.o. John & Mary, Shere, A (TS)

17 Apr 1780     Darkener, Charlotte, d.o. John, Shire (TS)

7 Jul 1781        Darkner, Charles, infant (TS)

2 Feb 1787      Darknell, Daniel, Sheir (TS)

22 Apr 1799    Dardinel, Mary, Shere (TS)







7 Jan 1765       Darnell, Jn, s.o. Jn & Dinah (TS)







25 ? 1595        Darcknall, John, s.o. Edward (TS)

18 ? 1597        Darcknall, Elizabeth, d.o. Edward (TS)




13 Aug 1792   James DARTNELL & Charlotte GRANTHAM, botp, by Banns (WSMI)




14 Sep 1598     Darcknall, ? , w.o. Edward (first name not given) (TS)







24 Nov 1811   Dartnell, Richard, s.o. William & Ann (TS)

25 Nov 1827    Durtnall, Mary Ann, d.o. Joseph & Harriet, Oxted, Labourer (OR)

12 Aug 1838   Dartnall, Henry, s.o. William & Catherine, of Flint House, Farmer, born 11 Jul (OR)

15 Nov 1840   Dartnall, George, s.o. William & Cathn, Oxted, Labourer, born 17 Oct (OR)

9 Mar 1845      Dartnall, Frederick, s.o. John & Sarah, Flint House, Oxted, Farmer, born 23 Nov 1844 (OR)




23 Nov 1707   John DUTNALE & Mary GINKS (TS)

23 Oct 1738    John DATNAL & Ann CLARKE (TS)


8 Oct 1781        George DUTNALL, of Woldingham, Bach & Sarah x PELL, otp, Sp, by Banns.



3 Aug 1811       William DARTNELL, of East Peckham, Kent, Bach & Ann x HOLLAMBY, otp, Sp, by Licence.

Wit: John CAVE; Mary HOLLAMBY (TS)


18 Aug 1840    William DARTNALL, otp, Bach. & Eliza DARTNELL, otp, Sp., by Licence

Wit: Willm. COOMBER; Louisa DARTNALL;  Mary Ann COYFE (OR)


24 Jan 1846      Robert YOUNG & Louisa DARTNALL (IGI)




19 Mar 1739/40 Dutnall, John (TS)

19 May 1841   Dartnall, Richd., from East Grinsted, Sussex, 29 (OR)



Peckham Hanover Chapel, Camberwell




31 Oct 1811    Dartnall, Charles, s.o. William & Ann (IGI)

16 Dec 1813    Dartnall, Alfred, s.o. William & Ann (IGI)

22 Jun 1816     Dartnall, Edmund, s.o. William & Ann (IGI)


Peckham, St Mark




2 Aug 1913     Arthur Charles DARTNALL, 28, Bach., Toolmaker (engineer), 26 Royal Road, Peckham, Thomas Walter DARTNALL, Bookbinder

                        Edith Louise RUSSELL, 25, Sp., 26 Royal Road, Peckham, Albert John RUSSELL (deceased), Coachman, by Banns

                        Wit: Mabel Florence RUSSELL; Henry George T.....? (OR)


7 Aug 1915     Edgar Jacob DARTNALL, 21, Bach., 3 Tyrells Rd., Dulwich, John DARTNALL, Grocer

                        Elizabeth Shepherd EWAN, 21,Sp., 74 Layard? Rd., James Stuart EWAN, Police Sergeant, by Banns

                        Wit: James Stuart EWAN; Dora Victoria AUGER: Edith Alice DARTNALL (OR)


Peckham, St Mary Magdalene




8 Jul 1877        Nathaniel James DARTNELL, 44, Wid., Barge builder, 26 Shards Road, Nathaniel Robert DARTNELL, Barge builder

                        Elizabeth SALES, 34, Wid., 26 Shards Road, John MEADUS deceased, Clerk, by Banns

                        Wit: George Henry SALES; Sarah Ann SALES (OR)


25 Dec 1878    William DARTNELL, 43, Bach., Waterman, 10 Shard’s Road, Nathaniel DARTNELL, Barge Builder

                        Hebe Alice CLUBB, 48, Wid., 10 Shard’s Road, Richard CONSTABLE, Gardener, by Banns

                        Wit: Nathaniel J DARTNELL; Elizabeth DARTNELL (OR)


Putney, St Mary




14 Feb 1813    Dartnell, Thomas, s.o. Thomas & Sarah, Putney, Groom to Lord Duncannon (OR)




20 Feb 1813    Dartnell, Thomas, s.o. Thomas, Putney, Infant (OR)

9 Apr 1814      Dartnell, Sarah, Putney, 29 (OR)


Richmond, St Mary Magdalen




2 May 1824     Dartnall, Elizabeth, d.o. Elizabeth, Kew Lane, Servant, born 30 Oct 1821 (OR)

7 Dec 1825       Dartnell, Esther Molton, d.o. Elizabeth, Saffron Hill, Holborn, Servant, born 6 Oct 1824 (OR)


Rotherhithe, All Saints




23 Sep 1866    Durtnall, Fanny Eliza, d.o. William & Eliza, 4 Cornish Place, Grove St, Deptford, Shoemaker, born 28 Aug 1866 (OR)

18 Sep 1870    Durtnall, Alice Maude, d.o. William & Eliza, London Street, Deptford, Shoemaker, born 19 Aug 1870 (OR)

29 Jun 1892     Dutnall, George William, s.o. George & Harriet, 20 Maur Lane, Bricklayer (OR)


Rotherhithe, Christchurch




25 Feb 1864    James WINN, Full, Bach., Mariner, Cottage Row, Bermondsey, William WINN, Spirit Merchant

                        Eliza Ann DUTNALL, Minor, Sp., Cottage Row Bermondsey, William DUTNALL, Mariner, by Licence

                        Wit: William x DUTNALL; Dorothy Ann HARRISON (OR)


25 Feb 1869    Richard RYE, Full, Bach., Ship Joiner, 32 Glebe Terrace, Rotherhithe, Michael Thomas RYE, Ship Joiner

                        Elizabeth DURTNALL, Full, Sp., 32 Glebe Terrace, Rotherhithe, Henry James DURTNALL, Deceased, by Banns

                        Wit: Thomas ..? PATERSON; ? W GOLDSMITH; Elizabeth Mary BANKS; Margaret DURTNALL (OR)


28 Jun 1869     John DUTNALL, Full, Bach., Labourer, 18 Wellington Street, Rotherhithe, David DUTNALL, Labourer

                        Sarah Ann BLACKMAN, Full, Sp., 18 Wellington Street, Rotherhithe, William BLACKMAN, Fisherman, by Banns

                        Wit: Joseph DUTNALL; Ellen Elizabeth MORSSLEY? (OR)


Rotherhithe, St Katharine




17 Dec 1902    Robert George Parker MAY, 30, Bach., Hair Dresser, 2 Reculver Road, George MAY, Watch Maker

                        Elizabeth BADLEY, 34, Wid., 1a Cornbury Road, Robert Nathaniel DARTNELL (deceased), Labourer, by Banns

                        Wit: Frank MIDDLETON; Mary Ann REGAN (OR)


Rotherhithe, St Mary




11 Jul 1714      Dartnoll, Tho, s.o. Will & Eliz (OR)

3 Nov 1715     Dartnoll, John, s.o. Will & Eliz (OR)

4 Nov 1717     Dartnall, Mary, d.o. William & Eliz (OR)

9 Apr 1720      Dartnall, Barbara, d.o. William & Eliz (OR)

5 Nov 1783     Dartnell, Michael, s.o. John & Mary, aged 32 days (OR)

23 Mar 1786    Dartnell, Mary Ann, d.o. John & Mary, aged 5 days (OR)

9 Oct 1864      Durtnall, Arthur William, s.o. William & Eliza, 4 Cornish Place, Deptford, Cordwainer, born 12 Sep 1864 (OR)

9 Oct 1864        Durtnall, Florence Rebecca, d.o. William & Eliza, 4 Cornish Place, Deptford, Cordwainer, born 4 Oct 1861 (OR)

1 May 1870     Dutnall, Ellen Madoline, d.o. John & Sarah Ann, 18 Wellington St., Albion St., Engineer, born 4 Apr (OR)




18 Feb 1900    George Harry DURTNALL, 21, Bach., Commercial Clerk, 31 Clark’s Orchard, William DURTNALL, Cordwainer

                        Emily Ann DUMBLETON, 22, Sp., 31 Clark’s Orchard, John William Joseph DUMBLETON, Vestry Employee (deceased), by Banns

                        Wit: George Henry HAY; Florence Annie FOREMAN (OR)




22 Aug 1653   Dartnell, Alice (OR)

9 Dec 1718      Dartnoll, William (OR)

29 Sep 1775    Dartnell, Thomas, Custom House Officer’s Child, Church Street (OR)






9 May 1897     Dartnall, Annie Clara, d.o. Harry & Clara Rebecca, born 13 May 1894 (VRI)

9 May 1897     Dartnell, Doris Ethel, d.o. Harry & Clara Rebecca, born 5 Mar 1897 (VRI)



Send & Ripley




8 Sep 1799        Dartnell, Tho, s.o. Jas & Charlotte, born 13 Aug 1799 (IGI)

20 Sep 1802    Dartnell, Jas, s.o. Jas & Charlotte, born 5 Sep (TS)

15 Mar 1807    Dartnell, Wm, s.o. Jas & Eliz, born 28 Jan (TS)

7 Feb 1816      Dartnell, Rob, s.o. Jas & Eliz (IGI)




20 Jan 1803     James DARTNELL, otp, Wid, & Elizabeth CUMBER, otp, Sp., by Licence

Wit: Elizabeth HENRY; Geo BIXLEY (OR)




24 Jul 1723      Dartnell, David, a felo de se, was put into the ground at Ripley (TS)

26 Sep 1802    Dartnell, Charlotte, w.o. James, 36 (TS)

2 Nov 1811     Dartnell, William, 4 (TS)

7 Feb 1816      Dartnell, Jas, 50 (TS)

17 Oct 1821    Dartnell, James, 50 (WSBI)







22 Jun 1855     Dartnall, Jacob, s.o. John & Sarah, Shere, Farmer (OR)

26 Mar 1871    Dartnell, Fanny, d.o. Frederick & Elizabeth (IGI)

2 May 1872     Dartnall, Mary, d.o. Frederick & Elizabeth (IGI)

26 Mar 1875    Dartnall, George Frederic, s.o. Frederic & Elizabeth Upfold (IGI)

17 Aug 1877    Dartnall, Lizzie, d.o. Frederick & Elizabeth Upfold (IGI)




9 Oct 1899        John Edward JAY, Bach., 22, s.o. John JAY

Lizzie DARTNALL, Sp., 22, d.o. Frederick DARTNALL (IGI)

15 Apr 1901    William John BENFORD, Bach., 30, s.o. Benjamin BENFORD

Fanny DARTNALL, Sp., 30, d.o. Frederick DARTNALL (IGI)



Southwark, St Alphege




22 Mar 1896    Henry ELKINS, Wid. & Elizabeth DARTNELL, Wid. (IGI)


Southwark, Christ Church




30 May 1813   Dartnell, Edward Wales, s.o. John Thomas & Mary, John Street, Carpenter (OR)

30 May 1813   Dartnell, Emma, d.o. John Thomas & Mary, John Street, Carpenter (OR)

30 May 1813   Dartnell, Henry, s.o. John Thomas & Mary, John Street, Carpenter (OR)




24 Sep 1810    Darknell, George (OR)


Southwark, St George the Martyr




31 Jul 1699      Darknell, Phillip, s.o. Phillip (OR)

23 Nov 1803    Darknell, Thomas, s.o. John Thomas & Mary, born 24 Oct (OR)




27 Aug 1637   Georg WILM & Anabey DARTNOLL (OR)


23 Mar 1783    Robert BAKER & Johanna DUTNALL, by Licence (OR)


13 Nov 1804    Edward WEATHERSTONE & Jane DARTNELL, by Banns (OR)


2 Jul 1811        John WEBB, otp, Bach. & Eleanor DUTNALL, otp, Sp., by Banns

                        Wit: John EVENDEN; Rich: HURST? (OR)


7 May 1825     Richard DARTNALL, otp, Bach., & Martha LEIGH, of Edonbridge in Kent, Sp., by Licence

                        Wit: Rich: HURST?; Rich: BELL (OR)


19 Apr 1856    William x DARTNELL, Full, Bach., Game Keeper, Union Street, Henry DARTNELL, Labourer

                        Eliza Georgina GOODREDGE, Full, Sp., Union Street, John GOODREDGE, Labourer, by Banns

                        Wit: Ernest GOODREDGE; Mary Ann x TYE (OR)


29 Oct 1865    Thomas OSBORN, Full, Bach., Wheelwright, Blackfriars Rd., William OSBORN, Wheelwright

                        Sarah x ACTON, Full, Wid., Blackfriars Rd., Henry DARTNELL, Labourer, by Banns

                        Wit: John MASON; Mary Ann x TYE (OR)


25 Dec 1907    Ernest Thomas SMITH, 22, Bach., Warehouseman, 19 Queens Buildings, Scovell Road, Thomas SMITH (deceased), Wood Piece Worker

                        Lillian Rose DARTNELL, 22, Sp., 19 Queens Buildings, Scovell Road, Harry DARTNELL, Plumber, by Banns

                        Wit: Harry DARTNELL; Victoria ATTLE (OR)


25 Dec 1912    Harry DARTNELL, 25, Bach., Fitter’s improver, 99 Scovell Road, Henry DARTNELL, Plumber

                        Edith Amelia BISHOP, 21, Sp., 218 Scovell Road, Ernest Nathaniel BISHOP, Warehouseman, by Banns

                        Wit: Harry DARTNELL, Annie Theresa Josephine RAUL (OR)


23 Apr 1916    Herbert Edward JOHNSON, 25, Bach., Motor Driver, 7 Montague Street, Albert Edward JOHNSON, Polisher

                        Ethel DARTNELL, 23, Sp., 7 Montague Street, Harry DARTNELL (deceased), Plumber, by Banns

                        Wit: Edward Albert JOHNSON; Florence Ellen COTTINGHAM (OR)




7 Mar 1658/9   Dartnall, Jasper (OR)

29 Dec 1693/4 Dutnall, Richard, s.o. Giles (OR)

1 Sep 1711      Dartnoll, Phillip, s.o. Phillip (OR)


Southwark, St Mary Magdalene




4 Jul 1886        John TOWERS, 50, Wid., Painter, 11 Edward Ct., Bermondsey New Rd., John TOWERS, Deceased

                        Sarah x DARTNELL, 48, Wid., 11 Edward Ct., Thomas AXTON, Deceased, by Banns

                        Wit: Daniel CORBETT; Sarah CORBETT (OR)


11 Feb 1899    Horace Tom WHITBREAD, 22, Bach., Farmer, Higham, Kent, Thomas William WHITBREAD, Deceased

                        Jean DARTNELL, 21, Sp., 4 Mercia Rd., Robert DARTNELL, Publican, by Licence

                        Wit: George Tress STANLEY?; Emily STARTUP (OR)


6 May 1911     Albert Edward DARTNELL, 26, Bach., Stationer, 34 Hartington Rd. SW, Frederick William DARTNELL, Plumber

                        Ada Eleanor COLBROOK, 22, Sp., 8 Surrey Terrace SE, George Jabez COLBROOK, Wood Turner, by (blank)

                        Wit: William COLBROOK; Lilian BAKER (OR)


Southwark, St Olave




24 Aug 1786    John BENNETT, Bach, of St Luke, Middlesex & Rebecca DUTNELL (signs DUTNALL), Wid, otp, by Licence

Wit: Thomas MAYO; Mary PERCIVAL (OR)


26 Jul 1863       John KING, 31, Bach., Baker, Webber Street, Thomas KING, Baker

Jane DARTNALL, 16, Webber Street, John DARTNALL, Contractor, by Banns

Wit: Henry READ; Elizabeth GARDENER (OR)


Southwark, St Saviour’s Union Infirmary




18 Feb 1886    Dartnell, Chas., No. In case book: 8/2622, Age: 2, Cause of death: Bronchitis (OR)


Southwark, St Saviour




14 Nov 1591   Dartenall, Jone, d.o. Samuell, a Chamberlayne (OR)

17 Dec 1592    Dartenowle, Richard, s.o. Samuell, a Chamblayne (OR)

26 Jul 1668       Darnall, Mary (TS)

30 Sep 1781     Dartnell, William (TS) No parents listed (IGI)

12 Aug 1810    Dartnell, Nathaniel Robert, s.o. Nathaniel & Mary, Barge Builder, born .....? (OR)

23 Sep 1812     Dartnell, Mary Ann, d.o. Nathaniel & Mary, Barge Builder, born 23 Aug (OR)

17 Oct 1880    Dartnell, Lucy Matilda, d.o. Henry & Harriett, Little Guildford Street, Labourer, born 23 Jul 1880 (OR)




20 Dec 1868    Alfred George DARTNELL, Bach. & Sarah Harriet WATSON, Sp. (OR)

27 Dec 1868

3 Jan 1869




6 Apr 1771      John DARTNELL, otp, Bach. & Sarah WALES, of Westerham in the County of Kent, Sp., by Licence

                        Wit: John BROWN; Priscilla WALES (OR)


20 Feb 1780    William DOWDING, otp, Bach. & Mary DARTNELL, of the Parish of St Mary Mag:ln, Bermondsey, Surrey, Sp., and a Minor, by and with the consent of her Guardian, by                      Licence

                        Wit: John DARTNELL; Elias GROVES; Maria LLOYD (OR)


2 Apr 1809        Nathaniel x DARTNELL, otp, Bach. & Mary WORBEY, otp, Sp., by Banns



1 Oct 1814        John SHORT, otp, Bach. & Rebecca x DARTNELL, otp, Sp., by Licence

Wit: N.....? ODY; Hannah MORTLOOK (OR)


23 Jan 1834      James DARTNALL, otp, Wid. & Charlotte BRITTER, otp, Sp., by Banns

Wit: James AVERY; Mary Ann AVERY (OR)


27 Apr 1842    John DARTNALL, Full, Bach., Farmer, Oxted, Surrey, Richard DARTNALL, Farmer

                        Sarah GLADWIN, Full, Sp., Godstone, Surrey, Thomas GLADWIN, Auctioneer, by Banns

                        Wit: Richard GLADWIN; Eliza GLADWIN (OR)


7 Mar 1878      Albert James JUPP, Full, Bach., Laborer, Park Street, James JUPP, Game Keeper

Emma DARTNELL, Full, Sp., Park Street, Henry DARTNELL, Laborer, by Banns

Wit: Henry Edward DARTNELL; Alice DREWETT (OR)


13 Feb 1881    Thomas Edward WATERS, Full, Bach., Carpenter, St Saviour Southwark, William WATERS, Timber Merchant

                        Alice Dorrell DARTNELL, Full, Wid., Croydon, Surrey, William FLINT (deceased), Carpenter, by Licence

                        Wit: Fredk. DREWETT; Fanny DREWETT (OR)




23 Dec 1592    Dartnawll, Richard, a Child (OR)

9 Aug 1593     Dortnell, Johane, a Childe (OR)

24 Apr 1709    Dartnall, ? (blank) (OR)


Streatham, St Andrew




12 Dec 1918    Frederick DARTNELL, 47, Bach., Gardener, 41 Baldry Gardens, Streatham, George DARTNELL, Gardener

                        Frances Mary Hilda NICHOLDS, 30, Sp., 50 Danbrook Rd., Streatham, George NICHOLDS, Gardener, by Banns

                        Wit: George NICHOLDS; Ethel Blanche NICHOLDS (OR)


Streatham, St Leonard




29 Jun 1740      Dartnell, George, s.o. George & Hannah (OR)

9 Dec 1744       Dartnell, John, s.o. George & Hannah (OR)

11 May 1746   Dartnell, Elizabeth, d.o. George & Hannah (OR)

16 Aug 1752    Dartnell, John, s.o. George & Hannah (OR)

30 Jul 1755       Dartnall, William, s.o. George & Hannah (OR)

27 May 1759   Dartnall, Robert, s.o. George & Hannah (OR)




22 Sep 1745     Durtnell, a child of George (OR)

22 Oct 1755     Dartnall, William (OR)

15 Oct 1760     Dartnall, George (OR)

9 May 1762     Dartnall, George (OR)

22 Jul 1788       Dartnell, Hannah, Parish (OR)


Streatham Hill, Christ Church




1 Jul 1866        Dartnell, Lucy Ada, d.o. George & Lucy, Park View Cottages, Coachman, born 30 May (OR)

3 Oct 1869      Dartnell, Frederick, s.o. George & Lucy, Cornwall Road, Coachman, born 23 Aug (OR)

3 Feb 1887      Dartnell, Sidney, s.o. George & Lucy, 137 New Park Road, Gardener, born 30 Jan 1887 (OR)






5 Oct 1896      Frederick DARTNALL, 34, Bach., s.o. George DARTNALL & Sarah BORRER or BOORER, 25, Sp., d.o. Frederick BOORER (IGI)






27 Apr 1742     Thomas RIDLEY & Sarah DUTNAL (TS)






12 Oct 1803     William x BOWEN, otp, Bach & Sarah x DUTNALL, otp, Sp, by Banns

                        Wit: Sarah x POTTEL; Willm THOMAS (OR)






14 May 1620   Darknoll, Thomas, s.o. Phinehas, natus 29 Apr (TS)

22 May 1621   Darknoll, Edward, s.o. Phinehas, natus 13 May (TS)

4 Sep 1623        Darknoll, John & Beatrice, twins, s. & d.o. Phinehas, natus 27 Aug (TS)

31 Dec 1624     Darknoll, Richard, s.o. Phinehas, natus 21 Mar (TS)

21 Jul 1626       Darknoll, Elizebeth, d.o. Phinehas, natus 13 Jul (TS)

2 Jul 1629          Darknoll, Phinehas, s.o. Phinehas, natus 20 Jun (TS)

27 Oct 1631     Darknoll, Charles, s.o. Phinehas, natus 14 Oct (TS)

23 Jun 1635      Darknoll, George, s.o. Phinehas & Mary, natus 12 Jun (TS)




30 Dec 1647    Nicholas GUILLYM, Londoner, & Mary DARKNOLL, d. of Mr Phin DARKNOLL (TS)




14 Mar 1641/2 Darknoll, George, s.o. Phinehas & Mary, 6, died 10 Mar (TS)

20 Apr 1652     Darknoll, Mary, w.o. Phinehas sexagesim: secundo aetatis, obiit 17o eiusdem (TS)

29 Sep 1681     Whiffen, John, servant to Mr Edward Darknoll (TS)

9 Feb 1694        Darknoll, Mrs Margaret, w.o. Mr Edward, aged three score and twelve years (TS)







12 Jan 1711      George DATNALL, of Chipsted & Rebecca LEACH, of Morden (OR)


3 Dec 1916      Arthur Lennard ALDERMAN, 28, Bach., Soldier, 86 Mellisor Rd., Mark William ALDERMAN, Coachman

                        Amy Rosina, DUTNALL, 28, Sp., 86 Mellisor Rd., Frank William DUTNALL, Compositor, by Licence

                        Wit: Ethel May DUTNALL; George Henry CHAPMAN (OR)



Tulse Hill, Holy Trinity




15 Jan 1868     Dartnell, Ellen, d.o. George & Lucy, 7 Fairview Place, Coachman (OR)


Walworth, All Saints




1 Aug 1886     John DARTNELL, 23, Bach., Bricklayer, 50 Brady Street, Thomas DARTNELL, Bricklayer

                        Ada Ann JONES, 23, Sp., Queen’s Head, Kingslake Street, Thomas JONES (deceased), Publican, by Banns

                        Wit: George WHITE, Martha Jane JONES (OR)


25 Dec 1886    Daniel REGAN, 21, Bach., Tinman, 1 Hickman’s Court, London Street, Dennis REGAN, Labourer

                        Sophia Jane x DARTNELL, 22, Sp., 10 Kings Arms Place, Hickman’s Folly, Robert Nathaniel DARTNELL, Rug Maker, by Banns

                        Wit: Tom DARTNELL; Margaret x ROSKELLY (OR)


6 Apr 1896      Henry ELKINS, 57, Wid., Carman, 6 Surrey Buildings, James ELKINS (deceased), Carman

                        Elizabeth x DARTNELL, 52, Wid., 6 Surrey Buildings, John MEADUS (deceased), Clerk, by Banns

                        Wit: Peter Pidreill? COKER; Amelia x NICHOLLS (OR)


29 Jun 1898     John George NANSON, Full, Wid., Gentleman, 142 Grosvenor Terrace, William NANSON (deceased), Tailor

                        Lily Elizabeth DARTNELL, Full, Sp., 142 Grosvenor Terrace, Thomas DARTNELL, Cabinet Maker, by Banns

                        Wit: John George Washington NANSON; John Walter BARTLETT (OR)


11 Feb 1917    John Frederick DARTNELL, 28, Bach., Private R.F.C., 208 Ferndale Road, Brixton, William Arthur DARTNELL (deceased), Chair Maker

                        Florence Ethel HILL, 31, Sp., 42 Southville, Samuel HILL, Art Metal Worker, by Banns

                        Wit: Edwin Kickers HILL; Ciara Elizabeth STEVENS (OR)


Walworth, St John the Evangelist




29 Jan 1882      Dutnell, Bertie, s.o. William Edward & Honour, 25 Richmond Street, Mason (OR)

29 Mar 1885    Darknell, Lilian Rose, d.o. Harry & Harriet, 111 St Stephen Square, Labourer (OR)

29 May 1887   Dartnell, Harry, s.o. Harry & Harriet, 172 Long Lane, Plumber (OR)

2 Feb 1890        Dartnell, John Edward, s.o. Harry & Harriet, 5 Nelson Road, Plumber (OR)




25 Dec 1876    William MAYNARD, Full, Bach., General Dealer, 27 Caroline Place, Thomas MAYNARD, Hatter

                        Emily DARTNALL, Full, Sp., 27 Caroline Place, Henry DARTNALL, Vellum Binder, by Banns

Wit: Frederick x LANGSTON; Martha x MAYNARD (OR)


25 Dec 1898    Ernest James DARTNELL, 25, Bach., Carman, 3 Wansey? St., Thomas DARTNELL, Carpenter

                        Rachel Edith TAYLOR, 24, Sp., Housewife, Henry TAYLOR (Dec’d.), Business Transfer Agent, by Banns

                        Wit: A W TAYLOR; L S TAYLOR (OR)


11 Oct 1903    Walter George HARMAN, 24, Bach., Warehouseman, 137 Walworth Road, Thomas HARMAN, Clerk

                        Beatrice DUTNELL, 22, Sp., 137 Walworth Road?, William Edward DUTNELL (Dead), Mason, by Banns

                        Wit: H G DUTNELL; A HARMAN; E HARMAN (OR)


Walworth, St Peter




26 Jan 1862     Durtnal, Alice, d.o. Henry & Harriett Lucretia (TS)




24 Jun 1846     William Brain DANIELS, Full, Bach., Mariner, 6 East Street, William Brain DANIELS (deceased), Soldier

                        Ann x RUSSELL, Full, Wid., 6 East Street, Henry DURTNELL, Carpenter, by Banns

                        Wit: Thos TURNER; Mary Louisa RUMNEY? (OR)


Walworth, St Stephen




6 Nov 1902     Durtnall, Nellie Violet, d.o. Arthur William & Sarah, 31a Cowan Street, Decorator, born 19 Jan 1899 (OR)

21 Jan 1904     Durtnall, Sidney Arthur George, s.o. Arthur William & Sarah, 31a Cowan Street, Decorator, born 30 Nov 1893 (OR)




23 Feb 1901    Thomas Charles DARTNALL, 23, Bach., Leather Cutter, 130 Westmoreland Road, Henry Thomas DARTNALL, Vellum Binder

                        Grace Lee CHAPMAN, 26, Sp., 130 Westmoreland Road, Joseph Samuel CHAPMAN, Wheelwright, by Banns

Wit: Charles Samuel CHAPMAN; Emily PATIENCE (OR)






22 Oct 1845    Dutnell, Ann, Warlingham, 90 (OR)






20 Jan 1792      Dartnell, Joseph, P. (TS)

5 Jan 1793         Dartnell, Sarah [32] P. (TS)

11 Jan 1834      Dartnell, Robert, Wimbledon, 53 (OR)







30 Dec 1781     Dutnal, Hannah, d.o. George & Sarah (TS)

17 Jun 1785      Durtnal, William, s.o. George & Sarah (TS)

1791                Dutnal, Mary, d.o. George & Sarah (TS)

1793                Dutnal, John, s.o. George & Sarah (TS)




29 Jan 1801      Dartnal, Mary Ann, d.o. Richard & Ann, born 6 Jan (TS)

13 Dec 1801     Dartnal, Richard, s.o. Richard & Anne (private) (TS)

25 Nov 1803    Dartnal, Jacob, s.o. Richard & Ann (TS)

9 Dec 1810       Dartnall, Eliza, d.o. Richard & Mary (TS)

1 Mar 1812      Dartnall, John, s.o. Richard & Mary (TS)

12 Feb 1814     Dartnall, Ann, d.o. Richard & Mary, Farmer (TS)

31 Dec 1815     Dartnall, Louisa, d.o. Richard & Mary, Farmer (TS)

26 Jun 1817      Dartnall, Matilda, d.o. Richard & Mary, Farmer (OR)

2 Jul 1820          Dartnall, Amelia, d.o. Richard & Mary, Farmer (TS)

28 May 1837   Dartnall, Jane, d.o. ?, Labourer, born 9 Nov 1833 (TS)

28 May 1837   Dartnall, Robert, s.o. ?, Labourer, born 16 Feb 1836 (TS)

25 Sep 1843     Dartnall, Thomas, s.o. John & Sarah (IGI)




29 Apr 1769     Samuel COPPINGER, Westerham, & Ann DURTNELL, Woldingham, by banns.

Wit: John COPPING(ER?); John x LYDI (?) (TS)


6 Nov 1810       Richard DARTNALL, otp, wid. & Mary COOMBER, otp, wid., by Licence.

Wit: Timothy x WEBB; Richard x BURLEY (TS)




1798                Dutnal, George (TS)

1800                Dutnal, Wm (TS)

21 Mar 1814    Dartnall, John, of Marden in Godstone, 19 (TS)

1 May 1814     Dartnall, Anne, 10 weeks (TS)

5 Oct 1817        Dartnall, Matilda, 7 months (OR)

10 Oct 1821     Dutnel, George, of Marden in Godstone, 79 (OR)

? 1836             Dartnall, Amelia, 15 (TS)







1 Feb 1785        Charles DARTNELL (M) & Sarah NOLDERT (M), botp, by Banns.

Wit: Mary NYE (M); Thos BROOKWELL (TS)