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This site contains my family history data, transcripts and extracts from original documents and links to other sites.

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Somerset Parish Registers

Historical Manuscripts from Auction & Booksellers Catalogues

This is a collection of descriptions of historical documents taken mainly from online auction catalogues, arranged by county. The Channel Islands, Ireland, Scotland, Australia and the USA are contained on a single page each, Welsh counties have their own page.  There is also a page for military items and one for miscellaneous items and those with no location given.

Most of the documents are indetures or other property related documents such as conveyances, mortgages, leases etc. Other documents include wills, bibles, letters, commonplace books etc. Many of these documents are sold into private hands and the information they contain is lost to researchers. In the process many collections of documents and bundles of deeds are broken up and the collective information they contain lost forever. Hopefully some of this collective information will be retained through these pages.

Please note that the transcriptions are those of the auction house concerned and may be subject to inaccuracies. This is particularly the case for those transcriptions taken from ebay, but images of these documents are also available online (until the document is sold) and I have attempted to confirm and add details from these images where possible.

Please also note that I do not own or sell the documents themselves and that in most cases they will have long since been sold.

The pages are updated at regular intervals, please see the ‘What’s New’ page for details.

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My Family History

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Origins of the name Durtnall and its variants and the location of Durkinghole

Extracts from various records (wills, monumental inscriptions, etc) here

Durtnalls from Kent Parishes

Durtnalls from Surrey Parishes

Durtnalls from Sussex Parishes

Durtnalls from London & Middlesex Parishes


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