Durtnall & Variant Parish Register & Bishop's Transcript Entries


London & Middlesex




            OR      Original Register

            BT       Bishop's Transcript

            TS        Printed Transcript (Many first names also abbreviated)

            IGI      International Genealogical Index

            Wit      Witnesses



London (place not identified)




8 Jan 1745       James DEARTNEALL & Ann LEWIS (IGI)


Acton, St Alban




7 Aug 1906     Charles James DURTNALL, 42, Bach., Clerk, 66 St Alban’s Avenue, James Shakespear DURTNALL (deceased), Printer

                        Alice Mary MELHUISH, 43, Wid., 66 St Alban’s Avenue, William Henry ALSOP, Salesman, by Banns

                        Wit: Anton M S CAMERON; Ada A MELHUISH; E L DURTNALL (OR)


All Hallows the Less




7 Jan 1604/5     DARTNALL, Mary, d.o. Sebastian (TS)


Bethnal Green, St Barnabas




5 Dec 1909      Henry DUTNALL, 31, Bach., Furniture Fitter, 2 Burgoyne Road, Henry DUTNALL, Upholsterer

                        Lilian Maud CLARKE, 31, Sp., 2 Burgoyne Road, Henry CLARKE (deceased), Waiter, by Banns

                        Wit: Horace W DUTNALL; William George CLARKE (OR)


Bethnal Green, St Batholomew




29 Dec 1857    Edward NEIL, 22, Bach., Stoker, 5 Collingwood St, Thomas NEIL, Sugar Baker

                        Elizabeth x DARTNELL, 19, Sp., 3 John St., William DARTNELL, Bricklayer, by Banns

                        Wit: William HINES, Mary Ann HINES (OR)


9 Aug 1868     Edward PIKEMAN, 21, Bach., Printer, 14 Collingwood St., Henry PIKEMAN, Sail Maker

                        Eliza x DARTNELL, 20, Sp., 9 Collingwood St., William DARTNELL, Bricklayer, by Banns

                        Wit: Alfred John BOLTON; Sarah BOLTON (OR)


Bethnal Green, St James the Great




28 Aug 1881   Dartnell, John Alfred, s.o. William Alfred & Sarah Ann, 3 Coll Lane, Bricklayer, born 9 Aug (OR)

5 Aug 1883     Dartnell, Susanna Sarah, d.o. William & Sarah Ann, 4 Railway Place, Brick Layer, born 20 Jul (OR)




5 Jun 1870       John Jeffery DURTNALL, Full, Wid., Wine Porter, Bethnal Greed Rd?, John DURTNALL, Deceased

                        Ann PAIN, Full, Wid., Bethnal Green, John LAWRANCE, Deseased, by Banns

                        Wit: William EDWARDS; Emma .....? (OR)


20 Apr 1875     William Edward HAYDAY, Full, Bach., Machinist, Bethnal Green, William HAYDAY, Machinist

Harriet Ann DARTNELL, Full, Sp., Bethnal Green, Nathaniel John DARTNALL, Barge Builder, by Banns

Wit: Mary Ann JONES; Florence HAYDAY (OR)


17 May 1881   James Samuel SAWYER, Full, Bach., Gardiner, Bethnal Green, William George, Deceased

                        Emma Martha Margaret DARTNALL, Full, Sp., Bethnal Green, John Robert DARTNALL, Portmanteau Maker, by Banns

                        Wit: Florence BIRCH; Selina BIRCH (OR)


11 Dec 1882    Edward MORRIS, Full, Bach., Letter Carrier, Bethnal Green, Edward MORRIS, Deceased

                        Rose Rebecca DARTNALL, 19, Sp., Bethnal Green, Robert DARTNALL, Warehouseman, by Banns

                        Wit: Henry Charles SAUNDERS; Jane LANE (OR)


Bethnal Green, St John




18 Aug 1850   John Thomas KINGSTON, Full, Wid., Mariner, 70 Ward’s Row, John Edward KINGSTON, Writer in East Indian Docks

                        Ann x RUSSELL, Full, Wid., 7 Cambridge Road, Henry DURTNALL, Ship Joiner, by Banns

                        Wit: Elizabeth DURTNALL; William x WEST (OR)


Bethnal Green, St Jude




13 Aug 1854   Charles LONSCELLE, 29, Bach., Pianoforte Maker, 10 Catherine Street, Thomas LONSCELLE, Coachman

                        Sarah x DUTNELL, 29, Sp., 10 Catherine Street, John DUTNELL, Can Man, by Banns

                        Wit: Thos PORTER; Roxamma? BRIDGEN (OR)


24 Feb 1875    Henry James x DARTNELL, 22, Bach., Labourer, 2 Black line Yard, John DARTNELL, Bricklayer

                        Mary Jane NICHOLLS, 20, Sp., 5 Osborne Place, Richard NICHOLLS, Engineer, by Banns

                        Wit: Anthony EMMS; Sarah x MINAL (OR)


Bethnal Green, St Matthew




23 Jan 1842      Dutnell, Joseph, s.o. William & Maria, Cambridge Road, Baker, born 12 Feb 1841 (OR)


Bethnal Green, St Paul




23 Mar 1879    Thomas Walter DARTNALL, 21, Bach., Vellum Binder, 139 Gossett St., Henry DARTNALL, Vellum Binder

                        Louisa Ann ROBERTS, 22, Sp., 60 Gossett St., William ROBERTS, Waiter, by Banns

                        Wit: Annie WHEATLEY; Charles GREENWOOD (OR)


Bethnal Green, St Philip




8 Oct 1851      Stephen x DARTNELL, 26, Bach., Bricklayer, Ann Street, Thomas DARTNELL, Bricklayer

                        Ann x BROWN, 38, Sp., Margaret Street, John BROWN, Bricklayer, by Banns

                        Wit: John BROWN; Maria x BROWN (OR)


Bethnal Green, St Simon Zalotes




25 Jul 1894      Dartnell, Ada Ann, d.o. John & Ada Ann, 1 Hartlepool St., Bricklayer (OR)




19 Apr 1853    Joseph NORWOOD, Full, Bach., Messenger, 20 Merchant Lane, Obe..? NORWOOD, Farmer’s Bailiff

                        Harriet DARTNELL, Full, Sp., 20 Adelphi Terrace, Thomas DARTNELL, Inn Keeper, by Banns

                        Wit: Wm MILTON; Elizabeth NORWOOD; ......? MILTON; Sarah Ann MILTON (OR)


29 Oct 1868    David TYRRELL, 25, Bach., Farmer’s Bailiff, Great Waltham, David TYRRELL, Farmer

                        Fanny DARTNELL, 30, Sp., 20 Adelphi Terrace, Thomas DARTNELL, Inn-keeper, by Banns

                        Wit: Joseph HORWOOD; Ellen Sophia DARTNELL (OR)


Bethnal Green, St Thomas




25 Dec 1874    Herbert ORTON, 22, Bach., Clicker, 18 Maria St., Thomas ORTON, Tailor

                        Sarah Ann DUTNALL, 19, Sp., Red Lion Square, Charles DUTNALL, Labourer, by Banns

                        Wit: John STRIDE; Theresa DUARTE (OR)


17 Apr 1876    William Charles DUTNALL, 22, Bach., Gas Fitter, 18 Maria St., William Charles DUTNALL, Labourer

                        Theresa DUARTE, 22, Sp., 16 Maria St., Joseph DUARTE, Machine Keeler?, by Banns

                        Wit: Herbert ORTON; Sarah Ann ORTON (OR)


Bloomsbury, St George




21 Aug 1815   Thomas DARTNELL, otp & Harriett JEFFERYS, otp, by Banns

                        Wit: Benjamin SMITH; Jane SMITH (OR)


27 Jun 1865     Joseph DUTNALL, Full, Bach., Engineer, 3 Tevington St., David DUTNALL, Labourer

                        Sophia PAVITT, Full, Sp., 3 Tevington St., William PAVITT, Carman, by Banns

                        Wit: John DUTNALL; Job? BLACKMAN (OR)


Bow, St Mark




6 Oct 1901      Edgar Joseph LAWRENCE, 23, Bach., Toll Collector, Old Ford Lock, Jesse LAWRENCE, Retired

                        Eliza Jane DARTNELL, 25, Sp., 75 Fisher Road, Henry James DARTNELL, General Merchant, by Banns

                        Wit: Henry James x DARTNELL; Jesse LAWRENCE (OR)


Bow Common, St Paul




21 Jun 1884     Joseph DARTNALL, 22, Bach., Boiler Maker, 47 Robson St., Harry DARTNALL, Fitter

                        Laura Elizabeth TAYLOR, 19, Sp., 17 Robson St., James Egbert TAYLOR, Custom House Officer, by Banns

                        Wit: S LLOYD; Helen TAYLOR (OR)


Brentford, New




21 May 1765   Thomas DEWELL & Jane DARKNELL, by Licence (TS)


Bromley by Bow, All Hallows




19 May 1918   George Herbert Sanworth DARTNALL, 22, Bach., Sergt. R.F.A., 32 Swaton Road, Charles Edwin DARTNALL decd., Inspector

                        Ellen Elizabeth HYDE, 25, Sp., 32 Swaton Road, Frederick Henry Adolphus HYDE, Constable, by Banns

                        Wit: William S YOUNG; Carry BRASCH (OR)


Bromley St Leonard, St Mary




12 Mar 1902    Dartnell, Frederick Edward, s.o. Henry James & Elizabeth, 304 S Leonard’s Rd, General merchant, born 18 Feb 1902 (OR)

15 Feb 1905    Dartnell, Ruby Irene, s.o. Henry James & Elizabeth, 304 S Leonard’s Rd, General Merchant, born 17 Jan (OR)

13 Jun 1906     Dartnell, Ethel Clara, d.o. Thomas & Clara Elizbeth, 13Three ile Lane, Labourer, born 29 Jan 1902 or 1903 (OR)

15 Aug 1906   Dartnell, Daisy Iris, d.o. Henry James & Elizabeth, 304 S Leonard’s Rd, General Merchant, born 20 Jul 1906 (OR)




16 May 1864   William DURTNALL, Full, Bach., Blacksmith, Bromley, Henry James DURTNALL, Blacksmith

                        Martha Louisa KENNARD, Full, Sp., Bromley, Frederick, Wheelwright, by Banns

                        Wit: George DURTNALL; Elizabeth DURTNALL (OR)


18 Jun 1865     George DURTNALL, Full, Wid., Smith, Bromley, Henry James DURTNALL, Dec’d.

                        Esther DRISCOLL, Full, Wid., Bromley, Andrew DUNN, Labourer, by Banns

                        Wit: William DURTNALL, Mary DURTNALL (OR)


12 Jan 1873     William DURTNALL, Full, Wid., Cordwainer, Bromley, William DURTNALL, Dec’d.

                        Ann Grace PAGE, Full, Sp., Bromley, George PAGE, Dec’d., by Banns

                        Wit: George DURTNALL; Emma PAULEY (OR)


1 Jun 1919       Henry William MARCHANT, 34, Wid., Wheelwright, 6 Norris Rd., Henry William MARCHANT deceased, Decorator

                        Rose Lydia Lilian KING, 33, Wid., 10 Norris Rd., Alfred Thomas DARTNELL deceased, Coiner, by Banns

                        Wit: H C MARCHANT; C L DARTNELL (OR)


Bromley, St Michael and All Angels




3 Jan 1893       Stephen Thomas James DARTNALL, 24, Bach., Fitter, 26 Tetley St., William DARTNALL, Store-keeper

                        Bertha Rosina NELSON, 24, Sp., 26 Tetley St., Charles NELSON (deceased), - , by Banns

                        Wit: William HOWE; Isabella Caroline HOWE (OR)


Brompton, Holy Trinity




30 Jul 1837      Edmund DARTNELL, Full, Bach., Draper, 105 New Bond Street, St George Hanover Square, William DARTNELL, Stationer

                        Eleanor PICKWORTH, Full, Sp., Draper, New Mills Buildings, William PICKWORTH, Cabinet Maker, by Licence

                        Wit: Wm PICKWORTH; Emma PICKWORTH (OR)




4 Dec 1851      Dartnell, Sarah, Grove Cottages, 46 (OR)


Camden Town, All Saints




1 Apr 1859      Dutnell, Jane, d.o. George & Jane, 5 Randolph St., Horse Keeper, born 12 Nov 1856 (OR)

1 Apr 1859      Dutnell, Elizabeth Fanny, d.o. George & Jane, 5 Randolph St., Horse Keeper, born 20 Feb 1859 (OR)




10 Nov 1876   Joseph BILLINGTON, 36, Wid., Fancy Box Cutter, 25 Bayham Street, Joseph BILLINGTON (deceased), Painter

                        Emily Mary DARTNELL, 22, Sp., 27 Little King Street, Edward DARTNELL (deceased), Cattle dealer, by Banns

                        Wit: Charles POPULAR; Charlotte CHERRY (OR)


21 Apr 1889    Thomas DUTNALL, 22, Bach., Pianoforte Maker, 14 Canal Terrace, James DUTNALL, Painter

                        Esther Ann SAVAGE, 18, Sp., 134 College Place, Henry SAVAGE, Labourer, by Banns

                        Wit: Richard WATERS; Jane WILLIS (OR)


Camden Town, St Stephen?




12 Jul 1857      Dutnall, Frank, s.o. John & Eliza, 12 Canal Terrace, Mercantile Clerk, born 24 June 1857 (OR)

20 May 1860   Dutnall, Harry, s.o. John & Eliza, 12 Canal Terrace, Mercantile Clerk, born 25 Apr 1860 (OR)

4 May 1862     Dutnall, George, s.o. John & Eliza, 12 Canal Terrace, Commercial Clerk, born 20 Mar 1862 (OR)


Camden Town, St Thomas




17 Jun 1866     Dutnall, Eliza May, d.o. John & Eliza, 7 Brecknock Terrace, Mercantile Clerk, born 1 May 1866 (OR)

2 Jul 1896        Dutnall, Esther Thirza, d.o. Thomas & Esther Ann, 17 St Pauls Rd, NW, Key Maker, born 11 Jul 1891 (OR)

2 Jul 1896        Dutnall, John Frederick, s.o. Thomas & Esther Ann, 17 St Pauls Rd, NW, Key Maker, born 11 Sep 1892 (OR)




26 Apr 1913    Alfred Charles TALBOT, 44, Wid., Jeweller, 23 Wrotham Rd., Camden Town, William Herbert TALBOT dec’d., Gentleman

                        Florence DARTNELL, 22, Sp., 23 Wrotham Rd., Camden Town, Henry James DARTNELL, General Dealer, by Banns

                        Wit: James Lister LISTER; Constance TALBOT (OR)


Cannonbury, St Paul, Essex Road




24 Feb 1839     Dartnell, Ann Caroline, d.o. Stephen & Jane, Prospect Row, Servant (OR)

14 Mar 1841    Dartnell, Eliza, d.o. Stephen & Jane, Prospect Row, Servant (OR)


Cannonbury Road, St Stephen




22 Aug 1847   Dartnall, Stephen James, s.o. James & Martha Elizabeth, Shepperton Street, Greengrocer (OR)


Chelsea, St John World’s End




4 Oct 1896        Francis MUIR, Full, Bach., Barman, 47 Tetcott Road, Robert MUIR, Retired

Eliza DARTNALL, Full, Sp., 130 El...? Rd, Kingston on Thames, Thomas DARTNALL, Deceased, by Banns

Wit: Adolphus MUIR; Flora MUIR (OR)


Chelsea, St Luke




7 Jun 1781         James GAINS, otp, Bach. & Frances x DARTNELL, otp, Sp., by Banns

Wit: Ed ROBERTS; Henry HILLS? (OR)


25 Jun 1840     Alexander TURNEY, Full, Wid., Brewer, Harrington Square, Camberwell, Surrey, James TURNEY, Maltster

                        Sarah BAUGH, Full, Wid., Brewer, 58, Lower Sloane Street, Chelsea, Richard DURTNELL, Carpenter, by Licence

                        Wit: Richard DURTNELL Junr.; Sarah ADAMS (OR)



9 Oct 1869        David DARTNALL, 34, Bach., Nursery Man, Kings Road, Chelsea, Isaac DARTNALL (deceased), Bricklayer

Susanna THOMPSON, 27, Sp., Kings Road, Chelsea, John THOMPSON (deceased), Cabinet Maker, by Banns

Wit: William HALL; Ellen MOTH; James W GROVER (OR)


Clapton Park, All Souls




3 Aug 1889     John Charles x DANN, 28, Bach., Cabinet Maker, 6, Ma.....d? Rd., George DANN, Cabinet Maker

                        Ada DARTNELL, 21, Sp., 12, Ma.....d? Rd., Thomas DARTNELL, Bricklayer, by Banns

                        Wit:  KENDALL; George WOOLCOTT (OR)


2 Apr 1904      William Charles DUTNALL, 25, Bach., Gas-fitter, 218 Glyn Road, William Charles DUTNALL, Gas-fitter

                        Jessie HARWOOD, 22, Sp., 216 Glyn Road, John HARWOOD, Chair Maker, by Banns

                        Wit: John Frederick HARWOOD; Lillie Agnes DUTNALL (OR)


Clerkenwell, St James




1 Apr 1832      Dartnall, William Henry, s.o. William & Catherine, S Sutton St., Groom, born 8 Oct 1831 (OR)

22 Jul 1832      Dartnell, Ellen, d.o. John & Mary, Goswell S., Porter, born 8 Mar 32 (OR)

7 Jun 1835       Dartnall, Mary Ann, d.o. John & Mary, Goswell Road, Porter (OR)

18 Nov 1838   Dartnall, John Robert, s.o. John & Mary, 9 St John St Road, Book Keeper (OR)




19 Oct 1619    William DARKNELL & Julian PORTER (OR)


5 Feb 1882      Frederick Edwin WALKER, 23, Bach., Artist Colourman, 180 Farr Buildings, Frederick WALKER

                        Annie Elizabeth DARTNELL, 24, Wid., 181 Farr Buildings, Robert William POWELL, Coach Builder, by Banns

                        Wit: Frederick WALKER; Jemima Young POWELL (OR)


12 Oct 1890    William LITTLE, 23, Bach., Painter, 28 Vine Street, Thomas LITTLE, Shoe Manufacturer

                        Harriett COOPER, 27, Wid., 28 Vine Street, Edward John DARTNELL, Printer, by Banns

                        Wit: Benjamin LITTLE; Florence LEE (OR)




7 Jul 1847        Dutnell, Ann, Workhouse, 66 (OR)


Clerkenwell, St Paul




27 Nov 1887   Caleb Charles BROWN, 33, Wid., Salesman, Ra.....? St., Caleb Charles BRWON, Dissenting Minister

                        Alice DARTNELL, 28, Sp., Ra.....? St., Henry DARTNELL, Painter, by Banns

                        Wit: Alfred JARMAN; Ellen Edith LEE (OR)


Clerkenwell, St Philip




13 Feb 1859    Durtnall, Charles William, s.o. George & Emily Charlotte, 13 Albert Terrace, St Leonards Road, Bromley, Blacksmith, born 10th December 1858 (OR)


Dalston, Holy Trinity




7 Jan 1880       Dartnall, Thomas James, s.o. Thomas James & Barbara McPherson, 72 Holly Street, Grainer, born 18 Feb 1876 (OR)

7 Jan 1880       Dartnall, Albert Vincent, s.o. Thomas James & Barbara McPherson, 72 Holly Street, Grainer, born 22 Aug 1878 (OR)

31 Oct 1880    Dartnall, Stephen John, s.o. Thomas James & Barbey Mc Pherson, 72 Holly Street, Grainer, born 7 Oct (OR)



Dalston, St Philip




26 Dec 1854    Stephen DURTNAL, Full, Bach., Butcher, Hawthorne Cottage, Holly Street South, Stephen DURTNAL, Wheelwright

                        Mary JAMES, Full, Sp., Hawthorne Cottage, Holly Street South, William FULLAGER, Gentleman, by Banns

                        Wit: ?? FALSHAW; F R FALSHAW (OR)


17 Nov 1875   Thomas James DARTNALL, Full, Bach., Builder, Wilton Road, James DARTNALL, Grocer

                        Barbara McPherson ANDERSON, Full, Sp., Mountford Road, John ANDERSON, Farmer, by Banns

                        Wit: V A HALLF...?; J M HALLF...? (OR)


Ealing, St Mary




24 Oct 1876     Dartnell, George Bruce, s.o. John George & Clara Alicia, Ealing, Officer in the Army, born 24 Aug (OR)




12 Sep 1876    Dartnell, Lilian Clara, Ealing, 1 year 10 months (OR)


Enfield Highway, St James




11 May 1913   Anthony Walter George DARTNALL, 25, Bach., Baker, 19 Elmhurst Road, Enfield Wash, James DARTNALL, Baker

                        Eva Bessie LUFF, 20, Sp., 387 Hertford Road, Enfield Highway, Henry LUFF, Stockman, by Banns

                        Wit: Edward WARD; Gertie Lily SPELLER (OR)




23 Mar 1931    Dartnall, Eva Grace, 61 Jasper Road, Enfield....?, 15 (OR)

8 Mar 1948      Dartnall, Anthony Walter George, 61 Jasper Road, 60 (OR)


Finsbury Park, St Thomas




29 May 1898   Dutnall, May Florence, d.o. Henry John & Mary Ann Eliza, 42 Elfort Road, Wharfe Clerk (OR)

28 May 1899   Dartnall, May Louie (Louise?), d.o. Herbert Vincent & Amy Jane, 51 Bouverie Rd, Decorator (OR)

21 Oct 1900    Dartnall, Herbert Thomas Vincent, s.o. Herbert Vincent & Amy Jane, 51 Bouverie Rd, Decorator (OR)




15 Feb 1892    Henry MIDDLETON, 31, Bach., Butcher, Finsbury Park, Richard MIDDLETON, Butcher

                        Ada Elizabeth DARTNALL, 24, Sp., Finsbury Park, Thomas DARTNALL, Butcher, by Banns

                        Wit: Thos. DARTNALL; M J LOVE; A KING; G R MIDDLETON (OR)


Fitzroy Square, St John




29 Apr 1877    John DUTNELL, 56, Wid., Undertaker, 31A Goodge Street, John DUTNELL, Coachman

                        Harriett SHIRLEY, 32, Sp., 31A Goodge Street, William SHIRLEY, Deceased, by Banns

                        Wit: .....? D.....?; A E PAPE? (OR)


23 Feb 1879    George GARDNER, 26, Bach., Hood Turner, 15 Pitt Street, Henry GARDNER, Hood Turner

                        Emily DUTNELL, 19, Sp., Needlewoman, 15 Pitt Street, John DUTNELL, Undertaker, by Banns

                        Wit: John DUTNELL; Ann PRICE (OR)






10 Oct 1730     John AUSTIN, Bach., of Seal, Kent, Husbandman & Mary DARTNALL, of Seal, Kent (TS)

8 Oct 1731        Thomas KING, Bach., of Ocksted, Surrey, Husbandman & Mary DUTNELL, Sp., of Ocksted, Surrey (TS)

27 Oct 1736     Simon DURTNALL, Bach., of Yalden, Kent, Husbandman & Joanna EGLES, Sp., of Yalden, Kent (TS)

4 Oct 1741        George DUTNAL, Bach., of Woolingham, Surrey, Lab. & Ann CLARK, of Ockstead, Surrey (TS)

19 May 1751   Henery DARNOLL, Bach., of Bradstid, Kent, Carpenter & Elizabeth CORDELEE, Sp., of Bradstid, Kent (TS)

13 Nov 1752    George WILLIAMS, Bach., of Manchester, Lancs, Husbandman & Susan DUTNELL, of East Tarley, Kent (TS)


Friern Barnet, St James the Great




8 Dec 1907      Herbert Frederick DURTNALL, 29, Bach., Electrician, 1 Cromwell Road, New Southgate, William Peter DURTNALL, Carman

                        Minnie THOMAS, 31, Sp., 1 Cromwell Road, New Southgate, Henry THOMAS (deceased), Cashier, by Banns

                        Wit: Henry THOMAS; Clarissa Jane MAIR (OR)


Fulham, St Alban




10 Dec 1899    William Henry DARTNALL, 26, Bach., Grocer, Vale ....?, Kenley?, Surrey, William Vigor DARTNALL, Gentleman

                        Mabel SIMMONDS, 21, Sp., 191 Claxton Grove, George SIMMONDS, Builder, by Licence

                        Wit: W J CARPENTER; A J RIGG? (OR)


Fulham, St James




5 Jul 1919        Sidney DARTNELL, 32, Bach., Cabinet Maker, 503 Fulham Rd., George DARTNELL, Gardener

                        Emmeline HAVERS, 31, Sp., 14 Streatham Place, Streatham Hill, John William HAVERS, Shepherd, by Banns

                        Wit: William Davenport BALLARD; George DARTNELL (OR)


Golden Square, All Saints




1 Aug 1869     Charles PASS, Full, Bach., Tallow Chandler, 19 Pancras St., Charles PASS, Shopman

                        Mary Ann DUTNELL, Minor, Sp., 19 Pancras St., John DUTNELL, Shopman, by Banns

                        Wit: John DUTNELL; Eliza PASS (OR)


15 Jun 1884     George John James DUTNELL, 29, Bach., Warehouseman, 27 University Street, John DUTNELL, Undertaker

                        Fanny PREWETT, 27, Sp., 27 University Street, William Henry PREWETT, Coach Builder (Deceased), by Banns

                        Wit: Fredk. ELLIOTT; Emily x ELLIOTT (OR)


Gray’s Inn Road, Holy Trinity




13 Oct 1878    Jeremiah x DUNMALL, 22, Bach., Coachman, Trinity Parish, George DUNMALL, Bailiff

                        Emily x DUTNALL, 22, Sp., Trinity Parish, William DUTNALL, Labourer, by Banns

                        Wit: James HUBERT; Louisa .....? (OR)


Gray’s Inn Road, St Jude




13 Mar 1896    Dutnell, George John Frederick, s.o. George John James & Fanny, 7 Harrison St., Painter, born 30 Sep 1884 (OR)

13 Mar 1896    Dutnell, Edith Mary Louisa, d.o. George John James & Fanny, 7 Harrison St., Painter, born 17 Apr 1886 (OR)


Hackney, St John




9 Oct 1879      Dartnell, John Thomas, s.o. William & Sarah, 6 Havelock Road, Bricklayer (OR)

10 Oct 1899    Dartnall, George William, s.o. William & Mary Elizabeth, 27 G....ham Street, Coachman, born 8 Dec 1893 (OR)

10 Oct 1899    Dartnall, Thomas, s.o. William & Mary Elizabeth, 27 G....ham Street, Coachman, born 25 Mar 1897 (OR)




13 Aug 1797   William DARTNALL, otp, Bach. & Elizabeth ATTWELL, otp, Sp., by Banns



27 Mar 1815    George REYNOLDS, Bach., otp & Elizabeth DARTNELL, Sp., otp, by Banns

Wit: Bessy? CROOK; Sarah .....? (OR)


2 Nov 1853     Frederick George SMITH, Full, Bach., Pastry Cook, Church Street, William SMITH, Dyer

                        Mary Ann DARTNALL, Full, Sp., Church Street, John DARTNALL, Cab Proprietor, by Banns

                        Wit: John DARTNALL; Martha? SMITH (OR)


24 Sep 1892    Walter DARTNELL, 27, Bach., Fitter, 45 Semplar Road, Thomas DARTNELL, Builder

                        Rose Alice RUSLING, 24, Sp., 45 Semplar Road, Thomas Collingwood RUSLING, Railway Clerk, by Banns

                        Wit: Thomas Collingwood RUSLING; Emily Maud RUSLING (OR)


4 Apr 1904      William Henry SPEARING, 24, Bach., Fishmonger, 65 Templar Road, Homerton, William Henry SPEARING, Bricklayer

                        Susannah Sarah DARTNELL, 20, Sp., 65 Templar Road, Homerton, William Alfred DARTNELL, Bricklayer, by Banns

                        Wit: Joseph BROOKS; Jane Maria SPEARING (OR)


1 Nov 1915     William George LLOYD, 25, Bach., Soldier, 53 Holmbrook Street, Homerton, William George LLOYD (deceased), Coal Merchant

                        Sarah Ada DARTNELL, 23, Sp., 53 Holmbrook Street, Homerton, Thomas DARTNELL (deceased), Mint Employee, by Licence

                        Wit: Katherine J ADAMS; Kate Florence TAYLOR; Ethel Claire DARTNELL (OR)




8 Feb 1601/2   Dartnell, Will. , in artibus maiqtr? (OR)

3 Jul 1622        Dartnoll, Jasper (OR)


Hackney, St Luke




18 Sep 1905    Frank Albert BUNDY, 30, Bach., Plumber, 35 Hannet Rd., Stephen BUNDY, Bricklayer

                        Sarah DARTNELL, 28, Sp., 3 Ballamer Rd., Thomas DARTNELL, Bricklayer, by Banns

                        Wit: Reuben Lister GORDON; Lydia FURBY (OR)


28 Mar 1910    Edward Francis DARTNELL, 26, Bach., Cook, 48 Chatham Place, Thomas Henry DARTNELL, Deceased

                        Annie Eliza JOHNSTON, 23, Sp., 48 Charham Place, Richard George JOHNSTON, Builder, by Banns

                        Wit: Thomas Edward CATES; Maud Mary CATES (OR)


Hackney, St Peter




21 Mar 1897    Dartnell, Elizabeth Jane, d.o. James & Caroline Maria, 1 Culford Rd., Bricklayer, born 1 Mar 1897 (OR)

21 May 1899   Dartnell, Caroline, d.o. James & Caroline, 80 Culford Rd., Builder, born 2 May 1899 (OR)

14 Dec 1902    Dartnell, Albert Edward, s.o. James & Caroline Maria, 7 Benyon Rd., N, Builder, born 24 Nov 1902 (OR)




1 Aug 1909     Harold ATKINSON, 24, Bach., Electrician, 100, De Beauvoir Rd., Harold ATKINSON (dec’d), Engineer

                        Mary Ellen DARTNELL, 25, Sp., Seamstress, 36 Almorah Rd., Islington, James DARTNELL, Builder, by Banns

                        Wit: James DARTNELL; Harry SPINKS (OR)


Hackney, St Thomas




17 Apr 1876     William Charles DUTNALL & Theresa DUARTE (IGI)


Hackney South, St John of Jerusalem




11 Oct 1874    Thomas DARTNALL, Full, Bach., Labourer, South Hackney, George DARTNALL, Licensed Victualler

                        Mary WALTER, Minor, Sp., South Hackney, Alfred WALTER, Labourer, by Banns

                        Wit: John PERRY; Maria PERRY (OR)


19 Mar 1906    Sidney George BAYLIS, 22, Bach., Cabinet Maker, 13 Arthur Street, Nathaniel BAYLIS, Labourer

                        Annie DARTNELL, 20, Sp., 13 Arthur Street, William DARTNELL, Bricklayer, by Banns

                        Wit: Emma DARTNELL; Horace Charles MOSS (OR)


14 Jul 1912      Thomas DARTNELL, 27, Bach., Painter, 10 Eaton Place, William Alfred DARTNELL, Builder

                        Florence TAYLOR, 25, Sp., 10 Eaton Place, Joseph TAYLOR, Builder, by Banns

                        Wit: Albert WALLIS; Sarah DARTNELL (OR)


14 Jun 1913     Albert Victor TURNER, 21, Bach., Printer, 169 Well Street, William TURNER, Boot Laster

                        Emily Mary Ann DARTNELL, 20, Sp., 44 Arthur Street, William Alfred DARTNELL, Builder, by Banns

                        Wit: William James DARTNELL; Sophia DARTNELL (OR)


12 Apr 1914    James NASH, 23, Bach., Cabinet Maker, 169 Well Street, Charles NASH, Boot.....?

                        Sarah DARTNELL, 23, Sp., 169 Well Street, William Alfred DARTNELL, Bricklayer, by Banns

                        Wit: William James DARTNELL; Elizabeth EDDO (OR)


4 Sep 1920      Alfred George FOWELL, 24, Bach., Leather Manufacturer, 53 Elsdale Street, South Hackney, Alfred FOWELL, Wood Turner

                        Sophia Emma DARTNELL, 23, Sp., Boot Machinist, 52 Lauriston Road, South Hackney, William Alfred DARTNELL, Builder, by banns

                        Wit: William James DARTNELL; Emma Elizabeth DARTNELL (OR)


Hackney Wick, St Mary of Eton




18 Mar 1897    Dartnell, Ethel Maude, d.o. John & Ada Anne, 13 Felsterd Street, Bricklayer (OR)

9 May 1900     Dartnell, Caroline Blanche Elizabeth, d.o. John & Ada, 7 Hornfray?, Bricklayer (OR)




17 Feb 1912    Joseph CHANDLER, 22, Bach., Engineer, 40 Osborne Road, Charles CHANDLER, India rubber mixer

                        Laura DARTNELL, 22, Sp., 40 Osborne Road, John DARTNELL, Brick-layer, by Banns

                        Wit: James CHANDLER; Alice SPANTON (OR)


5 Jun 1915       Reuben BOLT, 20, Bach., Wood Machinist, 381 Wick Road, Christopher BOLT, Labourer

                        Ethel Maud DARTNELL, 19, Sp., 381 Wick Road, John DARTNELL, Bricklayer, by Banns

                        Wit: Sarah THOMPSON; Laura DARTNELL (OR)


25 Jul 1915      William WELLS, 22, Bach., Bootmaker, 381 Wick Road, Alfred WELLS (deceased), Horsekeeper

                        Ada DARTNELL, 21, Sp., 29 Homfray Street, John DARTNELL, Bricklayer, by Banns

                        Wit: Reuben BOLT; Agnes Elizabeth BOLT (OR)


27 Oct 1918    James George LOVEDAY, 19, Bach., Carman, 381 Wick Road, Frederick George LOVEDAY (deceased), Carman

                        Caroline Elizabeth Blanche DARTNELL, 18, Sp., 381 Wick Road, John DARTNELL, Bricklayer, by Banns

                        Wit: Henry George HARRISON; Mabel Jane DAWES (OR)


Haggerston, All Saints




25 Jul 1883      Stephen Robert DARTNALL, 20, Bach., Painter, 97 Holly Street, Thomas James DARTNALL, Deceased

                        Ann Elizabeth Margaret BEGLEY, 20, Sp., 105 Holly St., William Ellis BEGLEY, Wood Carver, by Banns

                        Wit: Martha E DARTNALL; William Ellis BEGLEY (OR)


13 Apr 1885    Herbert Henry DARTNALL, 21, Bach., Greengrocer, 97 Holly St., James DARTNALL, Greengrocer

                        Annie FROST, 18, Sp., 5 Tottenham Rd., George FROST, Milkman, by Banns

                        Wit: Walter Hy MILLS; Louisa SHARP (OR)


Haggerston, St Mary




26 Dec 1852    Dartnall, Janice Maria, d.o. James & Martha Elizabeth, Trafalgar Place, Fruiterer (OR)


Hammersmith, St Paul




27 Jan 1867      Thomas DARTNALL, Bach., s.o. John DARTNALL

Elizabeth STACEY, Sp., d.o. Thomas STACEY (IGI)


Hammersmith, St Peter




13 Feb 1887    Thomas KEATS, 21, Bach., Stonemason, Ravenscourt Arms, John KEATS, Butcher

                        Ellen DARTNELL, 21, Sp., Ravenscourt Arms, Daniel DARTNELL, Carpenter, by Banns

                        Wit: George AUDLEY, Sarah Ann AUDLEY (OR)


Hammersmith, St Thomas




30 Mar 1902    George Edgar ROGERS, 21, Bach., Farrier, 34 Devonport Road, John Charles ROGERS, Cabinet Maker

                        Edith Emma DUTNALL, 21, Sp., 34 Devonport Road, Henry DUTNALL, Upholsterer, by Banns

                        Wit: Charles ROGERS; Lizzie LOCK (OR)


Hampstead, ?




16 Sep 1922     William James DARTNALL & Janet Ernestine Margaret FROSTICK (IGI)


Hampstead, Holy Trinity




14 Dec 1902    Richard Thomas DARTNALL, Bach., otp & Gertrude Sarah OLIVER, Sp., of Shillington? (OR)


Hampstead, St John




28 Jun 1767     Dartnal, Mary (OR)


Hampstead, St Saviour




31 Oct 1885     Thomas DARTNELL, 36, Bach., Gardener, South Hampstead, William DARTNELL, Labourer

Elizabeth HUTCHINS, 38, Sp., St John’s Hampstead, Henry HUTCHINS, Engineer, by Banns

Wit: Henry HUTCHINS; Catherine HUTCHINS (OR)


Hampstead, St Stephen the Martyr




29 Mar 1864    Dutnel, Henry, s.o. George & Jane, 2 Jolius Place, Hostler, born 18 Sep 1863 (OR)

13 Aug 1865   Dutnell, Emily, d.o. George & Jane, 38 Henry Street, Horse Keeper, born 24 Jun 1861 (OR)

13 Aug 1865   Dutnell, Ellen, d.o. George & Jane, 38 Henry Street, Horse Keeper, born 2 May 1865 (OR)

7 Jun 1868       Dutnell, William George, s.o. George & Jane, 35 William Street, Hostler, born 24 Apr 1868 (OR)

3 Dec 1876      Dutnell, Alice Maud, d.o. George & Jane, 10 Charles St., Groom, born 30 Apr 1876 (OR)




6 Sep 1886      John CAVETT, 22, Bach., Signalman, 4 Bentick Mews, James CAVETT, Inspector

                        Ellen DUTNELL, 21, Sp., 4 Bentick Mews, George DUTNELL, Groom, by Banns

                        Wit: Peter? WOODMAN; Emily DUTNELL (OR)


Hanwell, St Mary




20 Mar 1898    Arthur Edward DURTNALL, 23, Bach., Bootmaker, 1 Alma Villas, Oakland Road, Hanwell, William John DURTNALL, Carman

                        Anastatia HEALY, 23, Sp., 4 King’s Avenue, Parish of St Peter’s, Ealing, James HEALY, Retired Sailor, by Banns

                        Wit: Bertie Frederick DURTNALL; George SHORT (OR)


Harlesden, St Mark




1 May 1920     William Henry Mark DURTNALL, 33, Wid., Engineer Turner, 90 Clifford Gardens, Willesden, Peter Popkiss DURTNALL, Engineer

                        Ethel Maud HOWSE, 27, Sp., 90 Clifford Gardens, Willesden, Frederick William HOWSE, Taxi-driver, by Licence

                        Wit: Joseph Henry COOPER; Catherine Edith DURTNALL (OR)


Harrow, All Saints




3 Sep 1871      Dartnell, Jessie Caroline, 52 Greenford Rd., Harrow, 80 (OR)

22 Nov 1974   Dartnall, Louis Stanley, 66 Masefield Avenue, Stanmore, 83 (OR)


Harrow, St Mary




14 Feb 1816    Dartnall, George, of Sudbury, 66 (OR)


Hatcham, St Catherine




14 Sep 1912    Henry George BURGIN, 25, Bach., Engineer, 37 Endwell Rd., Henry BURGIN, Carpenter

                        Mary Rose DARTNALL, 25, Sp., Machinist, 37 Endwell Rd., Thomas Walter DARTNALL, Book-binder, by Banns

                        The register was not signed and was crossed through ‘Cancelled’ (OR)


31 Mar 1918    Charles Samuel KING, 33, Wid., Soldier, 37 Endwell Road, Edwin KING, Pricking? Machine Manager

                        Mary Rose DARTNALL, 31, Sp., Munition Worker, 37 Endwell Road, Thomas Walter DARTNALL, Book-binder, by Banns

                        Wit: Thomas Walter DARTNALL; Arthur C DARTNALL (OR)


31 Mar 1918    Edward John DARTNALL, 26, Bach., Engineer Turner’s Fitter, 37 Endwell Road, Thomas Walter DARTNALL, Vellum Binder

                        Margaret Annie RANDALL, 26, Sp., Nurse, 37 Endwell Road, John William RANDALL, Engineer, by Banns

                        Wit: John Wm RANDALL; Arthur C DARTNALL (OR)


Hatcham Park, All Saints




24 Jun 1899     Sidney Herbert LEADBEATER, 34, Bach., Chemist, 28 Tarbert Road, East Dulwich, Thomas LEADBEATER deceased, Gentleman

                        Annie Maria DURTNALL, 28, Sp., St James Cottage, 41 New Cross Road, Thomas DURTNALL, Electric Engineer, by Banns

                        Wit: Ethel Mary WORSELDINE?; Jane Mary .....?; .....? .....? .....? WORSELDINE?; .....? ......? (OR)


7 Jun 1919       Arthur Ernest HARTFIELD, 49, Wid., Engineer, 22 Camplin St., Thomas HARTFIELD, Deceased

                        Alice DARTNELL, 46, Wid., 79 High St.,Crayford, John Allen DARTNELL, Deceased, by Banns

                        Wit: William E.....? HARVEY; Isabel HARVEY (OR)


25 Dec 1920    Percy William DARTNELL, 23, Bach., Fabric Printer, 22 Camplin St., Arthur Alfred DARTNELL, Deceased

                        Margaret ALLAN, 22, Sp., 16 Billington Rd., James ALLAN, Deceased, by Banns

                        Wit: R W FRANCIS; Alice HARTFIELD (OR)


Haverstock Hill, St Andrew




29 Apr 1894    Dutnall, Elsie Agnes, d.o. Harry & Matilda Jane, 71 Queen’s Crescent, Clerk, born 11 Apr 1893 (OR)




3 Jun 1895       William WAINHOUSE, 25, Bach., Fishmonger’s Assistant, 18 Piercefield Street, Alan WAINHOUSE (deceased), Soldier

                        Annie Matilda DARTNELL, 25, Sp., 22 Alleroft Road, Daniel Frederick DARTNELL, Carpenter, by Banns

                        Wit: Daniel Frederick DARTNELL; Annie MAYES (OR)


Haverstock Hill, Holy Trinity




11 Jun 1916     Thomas William DUTNALL, 26, Bach., Soldier, 66 Islip St., Thomas DUTNALL, Pianoforte Key Maker

                        Elizabeth Amelia PRUTTON, 26, Sp., 60 Harley St., Henry PRUTTON (Deceased), Publican, by Licence

                        Wit: John Frederick DUTNALL; Annie Maud PRUTTON (OR)


Holborn, St Andrew




3 Sep 1699        Dortnell, Mary, d.o. Philip, Carpenter & Mary in Laystall Street (OR)

6 Nov 1808       Dartnell, Thomas, s.o. William & Mary, Bell Court (OR)

18 Mar 1811    Dartnell, Jane, d.o. William & Margaret, Bell Court (OR)

26 Dec 1813     Dartnell, William Jeremiah, s.o. William & Margaret, Bell Crt., Boot Maker (OR)

12 Feb 1824     Dartnall, Sarah, d.o. John & Mary, Greyhound Yard, Horse Keeper, born 24 Dec 1823 (OR)

5 Feb 1826        Dartnall, William, s.o. John & Mary Ann, New St. Sqre., Coachman, born 11 Jan 1826 (OR)




30 Sep 1819    Lewis HALL, otp, Bach. & Mary DARTNELL, of Westerham in the County of Kent, Sp., by Licence

Wit: R HALL; Mary DURY? (OR)


28 Jul 1856      Richard John DARTNALL, Full, Bach., Butcher, District of St Peter Walworth, Richard DARTNALL, School Master

                        Alice ROWELL, Full, Sp., Liquorpond Street, John ROWELL, Agricultural Labourer, by Licence





2 Apr 1631      DARCKNOLL, Abygall, a Mayd out of Lavrence Kindalls house in Scroopes Coorte (OR)


Holborn St Andrew, Trinity Church, Gray’s Inn Road




28 Nov 1845   Dartnell, Esther, G. I. L. Workhouse, 2 mths (OR)


Holy Trinity Minories




18 Dec 1623    ffrancis PHILLIPS and Hester DORTNALL, both of the Pishe of St Clemte., by Lycence (OR)


17 Feb 1660/1 John DARKNALL, Gent., of Winsore in countie of Berks & Eliz HESTOR, Widdow, of Mary Whitchappell (OR)


27 Aug 1689    William DARTNELL, Bach., of Chatham & Sarah STOFORD, Wid., of Deptford (TS)


Homerton, St Barnabas




30 Aug 1891   Dartnell, Sarah, d.o. William & Sarah Ann, 104 High Street, Bricklayer, born 12 Aug (OR)

21 Apr 1893    Dartnell, Emily Mary Ann, d.o. William Alfred & Sarah Ann, 104 High Street, Bricklayer, born 5 Apr 1893 (OR)

7 Nov 1897     Dartnell, Sophia Emma, d.o. William Alfred & Sarah Ann, 6 College Lane, Bricklayer, born 23 Oct 1893 (OR)




8 Mar 1856      George Henry WILSON, 24, Bach., Shipwright, Homerton, George WILSON, Joiner

                        Charlotte DUTNELL, 23, Sp., Homerton, William DUTNELL, Licenced Victualler, by Banns

                        Wit: Ralph HERRING; Harrit DUTNELL (OR)


27 Sep 1913    Ernest DARTNELL, 22, Bach., Carman, 53 Holmbrook St., Thomas DARTNELL (deceased), Coiner

                        Susannah Matilda TOOMBS, 30, Sp., 51 Holmbrook St., Josiah Robert TOOMBS (deceased), Engineer, by Banns

                        Wit: Josiah Robert TOOMBS; Alfred August ROSE (OR)


Hornsey Rise, St Mary




14 Mar 1870    Frederick DARTNALL, Full, Bach., Farmer, Shire, Surrey, John DARTNALL, Farmer

                        Elizabeth Upfold BARBER, Full, Sp., Hornsey, John BARBER, Bailiff, by Banns

                        Wit: Richard SPIKESMAN; Mary Ann SPIKESMAN (OR)


11 Oct 1902    Alfred Henry DURTNALL, 26, Bach., Electrician, 5 Hillfield Avenue, William Peter DURTNALL, Gentleman

                        Emma HOLLOWAY, 30, Wid., 5 Hillfield Avenue, William MARSHALL (deceased), Plumber, by Banns

                        Wit: Bertie Frederick DURTNALL; Isabella Maud MARSHALL (OR)


25 Dec 1905    Jesse DUTNELL, 23, Bach., Carman, 39 Duncombe Road, Jesse DUTNELL, Optician

                        Caroline Elizabeth PYNN, 21, Sp., 39 Duncombe Road, John PYNN (Deceased), Cooper, by Banns

                        Wit: Jesse DUTNALL; Annie DUTNALL (OR)


Hoxton, Christ Church




25 Feb 1866     Charles Henry OFFER, Full, Bach., Decorator, 17 Cavendish Street, George OFFER (deceased), Grocer

Alice DARTNALL, Minor, Sp., 17 Cavendish Street, John DARTNALL (deceased), Contractor, by Banns

Wit: Henry REEVE?; Emma TOWN? (OR)


21 Feb 1869     John DARTNALL, Full, Bach., Coachman, 59 Britannia Street, John DARTNALL (deceased), Coachman

Symphorienne Rosalie LAPLANCHE, Full, Sp., 59 Britannia Street, Louis Marie LAPLANCHE (deceased), Gardener, by Banns

Wit: Henry READ; Emma TARM (OR)


Hoxton, Holy Trinity




29 Apr 1866    George DARTNALL, 24, Bach., Coachman, 59 Britannia St., John DARTNALL (deceased), Contractor

                        Alice Dorrell FLINT, 24, Sp., 17 Cavendish St., William FLINT, Carpenter, by Banns

                        Wit: Henry READ; Elizabeth DARTNALL (OR)


3 Feb 1895      Charles PICKETT, 22, Bach., Confectioner, 71 Battlesland? Rd., Henry PICKETT, Confectioner

                        Rose DURTNALL, 19, Sp., 56 Hoxton Square, Jeremiah DURTNALL, Bricklayer, by Banns

                        Wit: Mary Ann GRAFTON; William? GRAFTON (OR)


Hoxton, St John




23 Dec 1877    Dartnell, Sophia Jane, d.o. Robert & Eliza, 1 Pleasant Place, Labourer, born 10 May 1863 (OR)

23 Dec 1877    Dartnell, Eliza, d.o. Robert & Eliza, 1 Pleasant Place, Labourer, born 31 May 1867 (OR)




1 Dec 1853       Charles DUTNALL & Sarah Ann STRIDE (IGI)


18 Jul 1857      Henry DARTNALL, Full, Bach., Dairyman, Napier Terrace, John DARTNALL, Grocer

                        Augusta HOILE, Full, Sp., Charles Street, Joseph HOILE, Glazier, by Banns

                        Wit: John DARTNALL; Ellen DARTNALL (OR)


25 Dec 1858    John Joseph PERRY, Minor, Bach., Carver, Hertford Place, John PERRY, Silversmith

                        Jane DARTNALL, Minor, Sp., Hertford Place, George DARTNALL, Licensed Victualler, by Banns

                        Wit: Sarah WOODWARD; James MARK? (OR)


26 Feb 1883     Henry DUTNALL, Full, Bach., Upholsterer, 1 Leonard Sq., William Charles DUTNALL, Labourer

Sarah Ann POYNTER, Full, Sp., 30 St John’s Road, William POYNTER, Shoe Maker, by Banns



4 Aug 1884     Alfred DUTNALL, 23, Bach., Gas Fitter, 1 Leonard Square, William Charles DUTNALL, Labourer

                        Caroline POYNTER, 23, Sp., 1 Leonard Square, William POYNTER, Boot & Shoe Maker, by Banns

                        Wit: Henry DUTNALL; Emma DUTNALL (OR)


Hoxton, St Mary




7 Aug 1889     Dutnall, Alice Frances, d.o. Alfred & Caroline, 51 .....? Charles St., Hoxton N., Gas Fitter, born 21 Jul 1889 (OR)


Hoxton, St Saviour




20 Nov 1892   Dutnell, Emma Louisa, d.o. Alfred & Caroline, 39 Penn St., Gas Fitter, born 6 Sep 1892 (OR)


Islington, All Saints (Battle Bridge)




21 Nov 1850   John Anthony WALTERS, Full, Bach., Painter, 22 Albion Street, Thomas WALTERS, Painter

                        Sarah DARTNELL, Full, Sp., 22 Albion Street, John DARTNELL, Cab Proprietor, by Banns

                        Wit: John HILL; Ellen DARTNELL (OR)


Islington, St Mark Myddleton Square




8 May 1847     George GALLIENNE, Full, Bach., Cabinet Maker, Ros...an? St., Abraham GALLIENNE, dec’d.

                        Ann EVANS, Full, Wid., Ros...an? St., Stephen DARTNELL, dec’d., by Banns

                        Wit: Job BARRETT; Caroline SMART (OR)


Islington, St Mary




18 May 1828   Dartnell, Henry, s.o. John & Mary, Elderwalk, Porter, born 15 Apr (OR)

16 Apr 1837     Dartnell, Sarah, d.o. Stephen & Jane, City Gardens, Labourer, born 22 March 1837 (from Robin Wood)

30 Apr 1848    Dartnell, Jane Elizabeth, d.o. Stephen & Jane, Graham Street, Labourer, born 8 Apr 1848 (OR)

27 May 1849   Dartnell, Eliza Ann, d.o. James & Martha Elizabeth, Shepperton Street, Greengrocer, born 24 Apr 1849 (OR)

11 Aug 1850   Dartnell, Arthur, s.o. Stephen & Jane, Graham Street, Labourer, born 23 Jul 1850 (OR)

2 Aug 1857     Dartnall, Martha Jemima, d.o. James & Martha Elizabeth, Wilton Square, Grocer, born 1 Jul 1857 (OR)

2 Aug 1857     Dartnall, Thomas James, s.o. James & Martha Elizabeth, Wilton Square, Grocer, born 21 Jul 1854 (OR)




16 Apr 1780    Daniel DURTNALL, Bach., otp & Margaret x BROHEL, Sp., otp, by Banns

                        Wit: John POWELL; Robt. BRICE (OR)


26 Jul 1892      Henry John DUTNALL, 24, Bach., Clerk, 42 Rhodes Street, James DUTNALL, Decorator

                        Mary Ann Eliza HOSKING, 22, Sp., 9 Thornhill Rd., James HOSKING, Bag Maker, by Banns

                        Wit: William Robert FIELDING; Maria FIELDING (OR)




31 Aug 1847   Dartnell, Stephen James, Shepperton Street, Infant (OR)


Islington, St Peter




3 May 1863     Joseph WOOD, 29, Wid., Painter, Croydon, Joseph WOOD, Painter

                        Anna Caroline DARTNELL, 24, Sp., Graham Street, Islington, Stephen DARTNELL, Foreman Brick Making, by Banns

                        Wit: Edward WICKHAM; Eliza DARTNELL (OR)


Islington, St Thomas




15 Feb 1892     Henry MIDDLETON & Elizabeth Ada DARTNALL (IGI)


Kensal Green, St John the Evangelist




19 Oct 1907    William Henry Marke DURTNALL, 21, Bach., Engineer, 93 Clifford Gardens, Peter Popkiss Durtnall, Engineer

                        Charlotte Annie Kate WILSDON, 24, Sp., 62 Clifford Gardens, George Daniel WILSDON, Watchmaker, by Banns

                        Wit: George Daniel WILSDON; Arthur George WILSDON; Robert Mease MAT; Catherine Edith DURTNALL (OR)


Kensington, St Barnabas




10 Jun 1884     Dutnall, Clara, d.o. Thomas & Ellen, 2 Elshan Road, Labourer, born 2 Sep 1866 (OR)


Kensington St Stephen




16 Dec 1918    Harry Watson DURTNELL, 24, Bach., Lieut. R.A.F., The Nest, St John’s Road, Sevenoaks, Harry DURTNELL, Builder

                        Eveline Adela EAST, 26, Sp., 1 Southwell Gardens, S.W., George EAST (deceased), Gentleman, by Banns

                        Wit: A E EAST; Harry DURTNELL; W J ? PEACOCK? (OR)


Kentish Town, St Luke




3 Jun 1916       John Frederick DUTNALL, 23, Bach., Plasterer, 48 Gaisford Street, Thomas DUTNALL, Pianofote Key Maker

                        Marguerite May RIEDINGER, 22, Sp., 48 Gaisford Street, George RIEDINGER, Cane Maker, by Banns

                        Wit: George RIEDINGER; Henry Arthur MUNSLOW? (OR)


Kings Weight House Fish Hill (Independent)




6 Nov 1804       Dartnall, Samuel, s.o. William & Ann (IGI)

18 Feb 1807     Dartnall, William, s.o. William & Ann (IGI)


Limehouse, St Anne




9 Apr 1865      Durtnell, William Frederick, s.o. William & Martha, Dalgleish St, Blacksmith, born 18 Mar 1865 (OR)

23 Jul 1871      Durtnall, Emma, d.o. George & Esther, 3 Robin Hood’s Lane, Poplar, Blacksmith, born 23 Apr 1871 (OR)


Mayfair, St George




10 Oct 1730     John AUSTIN & Mary DARTNALL (IGI)


Mile End, St Benet




16 Sep 1906     Horace William DUTNALL & Rosine EDWARDS (IGI)


Mile End Old Town, Holy Trinity




30 Aug 1891   Durtnall, Ruth Jennie, d.o. Charles William & Sarah Annie, 32 British St., Bow, Lighterman, born 10 Mar 1891 (OR)


Noel Park, St Mark




24 Mar 1894    Dartnall, Grace Sarah, d.o. Robert John & Emma Ann, 167 M.....? Avenue, Portmaneau Maker, Adult. A married woman, her husband name Williams. (OR)


Northolt, St Mary Ealing Road




15 Jan 1749     Dartnell, James, s.o. James & Anne (OR)

9 Jun 1751       Dartnell, Anne, d.o. James & Anne (OR)




21 Jan 1749     Dartnell, James, s.o. James & Anne (OR)


Paddington, St James




17 Apr 1853     Jesse DUTNALL, Full, Bach., Coachman, Clarendon Place, Abraham DUTNALL, Farm Bailiff

Mary BOWDEN, Full, Sp., Maida Hill, Richard BOWDEN, Carman, by Banns

Wit: Ricd BOWDEN; Mary Ann WALLIS (OR)


13 Feb 1859     John Robert DARTNALL, Full, Bach. Trunk Maker, Old Church Street, John DARTNALL, Tea Dealer

Emma Ann BOWERN, Minor, Sp., Old Church Street, George BOWERN, Omnibus Conductor, by Banns

Wit: Joseph DARE; Mary THORNTON (OR)


Paddington, St John




12 Feb 1860    Dartnall, Emma Martha Margaret, d.o. John Robert & Emma Ann, 9 .....? Street, Portmanteau Maker, born 10 Nov 1859 (OR)


Paddington, St Mary




20 Apr 1851    John James x CHAMBERLAIN, Full, Bach., Upholsterer, North Wharf Road, John James CHAMBERLAIN, Upholsterer

                        Elizabeth DUTNELL, Full, Sp., North Wharf Road, John DUTNELL, Coachman, by Banns

                        Wit: Jane DUTNELL; John DUTNELL (OR)


Perivale, St Mary the Virgin




27 Jun 1849      Dartnell, Edward Thomas John Benjamin, s.o. Edward Taylor & Katharine Coote, Ailsa Park Villa, Twickenham, Solicitor (OR)


Poplar, All Saints




1 Nov 1857       Durtnall, Louisa Elizabeth, d.o. George & Emily Charlotte, Bloomsbury, Bromley, Blacksmith, born 16 Sep 1857 (OR)

16 Dec 1860     Dartnell, Harry George, s.o. George & Emily Charlotte, Bromley, Blacksmith, born 9 Sep 1860 (OR)

10 Aug 1862    Durtnall, Emily Charlotte, d.o. George & Emily Charlotte, Bromley, Blacksmith, born 4 Jan 1862 (OR)

22 Sep 1867     Durtnall, Frank James, s.o. George & Esther, 3 Robinhood Lane, Smith, born 9 Aug 1867 (OR)

2 Aug 1874     Durtnall, Elizabeth Mary, d.o. George & Esther, 6, Robin Hood Lane, Blacksmith, born 29 Sep 1873 (OR)

22 May 1877   Durtnall, Frederick John, s.o. George & Esther, 6, Robin Hood Lane, Tobacconist, born 2 Oct 1876 (OR)

27 Jun 1886     Dartnell, Violet Louise, d.o. Henry James & Mary Ann Emma, High Street, Licensed Victualler, born 4 Jun 1886 (OR)

27 Jun 1886     Dartnell, Eliza Jane, d.o. Henry James & Eliza Jane, High Street, High Street, Licensed Victualler, born 9 Feb 1877 (OR)

27 Jun 1886     Dartnell, May Victoria, d.o. Henry James & Mary Ann Emma, High Street, High Street, Licensed Victualler, born 24 May 1884 (OR)

9 Jul 1893        Durtnall, Florence Esther, d.o. Frank James & Florence, 240 High Street, Painter, born 6 Apr 1893 (OR)

4 Apr 1898      Dartnell, Alfred, s.o. Henry James & Elizabeth, 34 S. Lenard’s Rd., General Merchant, born 13 Mar 1898 (OR

22 May 1898   Durtnall, Ethel Elizabeth, d.o. Frank James & Florence, 6 Scouler St, Painter, born 4 Feb 1898 (OR)

2 Jan1901        Dartnell, Frederick Walter, s.o. Henry James & Elizabeth, 304 St Leonard’s Rd., General Merchant, born 7 Dec 1900 (OR)




25 Dec 1847    William DUTNALL, Full, Bach., Gardener, Poplar, Joseph DUTNALL, Labourer

                        Maria WREN, Full, Sp., Poplar, Edward WREN, Carpenter, by (blank)

                        Wit: John ALLINGTON; Ann x ALLINGTON (OR)


25 Dec 1860    Abraham BOWLES, Full, Bach., Miller, Sarah St., James BOWLES, Boot Maker

                        Mercy DUTNELL, Full, Sp., Sarah St., Joseph DUTNELL, Labourer, by Banns

                        Wit: George WHITE; Jane OLINGTON (OR)


4 Oct 1871      James O’SHAUGHNESSY, Full, Wid., Mill Sawyer, E T H Road?, Charles O’SHAUGHNESSY, Labourer

                        Sarah WALTERS, Full, Wid., E T H Road?, John DARTNELL, Vety. Surgeon, by (blank)

                        Wit: George WHITE?; Elizabeth PEARCE (OR)


19 Apr 1890    Charles William DURTNALL, 31, Bach., Lighterman, Poplar, George DURTNALL, Blacksmith

                        Sarah Annie HUGHES, 30, Sp., Poplar, Henry HUGHES, Emgineer, by Banns

                        Wit: Thomas Henry WILLIAMS; Claire HUGHES (OR)


18 Apr 1892    Frank James DURTNALL, 24, Bach., Decorator, 34 Grosvenor Buildings, Poplar, George William DURTNALL, Blacksmith

                        Florence SWEETLOVE, 22, Sp., 6 Prestons Road, Poplar, Samuel SWEETLOVE, Mariner, by Banns

                        Wit: Robert SWEETLOVE; Emma DURTNALL; Mary SWEETLOVE; Elizabeth SWEETLOVE (OR)


26 Mar 1894    Thomas Joseph GOODMAN, 24, Bach., Cutler, 71 Bow Lane, Thomas Henry GOODMAN, Whitesmith

                        Emma DURTNALL, 22, Sp., 53 Bow Lane, George DURTNALL, Blacksmith, by Banns

                        Wit: George DURTNALL; Elizabeth GOODMAN (OR)


25 Dec 1902    Charles William MARSH, 32, Wid., Stevedor, 55 Oban St., Charles MARSH, Seaman

                        Florence DURTNALL, 33, Wid., 2 Naval Road, Samuel D, Fireman, by Banns

                        Wit: Robert SWEETLOVE; Elizabeth SWEETLOVE (OR)


Poplar, St Andrew




10 Sep 1905    James Victor HOLLOX, 25, Bach., Labourer, 102 Empson St., James HOLLOX, Gardener

                        Laura Bertha Louie DARTNELL, 22, Sp., 102 Empson St., Thomas Alfred DARTNELL (deceased), Coiner, by Banns

                        Wit: Frederick James GODDARD; Kate GODDARD (OR)


Poplar, St Saviour




11 Oct 1891    Dartnell, Florrie, d.o. Henry James & Elizabeth, 21 Northumberland Street, Dealer, born 19 Sep 1891 (OR)

3 May 1893     Dartnell, Ada, d.o. Henry James & Elizabeth, 21 Northumberland Street, Poplar, Merchant, born 13 Apr (OR)


Regent’s Park, St Mark




30 Jun 1882     Harry George DURTNALL, Full, Bach., Commercial Clerk, 75 Gloucester Road, George DURTNALL, Smith

                        Augusta Jane PAUL, Full, Sp., 27 Wellington Street, James PAUL, Fishmonger (deceased), by Licence

                        Wit: John EDWARDS; Louisa ..ESSENGER? (OR)


Ruislip, Middlesex




12 May 1830    DARTNELL or DARKNELL, Sarah, of Eastcott, supposed about 50 years (OR)


Shadwell, St Paul




20 Jan 1889     Durtnall, Jessie Louisa, d.o. William Thomas & Emma Elizabeth, 358 Cable Street, Cellarman, born 7 Nov 1888 (OR)


Shepherd’s Bush, St Stephen




22 Jan 1854     Dutnall, George Richard, s.o. Jesse & Mary, Pleasant Place, Coachman (OR)

29 Jun 1856     Dutnall, Sarah Abigail, d.o. Jesse & Mary, Scott’s Yard, New Road, Coachman, born 19 Mar 1856 (OR)


Shoreditch (church not identified)




21 Nov 1886   Henry BRADLEY & Emma DUTNALL (IGI)


Shoreditch, St Anne




19 Nov 1899   Dartnall, William James, s.o. William James & Emma, 73 Ivy Lane, Bricklayer, born, 27 Oct 1899 (OR)




18 Dec 1898    William DARTNELL, 22, Bach., Bricklayer, 73 Ivy Lane, William James DARTNELL, Bricklayer

                        Emma ENGLAND, 21, Sp., 73 Ivy Lane, Samuel ENGLAND, French Polisher, by Banns

                        Wit: Samuel x ENGLAND; Harriet BOSTON (OR)


Shoreditch, St James




27 Mar 1864    Dutnall, William Charles, s.o. Charles & Sarah Anne, 18 Motley St., Labourer, born 19 Sep 1854 (OR)

27 Mar 1864    Dutnall, Sarah Anne, d.o. Charles & Sarah Anne, 18 Motley St., Labourer, born 19 Nov 1856 (OR)

27 Mar 1864    Dutnall, Henry, s.o. Charles & Sarah Anne, 18 Motley St., Labourer, born 18 Mar 1858 (OR)

27 Mar 1864    Dutnall, Alfred, s.o. Charles & Sarah Anne, 18 Motley St., Labourer, born 1 Mar 1860 (OR)

27 Mar 1864    Dutnall, Emma, d.o. Charles & Sarah Anne, 18 Motley St., Labourer, born 24 Sep 1863 (OR)

26 Oct 1900    Dutnall, Maud Amelia, d.o. Alfred & Caroline, 4 Allens Bldgs., Gas Fitter, born 4 Oct 1900 (OR)




27 Oct 1862     William Henry PERRY, 19, Bach., Chair Maker, 20 King Street, John PERRY, Silversmith

Maria DARTNALL, 19, Sp., 3 Rosemary Cottages, George DARTNALL, Publican, by Banns

Wit: John PERRY; Mary x WOODMAN (OR)


Shoreditch, St Leonard




28 Mar 1728    Dartnil, Thomas, s.o. Thomas & Elizabeth of Pilfield Street, Carptr., born and baptised 28 March (OR)

5 Dec 1767       Darknell, Amey, d.o. John & Sarah of Hughes Work House, born 23 Nov (OR)

3 Oct 1837        Detnol, Elizabeth Charlotte, d.o. James & Mary Ann, Swan Yard, Weaver, born 14 Oct 1836 (OR)

20 Jan 1885     Dutnall, Lily Agnes, d.o. William Charles & Theresa, Albert Buildings, Leonard St., Gas Fitter, born 30 Nov 1884 (OR)

12 Aug 1887    Dutnall, Caroline, d.o. Alfred & Caroline, 51 Great Chart St., Gas Fitter, born 3 Oct 1885 (OR)

12 Aug 1887    Dutnall, Alfred, s.o. Alfred & Caroline, 51 Great Chart St., Gas Fitter, born 13 Jul 1887 (OR)




27 May 1771   William OSBORNE, otp, Bach. & Elisabeth DARTNALL, otp, Sp., by Banns

Wit: Frances x HUGHES, William BURGESS (OR)


28 May 1805   William CROSBY, otp, Bach. & Ann DUTNALL, otp, Sp., by Banns

Wit: John DUTNALL; Harriett ARMITAGE (OR)


29 Mar 1807    Edward DUTNALL, otp, Bach. & Frances MORRIS, otp, Sp., by Banns

Wit: William CROSBY; George SIMMONS (OR)


25 Dec 1831     Thomas DARTNELL, otp, Bach. & Eliza JOHNSON, otp, Sp., by Banns

Wit: George DETTORI; Geo YARROW (OR)


24 Apr 1836     William DARTNELL, otp, Bach. & Elizabeth x VINSON, otp, Sp., by Banns

Wit: Thomas VENNER; Charlotte x HALLIDAY (OR)


20 Apr 1840     James x DARTANELL, Minor, Bach., Bricklayer, Lambeth Street, Thos DARTANELL, Bricklayer

Alice x BATY, Minor, Sp., Servant, Church Lane, Thos. BATY, Cabinet Maker, by Banns

Wit: Samuel DAVIS; Alice x BATY (OR)


29 Apr 1877    William Alfred DARTNELL, 21, Bach., Bricklayer, 10 Union Street, Thomas DARTNELL, Bricklayer

Sarah Ann x VANLINT, 20, Sp., Machinist, 10 Union Street, George VANLINT, Cordwainer, by Banns

Wit: George x VANLINT; Sarah x VANLINT (OR)


25 Dec 1898    George Trentham DALLAWAY, 33, Bach., Painter, 74 Curtance Street, Joshua DALLAWAY, General Dealer

                        Frances Louisa DUTNALL, 29, Sp., 61 Allen’s Buildings, William Charles DUTNALL (deceased), Labourer, by Banns

Wit: William DALLAWAY; Alfred DUTNALL (OR)


25 Dec 1910    Edward Bready WILSON, 25, Bach., Carman, 150 High St., Shoreditch, James WILSON, Carman

                        Caroline DUTNALL, 25, Sp., 150 High St., Shoreditch, Alfred DUTNALL, Gas Fitter & Plumber, by Banns

                        Wit: Alfred x DUTNALL; Alice Frances DUTNALL (OR)




26 Jul 1829      Dartnell, Mary Ann, Long Alley, 37 (OR)


Shoreditch, St Mark




24 Feb 1902    Dutnall, Lillian Rose, d.o. Henry & Sarah Ann, 42 Allen’s Buildings, Leonard St., Upholsterer, born 18 Feb 1885 (OR)

24 Feb 1902    Dutnall, Horace William, s.o. Henry & Sarah Ann, 42 Allen’s Buildings, Leonard St., Upholsterer, born 16 Mar 1888 (OR)

24 Feb 1902    Dutnall, Herbert James, d.o. Henry & Sarah Ann, 42 Allen’s Buildings, Leonard St., Upholsterer, born 12 Mar 1891 (OR)




24 Feb 1907    Arthur ALLERY, 25, Bach., Cloth worker, 96 Nicholas St., Charles Saunders ALLERY, Painter

                        Sarah Annie DUTNALL, 25, Sp., 42 Allen’s Bldngs., Henry DUTNALL, Upholsterer, by Banns

                        Wit: William F CHAPMAN; Margaret MURMANN (OR)


11 Jul 1909      Charles William HALL, 25, Bach., Salvage Officer, Parish of St Mary, Islington, Charles William HALL, Painter

                        Lilian Rose DUTNALL, 24, Sp., 42 Allen’s Bldngs., Henry DUTNALL, Upholsterer, by Banns

                        Wit: Horace William DUTNALL; Arthur ALLERY (OR)


31 May 1914   Christopher John HOPPER, 25, Bach., Compositor, 7 Singer Street, Christopher James HOPPER Decd., Clerk

                        Alice Frances DUTNALL, 24, Sp., 7 Singer Street, Alfred DUTNALL, Gas Fitter, by Banns

                        Wit: Alfred DUTNALL; Emmie Louisa DUTNALL (OR)


Shoreditch, St Michael & All Angels




1 Aug 1866     Dutnell, John, s.o. Charles & Sarah Ann, 18 Motley St., Porter, born 19 Mar 1866 (OR)

14 Apr 1869    Dutnall, Frances Louise, d.o. Charles & Sarah Anne, 18 Motley St., Porter, born 18 Jan 1869 (OR)

3 Jan 1880       Dutnall, Henry, s.o. Henry & Sarah Ann, 30 Leonard St., Upholsterer, born 15 Aug 1878 (OR)

3 Jan 1880       Dutnall, Sarah Ann, d.o. Henry & Sarah Ann, 30 Leonard St., Upholsterer, born 10 Nov 1879 (OR)

11 Feb 1882    Dutnall, Edith Emma, d.o. Henry & Sarah Ann, 48 Leonard St., Upholsterer, born 20 Dec 1881 (OR)

24 May 1885   Dutnall, Lilian Rose, d.o. Henry & Sarah Ann, 13 Clifton Place, Upholsterer, born 18 Feb 1885 (OR)

25 May 1892   Dutnall, Daisy Maud, d.o. William Charles & Theresa, 6 Albert Buildings, Leonard St., Gas Fitter, born 2 Nov 1891 (OR)

25 May 1892   Dutnall, Rose Alice, d.o. William Charles & Theresa, 6 Albert Buildings, Gas Fitter (OR)

25 May 1892   Dutnall, Clifford John, s.o. William Charles & Theresa, 6 Albert Buildings, Leonard St., Gas Fitter (OR)

25 Oct 1895    Dutnall, Grace Maud, d.o. Henry & Sarah, 41 Allens Bldgs., Upholsterer, born 4 Oct 1895 (OR)

17 Jan 1897     Dutnall, Violet Grace, d.o. William Charles & Theresa, 6 Albert Buildings, Gasfitter (OR)



Soho, Little Chapel Street (Independent)




5 Jun 1801         Dartnall, Elizabeth, d.o. William & Ann (IGI)

4 Mar 1803      Dartwall, Henry, s.o. William & Ann, born 14 Oct 1802 (IGI)


Soho, St Anne




15 Aug 1834    John GWILLAIM & Jane DARTNELL (IGI)


Somers Town, St May the Virgin




1 Feb 1880      Dartnell, Georgina Edith, d.o. George & Emily, 46 Clarendon Square, Carver & Gilder, born 15 Nov 1879 (OR)


Spitalfields, Christ Church




29 Jan 1797     John WORTHEN, Bach. & Susannah DARTNELL, Sp., botp (OR)


Spitalfields, St Stephen




7 Jul 1878        Dutnall, William Charles, s.o. William Charles & Theresa, 4 Price’s St., Clifton St., Finsbury, Gas Fitter, born 16 Jun 1878 (OR)

25 Apr 1880    Dutnall, Theresa, d.o. William Charles & Theresa, 4 Price’s Street, Finsbury, Gas Fitter, born 31 Mar 1880 (OR)

1 Oct 1882      Dutnall, Alice, d.o. William Charles & Theresa, 4 Price’s Street, Finsbury, Gas Fitter (OR)


St John’s Wood, All Saints




26 Sep 1903    William Hughes SIMPSON, 39, Bach., Pensioner, P Battalion, Rifle Brigade, 28 Cambridge Road, William SIMPSON (Decd.), Tailor

                        Alice Maud DUTNELL, 26, Sp., 90 St John’s Wood Terrace, George DUTNELL (Decd.), Groom, by Banns

                        Wit: Lawrence William GARVIN?; Ellen Louisa GREENAWAY (OR)


Stepney, Mile End Old Town Infirmary




16 Nov 1885   Dartnell, Ann, 67, Phagedenic Inflamation (OR)


Stepney (church not identified)




13 Jan 1873     William James George BEAMAN, 34, Bach., s.o. William BEAMAN

                        Frances Elizabeth DURTNELL, 33, Sp., d.o. Joseph Edward DURTNELL (IGI)


Stepney, St Augustine




20 Jul 1883      Dartnell, Elizabeth Jane, d.o. John & Ann, 8 Thomas St., Dock Labourer (OR)

27 Jul 1883      Dartnell, Eliza Ann, d.o. John & Ann, 8 Thomas St., Dock Labourer (OR)

27 Jul 1883      Dartnell, Sarah, d.o. John & Ann, 8 Thomas St., Dock Labourer (OR)

14 Dec 1883    Dartnell, Edward Francis, s.o. Thomas & Elizabeth, 21 Myrdle St., Coiner (OR)

3 Oct 1884      Dartnell, John, s.o. John & Ann, 36 Fermin Pl., Labourer, born 15 Sep 1884 (OR)

9 Feb 1887      Dartnell, James, s.o. John & Ann, 36 Fermin Pl., Labourer (OR)

17 Nov 1893   Dartnell, Sarah Ada, d.o. Thomas & Clara Elizabeth, 21 Myrdle St., Coiner (OR)


Stepney, St Dunstan




15 Feb 1903     Dartnall, Alice Margaret, d.o. William James & Alice Mary, 6 Maria Terrace, Beaumont Square, Upholsterer, born 16 Jan 1903 (OR)

11 Jun 1905      Dartnall, Rose Beatrice, d.o. William James & Alice Mary, 4 West Street, Packer, born 8 May 1905 (OR)




1, 8, 15 Nov 1846       Cubit KELLY, Bach., & Sarah DARTNELL, Sp., botp (OR)




24 Jan 1623/4  Humphry DARTNOLL of Ratcliff Highway, Mariner  & Annaby PITGRUM, Wid. (TS)


14 Jan 1712     John DITNEL of Wapp: Marr & Mary GECK of same, Spinster (OR)


7 Jan 1728/9     George COLLINS, Wapping, Mariner

Elizabeth DARTNOLL, M.O.T., Sp. (OR)


7 Sep 1807        Thomas DARTNALL, otp and the Hamlet of Ratf., Bach.

                        Elizth. BUCKLEY, otp and the same Hamlet, Sp., by Banns

                        Wit: Thomas? BUCKLEY; Jane? DRISCOLL (OR)


5 Jul 1812          William DARTNELL, otp and the Hamlet of Ratcliff, Bach.

                        Lucy BEST, otp and the same Hamlet, Sp., by Banns

                        Wit: Ithiel? PRICE; Elisabeth DARTNELL (OR)


4 May 1822     Robert HIBBERT, MEOT, Bach. & Sarah DARTNELL, ye same, Sp., by Banns (OR)    


1 Sep 1836        Thomas DARTNELL, otp, Wid.

Bridget CALLAN, otp, Wid., by Banns

Wit: George John PRICE; Ithiel? PRICE (OR)`


14 Mar 1838     George DARTNALL, Full, Bach., Labourer, Pleasant Row, James DARTNALL, Labourer

Jane BARNES, Full, Sp., - , Redmon’s Row, Robert BARNES, Millwright, by Banns



1 Apr 1839        Thomas DARTNELL, Full, Bach., Labourer, Mile End Road, Stephen DARTNELL, Carpenter

Mary Ann x BROWN, Full, Sp., - , Mile End Road, Edward BROWN, Gardener, by Banns

Wit: Samuel TURNER; Ithiel? PRICE (OR)


22 Dec 1862     John x WILLIAMS, 27, Bach., Boiler Maker, 4 Charles Street, Enoch WILLIAMS, Boiler Maker

Ann x DARTNELL, 20, Sp., 16 Charles Street, William DARTNELL, Bricklayer, by Banns

Wit: Henry Thomas WILLIAMS; Emily Ann x HENDLEY (OR)


13 Jan 1873     William James George BEAMAN, 34, Bach. Tailor, 13 Pelham Street, William BEAMAN, Tailor

                        Frances Elizabeth DURTNELL, 33, Sp., 35 Diggon Street, Joseph Edward DURTNELL, Tailor, by Banns

                        Wit: John COCKS; Sarah M DURTNALL (OR)


20 Sep 1876    Frederick BARTELLS, 21, Bach., Engineer, 4 York Street, George Henry BARTELLS, Engineer

                        Sophia DARTNELL, 20, Sp., 36 York Street, Thomas DARTNELL, Builder, by Banns

                        Wit: Muriel? PRICE; Olive PICKETT (OR)


25 Dec 1900    William James DARTNALL, 30, Bach., Packer, 21 Cadiz Street, John Robert DARTNALL, Foreman

                        Alice Mary FORD, 27, Sp., 23 Shandy Steet, Frederick FORD, Carman, by Banns

                        Wit: Frederick FORD; Margaret FORD (OR)




4 Dec 1848      Dartnell, Joseph, M E N T, 10 mths (OR)

28 Sep 1851    Dartnall, Angelina, Ratcliff, 13 months (OR)


Stepney, St Peter (Mile End Old Town)




21 Oct 1860    Dartnell, Sarah Jane, d.o. James & Martha Elizabeth, 17 Globe Road, Grocer, born 6 Jul 1860 (OR)




29 Nov 1870    Edward Alfred FOREMAN, 24, Bach., Cooper, 2A Union Place, Stepney Green, Richard FOREMAN, Cooper

Frances DURTNAL, 34, Sp., 4 Station Place, Sittingbourne, Kent, John Millan DURTNAL, Wheelwright, by Banns

Wit: Samuel HARRIES; Ellen SADLER (OR)


17 Nov 1894   James DARTNELL, 37, Wid., Bricklayer, 143 Rutland Street, William DARTNELL, Deceased

                        Caroline Maria FLICK, 24, Sp., 28 Fordham Street, William FLICK, Deceased, by Banns

                        Wit: William FLICK; Eliza KNAPE (OR)


Stepney, St Philip




27 Jul 1887      Dartnell, Laura Bertha, d.o. Thomas & Clara Elizabeth, 37 Nelson Street, Cooper, born 5 Sep 1884 (OR)

27 Jul 1887      Dartnell, Rose Lydia, d.o. Thomas & Clara Elizabeth, 37 Nelson Street, Cooper, born 3 Jan 1886 (OR)

27 Jul 1887      Dartnell, Henry Thomas, s.o. Thomas & Clara Elizabeth, 37 Nelson Street, Cooper, born 14 Jul 1887 (OR)

21 Jan 1891     Dartnell, Ernest Francis, s.o. Thomas & Clara, 21 Myrdle Street, Coiner, born 14 Dec 1890 (OR)

14 Jul 1895      Dartnell, Thomas William, s.o. Caroline Maria & James, 143 Rutland Street, Bricklayer, born 21 Jun 1895 (OR)





20 Mar 1879    James DARTNALL, 26, Bach., Grocer, 4, Nelson Street, Thomas DARTNALL, Labourer

Emily WESTBROOK, 22, Sp., 4, Nelson Street, Anthony WESTBROOK, Carpenter, by Banns

Wit: James MALONE; Emilia McCANE? (OR)


5 Feb 1888      William Thomas DURTNALL, 37, Wid., Cellarman, 388 Cable Street, James DURTNALL, Deceased

                        Emma Elizabeth HOWE, 26, Sp., 388 Cable Street, John HOWE, Deceased, by Banns

                        Wit: John GRAY; Lania? Jane GRAY (OR)


Stepney, St Thomas




30 Apr 1870    William Thomas DURTNALL, Minor with consent, Bach., Cellerman, Stepney, James DURTNALL deceased, Grocer

                        Emma Eliza HULBURT, Full, Sp., Stepney, George William HULBERT, Lighterman, by Banns

Wit: Charles NORTON; Isabel LADDINGTON (OR)


Stoke Newington, ?




17 Aug 1929    Robert George DARTNELL & Grace CRISELL (IGI)


Stoke Newington, St Faith




9 Jul 1893        Dartnall, Gertrude Moules, d.o. William & Emma, 34 Victoria Grove West, Labourer, born 16 Jun 1893 (OR)

12 Apr 1899    Dartnell, Thomas Stephen, s.o. Thomas James & Florence Mary Ann, 134 Shakespear Road, Decorator, born 8 Jun 1895 (OR)

7 Aug 1904     Dartnall, Horace Frederick, s.o. Thomas James MacPherson & Florence Marion .....?, 135 Shell.....? ??, Decorator, born 8 Jun 04 (OR)




23 Nov 1919   Alfred Albert SUTCH, 41, Bach., Boiler Engineer, 45 Allen Rd, John William SUTCH, Carman

                        Jessie DURTNELL, 32, Sp., 45 Allen Rd, William DURTNELL, Deceased, by Banns

                        Wit: P T SUTCH; C E SUTCH (OR)


Stoke Newington, St Mary




7 May 1905     Dartnall, Elsie Barbara, d.o. Herbert & Amy, 53 Hawksley Road, Carpenter, born 29 Apr 1902 (OR)

7 May 1905     Dartnall, Robert George, d.o. Herbert & Amy, 53 Hawksley Road, Carpenter, born 19 Mar 1905 (OR)




2 Aug 1919     Henry William GRAYSON, 36, Wid., Bookbinder, 20 Brodia Rd., Stoke Newington, George William GRAYSON, Retired

                        Lily DARTNELL, 32, Sp., 20 Brodia Rd., Stoke Newington, James DARTNELL, Bricklayer, by Banns

                        Wit: James DARTNELL; Thomas William DARTNELL (OR)




11 Mar 1646/7 Dartnall, Mr. (OR)

2 Jul 1846        Dartnell, Charlotte, S. N., 2 (OR)


Stoke Newington, St Matthias




1 Aug 1871     Henry DUNSTER, 26, Bach., Hotel Porter, 72 Shakespear Road, George DUNSTER, Blacksmith

                        Mary Ann DURTNALL, 21, Sp., 72 Shakespear Road, John Millen DURTNALL, Wheelwright

                        Wit: James LONGHURST; Lucy LONGHURST (OR)


Tottenham, Holy Trinity




12 Apr 1898    John Dankin MILLAR, 48, Wid., Certified Teacher, 15 Ranelagh Road, Tottenham, George MILLAR, Deceased

                        Charlotte DURTNAL, 28, Sp., 37 Antill Road, Tottenham, Henry DURTNAL, Clerk, by Banns

                        Wit: Henry DURTNAL; Alice DURTNAL (OR)




11 Jul 1886      John DURTNALL & Alice Elizabeth de Caux HUTTON of St Ann’s (OR)


2 Dec 1900      John Frederick JONES, Wid., 12 Montague Road

                        Harriett Elizabeth DURTNAL, Sp., 37 Antill Road, St Peter’s (OR)


Tottenham, St Ann




14 Jul 1886      John DURTNAL, 31, Bach., Warehouseman, 37 Antill Road, Henry DURTNAL

                        Alice Elizabeth, de Caux HUTTON, 27, Sp., 44 Westerfield Rd., John HUTTON, by Banns

                        Wit: F J HUTTON; Margaret Mary HUTTON (OR)


Tottenham, St Peter’s Mission




5 Aug 1888     Durtnal, Elizabeth Hutton, d.o. John & Alice Elizabeth Decaux, 44 Westerfield Road, Warehouseman (OR)


Tufnell Park, St George




8 Aug 1915     Alfred DUTNALL, 28, Bach., Railway Ticket Printer, 16 Allen’s Bldgs., Leonard St., Finsbury EC, Alfred DUTNALL, Gas Fitter

                        Hilda May DAVEY, 21, Sp., 13 St Peter Rd., John Maurice Cox DAVEY, Stereotyper, by Banns

                        Wit: Emmie DUTNALL; John Maurice Cox DAVEY (OR)


Upper Clapton, St Matthew




5 Jul 1901        Dartnall, George, s.o. George & Florence, 34 Southwold Road, Traveller, born 28 Jun 1901 (OR)


Upper Holloway, St John




16 Jun 1901     Dutnall, William Edward, s.o. Jessie & Eva Annette, 61 Canonbury Grove, Optical Glass Worker, born 7 May 1901 (OR)


Upper Holloway, St Stephen




17 Sep 1900    Jesse DUTNALL, 39, Wid., Optician, 61 Calverley Grove, Jesse DUTNALL, Coachman

                        Eva Annette JONES, 30, Sp, 61 Calverley Grove, Eva Annette JONES (sic), Sailor, by Banns

                        Wit: Alfred DAVIES; Marion DAVIES (OR)


Uxbridge, St Margaret




5 May 1917     Percy DUTNALL, 33, Bach., Clerk, 73 Ewhurst Road, Crofton Park, Lewisham SE, George Richard DUTNALL (deceased), Carman

                        Ida Annie VINE, 38, Sp., 14 Belmont Road, Uxbridge, Joseph John VINE, Signalman, by Banns

                        Wit: Joseph John VINE; Margaret Melville PYE (OR)


Wapping, St John




26 Mar 1797    Dartnell, Sarah Martha, d.o. Thomas & Mary, East Smithfield, Mason, born 19 Feb 1797 (TS)


West Kensington, St Mary




18 Jan 1885     Durtnall, Edward William, s.o. Peter & Ellen Louise, Fulham, Mariner (OR)




8 Nov 1883     Peter Popkiss DURTNALL, Full, Bach., Mariner, 11 West Terrace, Fulham, William John DURTNALL, Sail Maker

                        Ellen Louisa MARKE, Full, Sp., 6 Cedar Mews, Fulham, John MARKE, Omnibus Proprietor, by Banns

                        Wit: John MARKE; Rose STRATTON (OR)


Westminster (church not identified)




2 Oct 1722      Michaell DARTNALL & Eliz. MASON (IGI)

29 Jul 1726      John KIRKUM & Eliz. DARTNALL (IGI)

24 Dec 1727    John CHARNOCK & Susanna DARTNELL (IGI)

12 Jul 1734      Robert BEACHAM & Mary DARTNELL (IGI)

26 Oct 1740     Roger VALLER & Elisabeth DARKNEL (IGI)

4 Oct 1741        George DUTNAL & Ann CLARK (IGI)

16 Sep 1745    Thos. GREEN & Hannah DARKNELL (IGI)

13 Nov 1752    George WILLIAMS & Susanah DUTNELL (IGI)

13 Feb 1865     Stephen DUTNAL & Elizabeth SMITH (IGI)


Westminster, St James




1 Jan 1776       Thomas DARTMALL & Jane CREIGHTON (IGI)

15 Jul 1826       Richard EVANS & Ann DARTNALL (IGI)

21 Dec 1826     Thomas Samuel DARTNELL & Charlotta DYER (IGI)


Westminster, St John the Evangelist




9 Sep 1855      Dartnall, Henry Barnes, s.o. Henry & Louisa Ann, Long Acre, Vellum Binder (OR)




23 Jun 1817     John TURNER, otp, Bach. & Ann DARTNALL, otp, Sp., by Banns

                        Wit: Wm B MUSGROVE; Charles ELLEN (OR)




23 Jun 1832     Durtnall, James, 18 Kensington Place, 48 (OR)


Westminster, St Margaret




12 Jul 1570       Thomas DORTNALL & Elizabeth BRIDGEMAN (TS)

10 Jul 1570       Thomas DARKNALL, Gent., & Elizabeth BRASEBRIDGE, Sp., of St Margaret Westminster, and at same [bond by said Darknall, Robert Watts and Adam Johnson] (TS, Marriage Licence)




29 Mar 1631    Darkenoll, Marke (TS)

13 Dec 1816    Dartnell, William, Ship Court, 65 (OR)


Whitechapel Union Infirmary




7 Dec 1897      Dartnell, Mary, 42, Pulmonary Tuberculosis (OR)


Whitechapel St Jude




10 Sep 1854    Thomas x DARTNELL, 21, Bach., Stonemason, Charles St., William DARTNELL, Stonemason

                        Susannah Ann x BOLTON, 21, Sp., Chamber St. William BOLTON, Shoemaker, by Banns

Wit: George HINTON; Rosa BAGGS (OR)


Whitechapel St Mark, Goodmans Fields




20 May 1856   Dartnell, William Alfred, s.o. Thomas & Ann, 8 Back Church Lane, Bricklayer (OR)




9 Jul 1854        Stephen x DARTNALL, Full, Bach., Labourer, 2 Great Prescott St., William DARTNALL, Labourer

                        Ann Frances CARR, 18, Sp., 2 Great Prescott St., John CARR, Shoemaker, by Banns

                        Wit: Thomas x ENGLAND; Sarah x DARTNALL (OR)


1 Feb 1866      John BRUCE, 33, Bach., Mariner, 131 Lemon St., late John BRUCE, Mariner

                        Sarah x DARTNALL, 33, Wid., 131 Lemon St., late William PAYNE, Farmer, by Banns

                        Wit: Samuel LONG; Susannah x COOK (OR)


4 May 1868     Edward TUCKNOTT or TUCKNUTT, 29, Bach., Mariner, 100 Leman St., William TUCKNOTT, labourer

                        Ann Maria x MALLOWBY, 30, Wid., 100 Leman St., late William DARTNELL, Farmer, by Banns

                        Wit: Charles J LANGHORNE; Samuel LONG (OR)


12 Dec 1870    Henry BRIGHTMAN, 41, Bach., Carman, 105 Leman Street, Henry BRIGHTMAN, Nail Maker

                        Sarah SMITH, 40, Wid., 105 Leman Street, (late) William DARTNELL, Farmer, by Banns

                        Wit: Samuel LONG; Elizabeth SAUNDERS (OR)


Whitechapel St Mary




27 Jan 1788      Dartnall, Ann, d.o. Thomas & Mary, White’s Yard (OR)

27 Nov 1808   Dartnell, Thomas, s.o. Thomas & Elizabeth, White’s Yard (OR)

14 May 1815   Dartnell, George, s.o. Thomas & Elizabeth, White’s Yard, Mason (OR)

28 Mar 1819     Darknell, Eliza, d.o. Thomas & Elizabeth, White’s Yard, Bricklayer, born 4 March 1819 (OR)

27 May 1821    Dartnell, Henry, d.o. Thomas & Elizabeth, White’s Yard, Bricklayer, born 7 May 1821 (OR)

25 Dec 1822     Dartnell, James, s.o. Thomas & Elizabeth, Dock St., Bricklayer, born 9 Nov 1822 (OR)

9 Aug 1829       Dartnell, Joseph, s.o. Thomas & Eliza, 4 Hall Court, Bricklayer, born 17 July (OR)

11 Mar 1838    Dartnell, Elizabeth, d.o. William & Elizabeth, Lambeth Street, Bricklayer, 5 Feb (OR)

25 Dec 1842     Dartnell, James William, s.o. James & Alice, Gowers Walk, Bricklayer, born 13 August (OR)

13 Aug 1843    Dartnell, Alice, d.o. James & Alice, 9 Jones’ Buildings, Bricklayer, born 17 July (OR)

7 Apr 1844        Dartnell, Mary Ann, d.o. Wm & Elizth, Ables Buildings, Bricklayer, born 17 March (OR)

18 Aug 1844    Dartnell, James Joseph, s.o. James & Anne, Gowers Walk, Bricklayer, born 19 July (OR)

14 Mar 1847     Darknell, William, s.o. James & Alice, Buckle Street, Bricklayer, born 29 October 1846 (OR)

28 Jan 1849      Dartnell, Mary Ann, d.o. James & Alice, Lambeth Street, Bricklayer, born 28 December 1848 (OR)

27 Jul 1856       Dartnell, James, s.o. William & Elizabeth, Black Lion Yard, Bricklayer, born 8 July 1856 (OR)




26 Jul 1790       Henry DARTNALL, Wid., otp & Elizabeth CHATFIELD, Wid., otp, by Licence



24 Sep 1809    Marten HEINES, Bach., otp & Ann x DARTNELL, Sp., otp, by Licence

Wit: Thos MARTIN; Mary Ann MAGSON (OR)


13 Apr 1818    Edward HILLS, otp, Bach. & Sarah x DARTNELL, otp, Sp., by Banns

Wit: John HILLS; Frances x ATKINSON (OR)


1 Jun 1868         John William DARTNALL, full, Bach., Smith, Whitechapel, William DARTNALL, Foreman

Mary PARSONS, minor, Sp., - , Whitechapel, Golden PARSONS, Gardener, by Banns

Wit:  Robert JARVIS; Martha JARVIS (OR)




21 Jul 1612      Dortnoll, Wm (OR)

23 Nov 1636   Dartnell, Humphrey (OR)

7 Dec 1792      Darknell, Sarah, Salt Petre Bank, P., 2m, cause of death: convulns. (OR)

10 Feb 1822    Dartnell, Henry, White’s Yd., 10m (OR)

8 Feb 1832      Dartnell, Joseph, Lambeth St., 2 (OR)

31 Aug 1834   Dartnell, Elizabeth, Lambeth St., 44 (OR)

2 Nov 1845     Dartnell, James, Gower’s Walk, 2 (OR)

12 Dec 1847    Dartnell, William, Chamber Street, 20 months (OR)

2 Jul 1848        Dartnell, Joseph, Lambeth Street, 4 (OR)

9 Dec 1849      Dartnell, Thomas, Blue anchor=yard, 59 (OR)


Willesden, Hillside, St Michael and All Saints




16 Jun 1899     Dutnell, Robert, s.o. Benjamin & Jane, 12 Mil...? Rd., Labourer (OR)

17 May 1901   Dutnall, Thomas, s.o. Benjamin & Jane, 57 Queen’s Rd., Labourer (OR)


Burials at Camden Town


22 Dec 1854     DARTNELL, Emily, 2 years 11 months (TS)

27 Mar 1856    DARTNELL, Louisa Ann, 6 (TS)


London, ?




Jul 1547           John COOKE & Johanna DARKNALL (IGI)

2 Oct 1722        Michaell DARTNALL & Eliz MASON (IGI)


All Hallows Bread Street




5 Aug 1828       DARTNER, Elizabeth, d.o. John & Mary, Red Lion Ct., Chairmaker. G.T.A. B. Jul 17 (TS)


Christ Church, Newgate Street




29 Dec 1823    George ROBERTS, otp, Bach. & Ann DARTNALL, otp, Wid., by Banns

                        Wit: Wm KENNETT; J BURNLEY (OR)


St Andrew by the Wardrobe




28 Feb 1611/2 Sammuell WRIGHT & Margerett DARKNOLL (OR)

4 Aug 1698       Phillip DARTNALL & Mary BALL, by Lycence (OR)

22 Jan 1712/3  David DARTNOLL & Frances HATTON, by Licence (OR)

19 Nov 1735   Abraham CLARK, of Bansted in Surrey, Bach. & Anne DARTNELL of Beckham in Surrey, Sp., by Licence (OR)


St Antholin Budge Row




4 May 1561     Edward ROCHE & Dority DORTNA (sic) (TS)


St Benedict & St Peter Pauls Wharf




12 May 1742   George DARTNALL, Bach., of Stretham, Surrey & Hannah TAYLOR, Sp., of the same (TS)


St Benet Gracechurch




3 Oct 1706      Dantiel FOSTER in Greenwich in ye county of Kent

                        Izabella DARTNELL of ye same, by Licence (OR)


St Botolph Aldgate




11 Feb 1588    John GATES & Joanne DARTEMOWLE (OR)


1 Aug 1762     Richard DARTNALL, St Martin in the Fields, Middlesex, Bach. & Elizabeth x SIBLEY, otp, Sp., by Licence



St Botolph Bishopsgate




18 May 1602   ffrannces BRISTOWE & An DARTNALL (OR)


St Botolph Without Aldersgate




18 Feb 1800     John WHIFFEN, Bach., otp & Mercy DURTNELL, otp, Spinster, by Banns



St Bride, Fleet Street




24 Mar 1819    Peter POPKISS of the Parish of Saint Mary Dover county of Kent a Widower & Charlotte DUTNALL, otp, Sp., by Licence

Wit: John MATTRESS; Elizth. HOBBS (OR)


18 Jul 1820       John DARTNALL, Bach., otp & Mary BARKER, Sp., otp, by Banns

Wit: George SMITH; Phoebe ROWE or BOWE (OR)


28 Dec 1824     James DURTNALL, otp, Bach. & Esther DRINKWATER, otp, Sp., by Banns



28 Dec 1828     John BAUGH, otp, Bach. & Sarah DURTNELL, otp, Sp., by Banns

Wit:  John .....?; Ann DALTON (OR)


22 Jun 1834      Richard DURTNELL, otp, Bach. & Ann Elizabeth LANGRIDGE, otp, Sp., by Banns

Wit: John BAUGH; Sarah HOLMES (OR)


St Clement Danes




15 May 1607   DARTNELL, Raphe, s.o. Sebastyan (TS)

13 May 1610   DARTNELL, Ann, d.o. Sebastyan (TS)

8 Sep 1611        DARTNELL, William, s.o. Sebastyan (TS)

2 May 1613     DARKNELL, Willyam, s.o. Sbastyan (TS)




16 Feb 1642    William AWBREY, Gent., otp, Bach., 27 & Jane DARKNELL, of St Martin in the Fields, Sp. (TS)


St Clement Eastcheap




10 Jan 1588      DARTNOLL, Alexander, s.o. John (OR)




19 Feb 1586     John DARTNOLL & Ellen BROWNE (OR)

11 Apr 1591     William WINTERLY & Ellen DAFTNOLL (OR)


St Dunstan in the West




9 Sep 1821      Dartnall, Mary Ann, d.o. John & Mary, Chancery Lane, Labourer, born 23 Aug (OR)




8 Jan 1585/6    Lamuel DARKNOLL, clerk & Margery COOKE, Sp., of St Dunstan in the West, daughter of John Cooke, late master of St Pauls School, London, deceased, at St Dunstan aforesaid (TS, Marriage Licence)

9 Jan 1585/6     Lamnell DARCKNOULL & Margery COOKE (OR)




16 Nov 1591   DARKNOLL, Daniell, gent. out of Sr. Tho. Sherlyes house in the ffryers (OR)


St Edmund the King and Martyr, Lombard Street




20 Nov 1805    DARTNELL, Charles, an Inft., removed to Bunhill Fields (TS)


St Ethelburga Bishopsgate




20 Jun 1790     James DARTNELL, Bach., & Charlotte x GRANTHAM, Sp., botp, by Banns

                        Wit: Willm RICHARDS; Henrietta HARRYSON (OR)


St George Hanover Square




8 Mar 1800      Dartnell, Ann, d.o. John & Jane (IGI)

4 Aug 1816       Dartnell, Thomas, s.o. Thomas & Harriett, Shepherd St., Servant (OR)




26 Dec 1778     William SELBY, of Sutton at Hone, Kent & Avis DURTNELL, of St George Hanover Square, by Licence (TS)

4 May 1790     Thomas DURTNALL & Ann BISHOP (TS)

7 Mar 1797      John Thomas DARTNELL & Elizabeth Exeter MARCHANT (TS)


22 Nov 1802    John WHITNEY, Wid., & Elizabeth DARTNALL, Sp., by Licence

Wit: Thos PROW; Henrte. RIVIERE (OR)


12 Jan 1808      Thomas DARTNELL & Sarah NICHOLS, botp, by Banns

Wit: Stephen STEVENS; Jno STANLEY (OR)


23 Oct 1812     William MUSGROVE & Sarah x DARTNELL, botp, by Banns



5 Aug 1816       John FIDO, otp & Susannah DARTNALL, by Banns



1864                Richard DURTNELL & Fanny Jane STREETER (IGI)




24 Sep 1814    Dartnall, Jane, Bird Street, 55 (OR)

21 Oct 1819    Dartnell, Ann, Bird Street, 68 (OR)

18 Dec 1825    Dartnell, George, Bond Street, 18 (OR)


St George in the East Infirmary




17 Nov 1907   Dartnell, Sarah, 67, Admitted 3 3 06, from 21 Wellclose Square, Buried: Parish, died 4.15 p.m. (OR)


St George in the East




29 Jul 1810       Dartnell, Mary Ann, d.o. Thomas & Elizabeth, Stone-Mason, Angel Garden, born 17 Jul 1810 (OR)

21 Nov 1813    Dartnell, William Thomas, s.o. William & Lucy, Wellclose Place, Stone Mason, born 3 Nov 1813 (OR)

22 May 1825   Dartnell, Stephen, s.o. Thomas & Eleanor, Jane Street, Brick Layer, born 30 Apr 1825 (OR)

10 May 1835   Dartnell, Emma Jane, d.o. Stephen & Jane, Grove Street, Grocer, born 20 Apr 1835 (OR)

25 Aug 1839   Dartnell, Eliza, d.o. Thomas & Eliza, Severn Street, Cooper, born 11 Nov 1838 (OR)

23 Apr 1840    Dartnell, Thomas George, s.o. Thomas & Eliza, Severn Street, Cooper, born 1 Apr 1840 (OR)

23 May 1847   Dartnell, William, s.o. Thomas & Eliza, 5 Severn St., Cooper, born 9 Sep 1842 (OR)




20 Apr 1855    George YOUNG, Full, Bach., Mariner, 22 Back Lane, George YOUNG, Mariner

                        Emily x DARTNALL, Full, Sp., 2 Palmer Alley, William DARTNALL, Labourer, by Licence

                        Wit: George LEMAR; Margaret x BRYAN (OR)


28 Sep 1857    Ralph HERRING, Full, Bach., Shipwright, 29 Happing St., William HERRING, Shipwright

                        Harriet DUTNALL, Minor, Sp., 29 Happing St., William DUTNALL, Licensed Victualler, by Banns

                        Wit: Michael FISHGUARD; Wm COOKE (OR)




1 Sep 1839      Dartnell, Eliza, Severn Street, 9 months (OR)

29 Mar 1845    Dartnell, Joseph, Severn Street, 5 months (OR)

19 Apr 1846    Dartnell, Eliza, Severn Street, 35 (OR)

24 May 1846   Dartnell, Thomas, Severn Street, 36 (OR)

3 Sep 1848      Dartnell, William, Severn Street, 5 (OR)

3 Sep 1848      Dartnell, Thomas, Severn Street, 8 (OR)


St George in the East, Christ Church




11 Dec 1864    John SMITH, 40, Bach., Mariner, 1 Lucas Street, Frederick William SMITH, Mariner

                        Sarah SHERRY, 36, Wid, 1 Lucas Street, William DARTNELL, Farmer, by Banns

                        Wit: Chas. Jno. OSBORNE; Mary D.....? (OR)


10 Mar 1878    James DARTNELL, 21, Bach., Bricklayer, 10 Cornwall St., William DARTNELL, Deceased

                        Mary x KEEFE, 20, Sp., 6 Cornwall St., Matthew KEEFE, Deceased, by Banns

                        Wit: William DARTNELL; Sarah Ann DARTNELL (OR)


St George in the East, St John the Evangelist




31 Dec 1882    Thomas DARTNELL, 22, Bach., Mint Coiner, 75 Christian Street, Builder

                        Clara Elizabeth VOSE, 22, Sp., 75 Christian Street, Francis William VOSE, Cord Wainer, by Banns

                        Wit: Alfred John EARL; George x MITCHELL (OR)


St George’s Chapel, Hyde Park Corner




10 Oct 1730     John AUSTIN, Husbandman, Bach. & Mary DARTNALL, Sp., both of Seal in Kent (TS)


St Giles Cripplegate




26 Oct 1781     John COOMBER, otp, Bach. & Ann DUTNALL (signs DURTNALL), otp, Sp., by Banns

Wit: Jane THOMAS; Thomas OLIVER (OR)


21 Apr 1844     James DARTNALL, Full, Bach., Greengrocer, City Garden Row, Stephen DARTNALL, Carpenter

Martha Elizabeth ROBERTS, Full, Sp., Poppas? Court, Robert ROBERTS, Whitesmith, by Banns

Wit: George KELLITT; Maria KELLITT (OR)


St Giles in the Fields




3 Jun 1800         William DARTNALL & Ann SUMMERS, by Licence (OR)


10 May 1807   William DARTNALL, otp, Wid. & Margaret EVERITT, otp, Sp., by Banns

Wit: Jeremiah LEARY; Alexander BURKE; Eliza BURN (OR)


St James Clerkenwell




19 Oct 1619     William DARKNELL & Julian PORTER (TS)




29 Mar 1606    Dantrell, Thomas, poor man (TS)

9 May 1753     Durnstall, John, Alesbury Street, 27, New Ground (TS)


St James Dukes Place




21 May 1695    Robert PETT, Bach. & Mary DURTNALL, Sp. (TS)

2 May 1705     John DARTNALL & Elizabeth WOODDIN (IGI)


St John the Evangelist, Drury Lane




9 Sep 1855        Dartnall, Henry Barnes, s.o. Henry & Louisa Ann (IGI)


St John Smith Square




6 Sep 1761        Edward DUTTNALL & Rebecca WADDINGTON (TS)

19 Jan 1816      Richard MASON & Frances DARTNALL (TS)

23 Jun 1817      John TURNER & Ann DARTNALL (TS)




23 Jun 1832      Durtnall, James, 18 Kensington Place, 48 (TS)

10 Nov 1841    Durtnall, George Alfred, 6 Earl Street, 21 (TS)


St Katherine Coleman Street




5 Sep 1619      Davyd PRICE & Shusana DARTNALL, by Banns (OR)


St Katherine by the Tower




26 Feb 1797    William COOKE, otp, Bach. & Susannah DARTNELL, otp, Sp. By Licence

                        Wit: Josh THUYS; Jane DERTNELL (OR)


St Leonard Eastcheap




22 Jun 1563     Dartnawell, John, being in the house of Nicks Dalton (OR)


St Luke, Old Street




15 Nov 1846    Dutnell, Charles James, s.o. William & Maria, Type Court, Baker, born 27 Oct 1846 (OR)

15 Nov 1846    Dutnell, Philip, s.o. William & Maria, Type Court, Baker, born 20 Jun 1843 (OR)




21 Jul 1856      Edmund BAILEY, Full, Bach., Lithographic Printer, 6 Great Michell St., James BAILEY, Cane Worker

                        Eliza DARTNALL, Full, Sp., 6 Great Michell St., John DARTNALL, Carpenter, by (blank)

                        Wit: Joseph BAILEY; Harriett ....IETT? (OR)




10 Mar 1806    Dutnall, George, Old Street, 37, Lunacy (OR)

17 Nov 1850   Dutnell, Sarah, Long’s Buildings, 19 Ms. (OR)


St Martin in the Fields




7 Aug 1762       Dartnell, Mary, d.o. Richard & Elizabeth (IGI)

16 Oct 1763     Dartnall, Richard, s.o. Richard & Elizabeth (IGI)

24 Nov 1765    Dartnell, Mary, d.o. Richard & Elizabeth (IGI)

12 Jul 1767       Dartnall, Sarah Ann, d.o. Richard & Elizabeth (IGI)

16 Jul 1769       Dartnall, Nancy, d.o. Richard & Elizabeth (IGI)

7 Apr 1771        Dartnall, William, s.o. Richard & Elizabeth (IGI)

27 Jun 1773      Dartnell, Polly Catharine, d.o. Richard & Elizabeth (IGI)

24 Nov 1782    Detnall, Eleanor, d.o. John & Eleanor (IGI)

19 Jun 1785      Detnall, John, s.o. John & Eleanor (IGI)

14 Sep 1851     Dartnall, Louisa Pullen, d.o. Henry & Louisa, Long Acre, Vellum Binder, born 20 Dec 1850 (OR)

23 Oct 1853     Dartnell, Emily, d.o. Henry & Louisa, Long Acre, Vellum Binder, born 22 Jan 1852 (OR)




11 Jan 1714      Thomas BILLINGHURST & Anne DARTNALL (IGI)


6 Jan 1793         George Frederick THYNNE & Nancy DARTNALL (IGI)


26 Dec 1802    Ishmael HUNT & Sarah DUTNELL, by Banns (OR)


17 Jan 1803      John Thomas DARTNELL & Mary HORWOOD, by Banns (OR)


23 Jul 1826       William SLOUGH & Sarah DARTNALL, botp, by Banns



18 Aug 1831    Stephen DARTNELL & Jane WOOD, botp, by Banns

Wit: William WOOD; Mary Ann WOOD (OR)


18 Nov 1849    Henry DARTNALL & Louisa Ann BARNES (IGI)

18 May 1857   Frederick STANFORD & Martha DARTNALL (IGI)


28 Apr 1862     William DARTNALL, full age, Clerk, Hemmings Row, father John DARTNALL, Veterinary surgeon

Selina PARKES, full age, Hemmings Row, father John PARKES, Engineer

Witness: Albert FRANCES, Maria PHILLISTON? (TS)




27 May 1625   Dartol, Daniell, a child of Daniell & Mary (TS)

22 Dec 1854    Dartnell, Emily, Long Acre, 2 Yrs and 11 Months (OR)


St Mary-le-Bone




? Mar 1783      Durtnall, Elizth., d.o. Daniel & Margt., born 20 Jany. 1783 (OR)

Jan 1803          Dartwell, Christr., s.o. Willm. & Lucy, born 29 Nov (OR)

8 Nov 1809     Dutnall, William, s.o. Elizabeth Dutnall & Wm Harris, born 9th Oct (OR)

3 Oct 1823        Dutnell, Jemima, d.o. Joseph & Sarah, St Marylebone, Servt., born 23 Sep 1823 (OR)

2 Aug 1855     Dartnell, Emily Mary, d.o. Edward & Emily Mary, 14 Berners Str., Butcher, born 28 Oct 1853 (OR)

14 Apr 1867     Dutneall, Clara Elizabeth, d.o. Stephen & Elizabeth, 9 Great Castle Street, Butler, born 7 Nov 1866 (OR)




5, 12, 19 May 1816     Thomas WATSON, otp, Wid. & Susanna DARTNALL, otp, Sp. (OR)





9 Aug 1686       Stephen DURTNALL & Ann STABLER (TS)


19 Sep 1779     George x DARTNALL, otp, Bach.

Elizabeth x CHERRY, otp, Sp., by Banns

Wit: Charles PEARSON; Sarah x ST…..SON? (OR)


24 Aug 1780    John DUTNALL, otp, Bach.

Jane x MARDEN, otp, Sp., by Licence

Wit: John KNIGHT; Thos. BIRD (OR)


20 Jul 1809       Christopher DALE & Elizabeth WARD (Minor), Witness: Elizabeth DURTNALL (TS)


19 Sep 1813     Thomas STEELE & Mary DUTNALL (IGI)


28 Nov 1842   John x EVANS, Full, Bach., Shoe Maker, St Marylebone, Giles EVANS, Wheelwright

                        Eliza DARTNELL, Full, Sp., St Marylebone, Wm DARTNELL, Shoe Maker, by Banns

                        Wit: Thos DARTNELL; Sarah DARTNELL (OR)


11 Jun 1849     Benjamin WESTALL, Full, Bach., Tailor, Buckingham Street, Benjamin WESTALL, Painter (deceased)

                        Mildred DURTNALL, Full, Sp., Buckingham Street, William DURTNALL, Carpenter (deceased)

Wit: .....? METCALF; Elizabeth WESTALL (OR)


19 Aug 1851   Charles DURTNALL, Full, Bach., Carpenter, St Marylebone, John DURTNALL, Wheelwright

                        Sarah Mary APPS, Full, Sp., Wm. APPS, Licensed Victualler, by Banns

Wit: William APPS; Jane GREENSTED (OR)


18 Nov 1856    Alfred Stephen DUTNALL, Full, Bach., Butler, Leyton, Essex, Edwd. DUTNEALL, Laborer

Emily Mary KEMPTON, Full, Sp., St Marylebone, Mark KEMPTON, Farmer, by Licence

Wit: William CICLEY?; Fanny KEMPTON (OR)


26 Dec 1876    George DUTNELL, Full, Bach., Carman, St Marylebone, Jesse DUTNELL, Coachman

                        Jane Martha BARNES, Full, Sp., St Marylebone, Samuel BARNES (deceased), Gardener, by Banns

                        Wit: Henry BATCHELOR; Ellen KNIGHT (OR)


12 Dec 1880    Jesse DUTNELL, Full, Bach., Optician, 25 George Street, Jesse DUTNELL, Coachman

                        Annie BARNES, Minor, Sp., 6 Portland Place, Samuel BARNES (deceased), Gardener, by Banns

                        Wit: John C BOWLER; Margaret PALMER (OR)




19 Feb 1782    Durtnall, Elizth., Ch. (OR)

10 Dec 1789    Durtnall, Mary Ann, Ch. (OR)

11 Mar 1790    Durtnall, Thomas & Elizabeth, headstone (OR)

5 Sep 1793      Durtnall, Mary Ann, Ch. (OR)

29 May 1794   Durtnall, Mary (OR)

9 Jul 1804        Durtnall, Margt. (OR)

20 Jul 1810      Durtnall, Daniel (OR)

15 Jun 1818     Dartnell, Emma, St Marylebone, Chd. (OR)

20 Feb 1841    Dartnell, Henry, Workhouse, 57 (OR)

1 Nov 1850     Dartnell, William, Marylebone Lane, 74 (OR)

7 Feb 1853      Dartnell, Margaret, Infirmary, 71 (OR)


St Mary-le-Bone, All Souls Langham Place




2 Aug 1855       Dartnell, Emily Mary, d.o. Edward & Emily Mary, born 28 Oct 1853 (IGI)




19 Nov 1866    Walter GEAR, full, Bach., Photographer, All Souls District, John GEAR, Musician

                        Ann DURTNELL, full, Sp., -, All Souls District, Joseph DURTNELL, Boot Maker, by Banns

                        Wit: A.C. BINGHAM; Kate BINGHAM (OR)


St Marylebone, Christchurch




14 Nov 1853   Edward Norton HILLS, Full, Bach., Butcher, Church St, Henry HILLS, Butcher

                        Elizabeth DURTNELL, Full, Sp., Church St, Stephen DURTNELL, Farmer, by Banns

                        Wit: Henry HILLS; Elizabeth BUTTON (OR)


St Marylebone Workhouse




14 Jun 1873     Dutnall, George, 42, Mayo Ward, date of admission: 26 Apr 1873 (OR)


St Mary (Our Lady) Aldermanbury




12 Dec 1739    Dartnall, Mrs Elizabeth, North Chancel Vault (OR)

19 Dec 1835    DARTNELL, William Henry, B.C.Y., Bury Court, Love Lane, Aldermanbury, 4 years 2 months (OR)


St Mary Aldermary




1 Jan 1712       Thomas DARTNALL & Sarah COOKE, both of St Stephen Coleman Street, by Licence (OR)


St Mary Bothaw




10 Feb 1603/4 Dortnell, William, of Sennocke in Kent, plague (OR)


St Mary le Bow




21 Jun 1831      Robert Finnis ATTWELL, Bach., otp

Martha Eliza DARTNALL, Sp., botp

                        Wit: S. DARTNALL; Willm DARTNALL; Louisa ATWELL (OR)


1 Jan 1838       James JAGO, Full, Bach., Silversmith, 6, Tabernacle Road, James JAGO, Silversmith

                        Sarah DARTNALL, Full, Sp., 5 Kingsland Road, William DARTNALL, Butcher, by Banns

                        Wit: William DARTNALL; Martha Eliza ATTWELL (OR)


St Mary at Hill




24 May 1569   Roberte SPENCER & Tabitha DARKNOLL (OR)


St Mary le Strand




15 Feb 1615/6 Phinies DARKNALL & Mary NEWPORTE (TS)

20 Jul 1851      Edward John DARTNELL & Eliza CURTIS (IGI)


St Mary Magdalen Old Fish Street




26 Sep 1638    Christopher STERNE, of Lymfield & Hanna DARTNELL, by Licence (OR)


St Mary Mounthaw




6 Jan 1604/5    Jasper DARTNOLL & Rose MERRICK (OR)


St Mary Somerset




25 Mar 1633     CORNWELL, Edward, was buried out of William DORTNARS „Base Borne“ (TS)

2 Apr 1642      DARKNAR, Leddae, d.o. Petter & Leddae DARTNOR (OR)

8 Apr 1649      DORTENALL, Alse, wife of William DORTENALL (OR)

13 Nov 1661   RISLYE, Marget, a stranger from Mr DARKNOLL (OR)

6 Feb 1661/2   DARKNOLL, William, Potter (OR)

28 Mar 1682    DARTNEL, Rebecca (OR)


St Michael Cornhill




27 Apr 1597    WATSON, Jane, servant with Sebastian DATNALL (OR)


St Michael Crooked Lane




29 Nov 1606   Dartnolde, Ann, d.o. Jasper (OR)

10 Nov 1608   Dartnold, William, s.o. Jasper (OR)




25 Aug 1610   Dartnold, Ann, d.o. Jasp. (OR)


St Mildred Bread Street




19 Oct 1680    Ralph DARNALL of Grays Inn, Wid., & Constance STROUGHILL, of St Gyles in ye Fields, Sp., by Licence (TS)

22 Jun 1721      Richard DARTNOLL, of Bracested, Kent & Eliz. CRITTELL, of Seavenoake, in comn praedict (TS)


St Pancras Old Church




29 Mar 1845    Dutnell, Jane, illeg. d.o. Sarah, Workhouse, born 4 Mar 1845, P (OR)

7 Nov 1852       Dutnell, Mary Ann, d.o. John & Mary Ann, Chapel St., Undertaker, born 18 Oct 1852 (OR)

8 Sep 1854      Dutnell, John George James, s.o. John & Mary, 3 Chapel St., Undertaker, born 16 Aug 1854 (OR)

27 Apr 1855     Dutnall, Elizabeth Jane, d.o. James & Thirza, Grove Pl., Painter, born 19 Dec 1853 (OR)

20 May 1855   Dutnall, William John, s.o. John & Eliza, 16 Georgiana St., Grocer’s Clerk, born 23 Apr 1855 (OR)

8 Feb 1857        Dutnell, Sarah Margaret, d.o. John & Mary, 31 Chenies St., Undertaker, born 17 Jan 1857 (OR)

12 Jul 1857      Dutnall, Frank, s.o. John & Eliza, Canal Terrace, Mercantile Clerk, born 24 Jun 1857 (OR)

9 May 1858     Dutnell, Alexander Frederick, s.o. John & Mary, Upper Chenies Mews, Undertaker, born 18 Apr 1858 (OR)

17 Jun 1860      Dutnell, Emily Hall, d.o. John & Mary, Upper Chenies Mews, Undertaker, born 30 May 1860 (OR)




18 Oct 1840    William x DUTNELL, Full, Bach., Stableman, Stevens Street, Jo. DUTNELL, Stableman

Mary x GATHCOLE, Full, Sp., Stevens Street, W GATHCOLE, Gardener, by (blank)



5 Jun 1853       James DUTNALL, Full, Bach., Plumber, Canal Terrace, William DUTNALL, Farmer

Thirza DRIVER, Full, Sp., Grove St., Samson DRIVER, Postman, by Banns

Wit: Richard BRUNSDON; Esther x BRUNSDON (OR)


3 Jul 1853        John x PRICE, Full, Bach., Cabman, Tottenham Street, Joseph PRICE, Shoe Maker

Jane DUTNELL, Full, Sp., Chapel St., John DUTNELL, Dead, by Banns

Wit: John? DUTNELL; Elizabeth CHAMBERLAIN (OR)


9 Apr 1855      Daniel x GARRARD, Full, Bach., Horse Keeper, Cromer St., John GARRARD, Labourer

Jane DARTNALL, Full, Sp., Wilstead St., William DARTNALL, Horse Keeper, by Banns

Wit: William DARTNALL; Emma x GREGORY (OR)


4 Feb 1856      George DUTNELL, Full, Bach., Groom, Clarendon St., John DUTNELL, Dead

Jane WATERMAN, Full, Sp., Clarendon St., Henry WATERMAN, Gardener, by Banns

Wit: George SMITH; Sarah x LONSELL (OR)


15 Sep 1858    George CHERRY, Full, Wid., Fishmonger, Ludford Place, Thomas CHERRY, Dead

Emily DARTNELL, Full, Sp., Ludford Place, John Thomas DARTNELL, Dead, by Banns



15 Mar 1864     Edward DUTNEALL, Full, Bach., Messenger, Warren Street, Edward DUTNEALL, Dead

                        Ann GLYDE, Full, Sp., - , Paddington, John Glyde, Dead

                        Wit: Alfred Stephen DUTNEALL; Mary GLYDE (OR)


12 Sep 1864    Henry DURTNALL, full, Bach., Tailor, St John’s Bethnal Green, Joseph DURTNALL, Dead

                        Sarah Jane PUGH, full, Sp., -, Queen’s Road, William PUGH, Dead, by Banns

                        Wit: Robert STONE; Mary Ann PORTER (OR)


6 Nov 1864     William SEAR, Full, Bach., Painter, Brill Terrace, Joseph SEAR, Dead

Mary DARTNALL, Full, Sp., Brill Terrace, James DARTNALL, Labourer, by Banns

Wit: Moses EGGLETON; Emma NOBLE (OR)


12 Sep 1867    Joseph BENNETT, Full, Wid., Gentleman, St Pancras, John BENNETT, Dead

Mary LUCKHURST, Full, Wid., St Paul, Deptford, Kent, Jacob DARTNALL, Dead, by Licence

Wit: .....? WARRANS?; Marion LINES (OR)


29 Mar 1868    William SIBLEY, Full, Bach., Bootmaker, Silman? Street?, Charles SIBLEY, Bootmaker

Jane GARRARD, Full, Wid., Silman? Street?, William DARTNALL, Dead, by Banns

Wit: Charles x KING; M BUCKEREDGE (OR)


12 May 1873   Edward Ethelbert BERTRAM, Full, Bach., Gentleman, 122 Chalton St., Robert Lawrence BERTRAM, Gentleman (deceased)

Eliza Ann DARTNALL, Full, Sp., 159 Euston Road, James DARTNALL, Grocer (deceased), by Banns



2 Dec 1877      George DARTNELL, Full, Bach., Carver & Gilder, Old St Pancras, Joseph DARTNELL, Bootmaker

                        Annie Elizabeth POWELL, Full, Sp., Old St Pancras, William POWELL, Labourer, by Banns

                        Wit: G SOPER; S E GARRARD (OR)


22 Dec 1878    William Humfery PERRY, 32, Bach., Currier, 69 Ossulston St., Henry PERRY (Deceased), Currier

                        Eliza Ann Gertrude DUTNALL, 22, Sp., 49 Tavistock Sqre., William DUTNALL, Bootmaker, by Banns

                        Wit: T PERRY; Mary Ann PERRY (OR)


15 Dec 1880    Joseph Charles BUTCHER, 24, Bach., Piano-forte Maker, 5 Euston St., Joshua BUTCHER, Piano-forte Maker

                        Elizabeth Jane DUTNALL, 27, Sp., 5 Euston St., James DUTNALL, Decorator, by Banns

                        Wit: James DUTNALL; Thirza DUTNALL (OR)


23 Aug 1891   Harry DUTNALL, 31, Bach., Commercial Clerk, 112 Stibbington St., John DUTNALL (Deceased), Commercial Clerk

                        Matilda Jane WILLIAMS, 29, Sp., 29 Woburn Square, Alexander William WILLIAMS, Cordwainer, by Banns

                        Wit: Annie Maria WILLIAMS; Agnes Harriet WORSLEY (OR)




11 Oct 1833    Dartnell, Mary Ann, Great Randolph Street, 39 (OR)

11 Jan 1890     Durtnall, Arthur Allen, 61, 8 Princes Street, Blackfriars, E.P. (OR)


St Pancras, St Matthew Oakley Square




7 Feb 1886      Dutnall, Louisa Agnes, d.o. George & Louisa, 11 Tennison Street, Lambeth, Hosier, born 13 Jan 1886 (OR)


St Pancras, St Saviour




25 Dec 1872    Augustus DUTNELL, 24, Bach., Undertaker, 3 Loudon St., John DUTNALL, Undertaker

                        Sarah WILKES, 25, Sp., 3 Loudon St., Edward Francis WILKES, Dead, by Banns

                        Wit: L MARKS?; Emily DUTNELL (OR)


St Pancras South Infrmary, Pancras Road




21 Mar 1918    Dutnoll, Harriet, 72, Date admitted: 1 Apr 1917, Ward: 2 (OR)


St Peter Cornhill




2 Jul 1836          Jacob DARTNALL, otp, Wid.

Mary FEATHERSTONE, of Seal, Kent, Sp., a Minor with Consent of – (blank), by Licence.

Wit: Thos. EAGLES; Hannah EAGLES (OR)


St Peter Paul’s Wharf




25 May 1623    William PRICE of St Clement Danes, London, Gent. & Mary DARKNOLL, of same, Sp., daughter of Sebastian Darknoll, of same, grocer, at St Peter, Pauls Wharf, London (TS, Marriage Licence)

25 May 1623   Guliel: PRICE & Maria DORKENOLL (OR)

15 May 1649   William DARKENOLL & Rebecca RAWLEIGH (OR)


St Peter London Docks




20 May 1923   Dutnell, Lilian Violet, d.o. Herbert James & Eleanor Dorothy, 17 Tench Street, Packer late RASC, born 29 April 1923 (TS)

16 Apr 1928     Dutnall, Joyce Marie, d.o. Herbert James & Eleanor, 17 Hart Street, Porter (TS)


St Stephen Coleman Street




27 Nov 1713    Dartnall, James, s.o. Tho. & Sarah (IGI)




27 Feb 1597    Micheas DARKNOLL & Anne WARBYS (OR)

22 Mar 1642    Robert HALE & Bridget DARTNELL (OR)


St Stephen Walbrook




29 May 1707   David DARTNEL & Elizabeth COVINGTON, both of ye Parish of Clapham in ye County of Surrey, were married upon a certificate under ye hand of Nicholas Brady, D.D., Rector of Clapham, yt ye Banns had been thrice publish’d in that parish church (OR)

14 Oct 1722     David DARTNALL, Wid. & Mirabel GODDEARD, Sp., both of the Parish of Clapham in Surry by Licence from ye A.Bishop of Canterbury., in presence of Mr & Mrs Baldry (OR)